Most Famous Streets in Vienna

Most Famous Streets in Vienna

The Prettiest Streets in Vienna

Strolling through the oldest and most beautiful and famous streets in Vienna will be an unforgettable experience. This is because Vienna showcases a variety of architectural styles that reflect its rich history and diverse periods. Along these streets, you will get to know Vienna’s richest parts and see its empire’s magnificent past. These are just streets that are famous for shopping, architecture, and walking but make sure to have a walk along other lesser-known parts of the city as well.



Operngasse to See Vienna State Opera

Operngasse is a Long Street Which Has Boutiques and the Well-Known Vienna State Opera

Operngasse is popular for several reasons; The most remarkable one would be the presence of the world-famous Opera House building. The other is that this street stretches long and covers many parts of the city’s attractions. This central and prominent building swallows other buildings around it. The area surrounding Operngasse has experienced tumultuous events throughout history, but today has become a nice spot for cafes and boutique shopping.


Kärntner Straße Shopping Street

Kärntner Straße Shopping Street stretches from Stephansplatz to Karlsplatz

Kärntner Straße is one of the most popular and famous shopping streets in Vienna. This street is also notable for its rich architectural history, and if you look beyond the shops, you will be surprised. The main structure of this area dates back to 1257, which was one of the main commercial routes of the city. Despite the modern shops and restaurants, the charming architecture and wide street show signs of the ever-present ancient glory.



Mölker Bastei to See Liebenberg-Denkmal Sculpture

Mölker Bastei Street Houses the Famous Liebenberg-Denkmal Sculpture Belonging to The Austrian Empire

Mölker Bastei was the site of an old fortress at the beginning of the formation of Vienna. This small and beautiful passage in District 1 has a very ancient feeling. Right next to the University of Vienna. This charming street was the location of the old city wall, some of it still standing together with the majestic remains of the old empire. You can also find many remarkable buildings around this street. Among them, the famous ones are the Pasqualati House and the Liebenberg-Denkmal sculpture.



Fleischmarkt with Ancient Greek Architecture

Fleischmarkt with Ancient Greek Architecture Which Used to be a Meat Market - Prettiest Streets in Vienna

Fleischmarkt, or meat market, is artistic one of many streets in Vienna known for its narrow roads and local boutiques. This street got its name because of the previous butcher market that existed here in the 1200s. This historical street is in the second district. In the 1700s, it captured the attention of Greek merchants and became known as the Greek neighborhood. You will see beautiful buildings in the old Greek style, which somehow show you the charm of Viennese. The Greek Orthodox Church is also located on the same street.



Blumenstockgasse and Ballgasse Cafe Streets


Blumenstockgasse was once the site of St Agnes Monastery, which was closed in 1783. This short street is very popular among tourists because of its neoclassical architecture. It has many cafes, including a “coat cafe.” The street of Ballgasse is located nearby and contains the famous house of “Beethoven” and many unique restaurants and cafes along this neighborhood.



Mariahilfer Strasse for Shopping Everything

Shopping Streets in Vienna - Mariahilfer Strasse is the Best Spot for Shopping Everything Like Clothes and Shoes

Mariahilfer Strasse is another one of the shopping streets in Vienna with lots of places to buy everything from clothes to medicine. You can find top brands here as it is Vienna’s longest and most lively shopping street. Immerse yourself in its department stores and large shopping centers, and when you get hungry, visit one of its restaurants with a good variety of prices. You can shop for the latest shoe fashions at one of the many shoe stores and buy clothing from many local and international shops here.



Kohlmarkt & Grabenstrasse for Evening Strolls

Kohlmarkt & Grabenstrasse are Suitable for Evening Strolls - Most Famous Streets in Vienna

If you are planning to do exciting shopping in Vienna, your trip to this city will not be complete without visiting Kohlmarkt. This charming pedestrian street has Viennese jewelry boutiques and more elaborate shopping markets. Kohlmarkt is located in the city’s heart (Inner Stadt) and is also known as the “Golden U” of Vienna. Since ancient times, it has been known for its outstanding fashion, rare jewelry, and rare gemstones, and hence you can find high-end brands there.

Just a few minutes from Kohl’s market is Grabenstrasse, one of Vienna’s most famous streets for shopping and general nightlife. In fact, some of the most well-known cafes in Vienna, which are loved for their coffee and pasties, are scattered around and along these shopping streets. These two streets are where you need to hang out to feel the vibrancy of this great city.

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