Top Restaurants in Pietermaritzburg

Top Restaurants in Pietermaritzburg

Best Restaurants in Pietermaritzburg

This article introduces restaurants in Pietermaritzburg for all local and international travelers as the second biggest city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. These restaurants in this city offer great quality food and great vibes attracting many tourists here.


Rockafellas at The Golden Horse Casino

Rockafellas is Located at The Golden Horse Casino - Top Restaurants in Pietermaritzburg

Rockafellas is one of the top restaurants in Pietermaritzburg for good roasted buffet-style meals. It represents the open-kitchen buffet style where you can order pizzas, pasta, roasted beef, chicken, fish, and African curries. In fact, you can choose from over 100 different meals here when you pay a fixed price of R220. The interior here is very clean and modern and can accommodate many hungry eaters at its spacious dining hall. The current location of Rockafellas is at The Golden Horse Casino, which started operating there in 2009.


Cubaña Maritzburg with live Music

Top Restaurants in Pietermaritzburg - Cubaña Maritzburg Opened in 2011 As an Authentic Latino Café

Cubaña Maritzburg opened in 2011 and served as an authentic Latino café style with delicious meals. The design here is so unique that you will not see any similar place in this city. In fact, it is a perfect place for social gatherings where they bring famous DJs, and there are booths and lounges if you want a more private setting. The menu consists of breakfast deals, Cuban sandwiches, lamb chops, hamburgers, and lots of bar food, along with numerous drinks and cocktails. You can find Cubaña Maritzburg near Chatterton Road in the neighborhood of Town Hill.


atasca Portuguese Restaurant PMB in Cascades Lifestyle Centre

Best Restaurants in PMB - atasca Portuguese Restaurant PMB Located in the Cascades Lifestyle Centre

Located in the Cascades Lifestyle Centre near the Chase Valley neighborhood, you will find one of the best Portuguese restaurants in Pietermaritzburg, known as Atasca. Even though this restaurant serves unique meals, its prices are fair and reasonable. The chefs here are very skillful and know how to make genuine and traditional cuisine. You can order fish, sardines, shellfish, chicken, and many beef dishes. Also, they cater to vegetarians, too, and there is even a carefully-carted kids menu in there.


Essence. on Chatterton Road

Essence. is Suitable For Social Gatherings & Dates - South Africa Travel Tips

With its amazing interior design, Essence is a perfect place for your dates, formal meetings, and social gatherings. What you can eat here includes burgers, sushi, chicken, steaks, and wraps. They offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and though their prices are above average, the flavor is on the premium side. For your meals, you can order many cocktails, wines, and many soft drinks as well.


Tandoor Clay Oven an Indian restaurants

Tandoor Clay Oven is An Indian Restaurant Located in KZN on Bulwer Street - Best Restaurants in PMB

Tandoor Clay Oven is one of the best Indian restaurants in Pietermaritzburg, located in KZN on Bulwer Street. For those who would like to have many choices for their vegetarian diet, here is the best. As for the meat-based menu, you can order their famous butter chicken, tandoori chicken, lamb sheesh kebab, fish curry, and chicken korma. Reasonable prices, clean interior, and delicious food make Tandoor Clay Oven a good place to visit to have lunch with the family. You can find Essence near “The Square” in the Town Hill area.


Roman’s Pizza in Hayfields and Raisethorpe Neighborhood

Roman's Pizza in the Hayfields and The Raisethorpe Neighborhood - South Africa Travel Tips

Roman’s Pizza currently has three branches in the city, one on the corner of Chief Albert Luthuli St. & Burger St., one in the Hayfields area, and the other in the Raisethorpe neighborhood. Their main food offerings are pizza, pasta, garlic bread, pizza pies, and salads. They constantly have promotional deals for pizzas here. Also, the prices here are very reasonable, and the food quality is good for the price you pay.


Sagewood Cafe inside Blackwoods Garden Center

South Africa Travel Tips - Sagewood Cafe is Located Inside Blackwoods Garden Center & Touchwood Interiors

Sagewood Cafe is an Artisan café that makes everything from scratch using premium seasonal ingredients. This café offers cakes, desserts, and many international meals in a beautiful setting. Also, you can sit outside and enjoy the view of nature. It is because Sagewood Cafe is located inside Blackwoods Garden Center & Touchwood Interiors along the Dorpspruit River. They provide breakfast, omelets, waffles, tarts, muffins, salad bowls, pizzas, artisanal sandwiches, burgers, grilled meats, and wraps. Also, they have a separate menu for vegan and vegetarian meals.


Bangkok Wok Pietermaritzburg in Town Hill

Bangkok Wok Pietermaritzburg is in the Well-Known Invesco Centre- Top Restaurants in Pietermaritzburg

Bangkok Wok is another one of the restaurants in Pietermaritzburg which uses high-quality ingredients to create a tasty, fresh, and Asian-inspired menu. The menu includes cuisines like Thai, sushi, and even Teppanyaki. The inside is spacious enough to accommodate many customers, and the staff is very friendly. Bangkok Wok is in the well-known Invesco Centre near Sanctuary and Armitage Road. Also, by using the N3 highway, you can get here easily where there are secure and safe carparks available nearby.

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