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Best Restaurants in Kobuleti



Best Restaurants in Kobuleti

Awesome Restaurants in Kobuleti

Kobuleti restaurants offer some of the best seafood in Georgia. In this article you can find some of the best restaurants in Kobuleti for having delicious Georgian dishes as well as seafood. This city is the second largest and most important city in Adjara after Batumi. Here you can find a busy nightlife with many young people. Every year the resort’s theme is changing and developing. The central street of Kobuleti is the main place for clubs, bars as well as cafes where you can get your Georgian cuisine.



Taraghana Fish with View of Kintrishi River

Best Restaurants in Kobuleti - Taraghana Fish is Suitable For Seafood With A Nice View

Taraghana Fish is amazing for its panoramic terrace views of the sea and sunset and also the magnificent Kintrishi river. Also, the grilled fish is fresh and very delicious especially the trout fish making it one of most popular seafood restaurants in Kobuleti. The most famous food here is Khachapuri which is must try in this restaurant. Some of other Taraghana Fish menu items include mahi-mahi, mullet, salmon fishes which are all grilled to perfection here. Also, try their eggplant salad as well as Compote desserts which is made out of sweetened fresh fruits best served for dessert. The service is very good and the prices are super affordable that is why many locals also dine in here.


Restaurant Chero Very close to Kobuleti Central Park

Georgia Travel Tips - Restaurant Chero Provides Fantastic Cakes And Coffee

The staff here are really friendly and the interior and the garden is a cozy place to eat. You are sure to get the best Adjaruli in town here. Also, make sure to try their fantastic cakes with some coffee, khachapuri, shashlik as well as the famous Georgian Sulguni cheese. The waiters here are polite and speak English. the portions are large for the prices and there are many choices for various local dishes here. The only caveat is that the orders take long to get to your table. Therefore, make sure not to be in a hurry if you want to dine in here.


Oasis for Georgian Food

Georgia Travel Tips - Oasis is Offering Quality Georgian Food And Good At Night Time

Oasis is one of the nicer local restaurants in Kobuleti that offers quality Georgian food. Make sure to visit Oasis for dinner since there are more fun things happening around that area. Another good thing about here is that Oasis is located in a nice neighborhood, offering great quality Georgian food at reasonable prices in a very hospitable environment. If you wish to drink local wine with your meal, they have a few good choices too. Upstairs there is a motel which accommodates guests as well.


Bazi with a Beautiful Garden

Best Restaurants in Kobuleti - Bazi is A Laid Back Place And Suitable For Breakfast

Almost everything on the menu is very tasty here. The vibe here is laid back and the host is also really friendly. This place is suitable if you want to have breakfast as well because of its fresh ingredients and the indoor beautiful garden. The menu at Bazi restaurant includes home-made Georgian food with large portions. They also speak Russian here.


Sunset Kobuleti a Nice Place for Late Night Music

Best Restaurants in Kobuleti - Sunset Kobuleti Offer Good Live Performance

This restaurant is another one of the restaurants in Kobuleti for people who like loud music, good live performance as well as delicious food. Also, the staff here are friendly and they offer good service. The interior of this bar is also good so you will not get bored inside. If you would like to dance there is a specific place that has a dancefloor and also serves great cocktails and other alcoholic drinks at affordable prices.

Also, if you are traveling to Tbilisi in Georgia, make sue to check out the top places to eat breakfast in Tbilisi. These breakfast places offer delicious local treats that cost very little. They are also located in accessible locations as well and open at very early hours.

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