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Top Food in Singapore



Top Food in Singapore

List of Famous Food in Singapore

There are numerous delicious food in Singapore. The good thing is that corner shops, hawker centers, and cafes sell quality food at very reasonable prices. Singapore food culture is similar to that of Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand but still has distinct differences in terms of cooking and ingredient usage. Here is a list of famous dishes in Singapore and where to eat them to enjoy your trip there.


Spicy Singaporean Chilli Crab

Spicy Singaporean Chilli Mud Crab served by per KG - Famous Food in Singapore

Made from mud crab, Chilli Crab is the most iconic food in Singapore. This dish was invented because the tomato sauce used to stir fry this crab was used with chili paste to give it more flavor and punch in the 1950s. There are similarities between Malaysia and Singapore when it comes to this dish, but this dish is more prominent in Singapore. There are many places to eat this dish, including chain restaurants, but some of the more authentic places to eat Chilli Crab in Singapore include Hua Yu Wee Seafood Restaurant at 462 Upper East Coast Road, Chin Huat Live Seafood on the first floor of Block 105 HDB Clementi and YANG MING SEAFOOD at 150 Bishan Street.


Singaporean Laksa Bowl

Singaporean Laksa - Singapore food Culture inspired from Malaysia

Laksa has been part of Singapore food culture since the foundation of this country. The main component of this soup/dish is sour Asam, which is a fish-based liquid. In Singapore, Laksa soup comes with rice noodles, topped with dried shrimp, Belacan shrimp paste, fish cakes and some curry-flavored liquid. This dish is heavy in fish taste and if you are not a fan of seafood, it is best not to have it, but if you like seafood, this is an excellent dish to try. You try laksa at Janggut Laksa @Roxy Square at 50 East Coast Road, Haig Road Market & Food Centre at 14 Haig Road and Katong Laksa at 307 Changi Raod.


Chai Tow Kway or Stir Fried Radish Cakes

Chai Tow Kway or Stir Fried Radish Cakes - Cheap Singaporean Hawker Food

For those who are looking to have relatively cheap and accessible food in Singapore, Chai Tow Kway is the dish to get. You can see this dish in every street food market, hawker canter, or shopping mall food court. Chai Tow Kway is just a stir-fried radish cake dish with some eggs and some vegetables. This food is delicious, but because of its high fat and sodium content, it is not good to have it daily. Albert Centre near Bugis subway station, Tiong Bahru Market at 52 Tiong Bahru Road near Outram Park station, and Bukit Timah Market & Food Centre at 51 Upper Bukit Timah Road near Beauty World station are good spots to try Chai Tow Kway.

Near many local bars in Singapore, there are stalls selling cheap food, including Chai Tow Kway, which is worth a try to wash down the prior drinks.


Singaporean Hokkien Prawn Mee

Singaporean Hokkien Prawn Mee - Made with Wheat noodles and prawns on top

Another widely available food in Singapore hawker markets is the Hokkien Prawn Mee. If you have traveled to Malaysia and tried this dish, you will notice a few differences, including the lack of black sauce, garlic bits and chives and the texture of the noodles. But overall, this is a lovely dish to have as it is both simple and comes with a generous amount of prawns on top. There is also a soup version of it, but locals like the dry one much more. Zion Riverside Food Centre near the Great World Mall and Beach Road Prawn Noodle House at 372 East Coast Road offers very good Hokkien Prawn Mees.


Hainanese Chicken Rice with Delicious Sauce

Hainanese Chicken Rice with Delicious Sauce - Similar to Malacca Chicken

Chicken rice plays a significant role in Singapore food culture, as it does in Malaysia and other Asian countries. Hainanese chicken rice in Singapore is basically Hainanese chicken rice with seasoned white rice, which is also very similar to Malacca chicken rice. If you want the least spicy and most simple dish among all these, Hainanese chicken rice is the one for you. Still, it is not bland and has great flavors, especially the rice and hint of herbs in the chicken sauce.


Fried Bee Hoon or Sing Chow Mei Fun

Cheap Food in Singapore - Fried Bee Hoon or Sing Chow Mei Fun is a Budget Food to have in Singapore

Stir fry noodles or Bee Hoon is another cheap food in Singapore. The main ingredient of this dish is rice vermicelli stir-fried with Asian seasoning, curry powder, and local vegetables and then added with eggs, a few prawns and sometimes even chicken pieces. The other name for fried Bee Hoon in Singapore is Sing Chow Mei Fun or Singapore Mei Fun. This dish is easily available, and all hawker centers have a store selling fried Bee Hoon at economy prices.

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