Best Museums in Vienna

Best Museums in Vienna

Famous Museums in Vienna

Visiting the top museums in Vienna entered another world by seeing the museums of the city of Vienna. You can explore different subjects from nature, the history of art and peace. Museums are located in the seventh district of Vienna and have an incredible and extraordinary collection of cultural and artistic exhibitions. This area is spectacular and attractive for people visiting Vienna for the first time. From this area, you have access to the most streets in Vienna via local bus or tram system. Many of these streets are suitable for shopping and exploring the local architecture.

Natural History Museum near Maria-Theresien-Platz

 Natural History Museum located near Maria-Theresien-Platz is one of Famous Museums in Vienna

The Natural History Museum of Vienna is one of the most visited museums in Vienna. This place houses extensive biology, earth sciences, archeology and anthropology collections. These collections are preserved and expanded in a building designed as a complete work of art worth seeing. This diversity of visible nature shows the evolution of the planet Earth, life and cultural development related to the human species.

The Dinosaur Hall of the Natural History Museum of Vienna displays the skeletons and remains of prehistoric giants with some carnivorous dinosaurs that move and make terrifying noises. Based on the latest scientific findings, these models were made for the Natural History Museum. The world’s first live model, including the exhibits of a life-size terror bird and a new fascinating horned dinosaur’s skull, complement the permanent exhibition.

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien Offers Beautiful and Unique Wall Painting
Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien is among many prominent art museums in Vienna. Its luxurious building is in Ring Strasse and an octagonal dome is built on top. This building is the largest art museum in Austria. The facade of this museum is rectangular and has a 60-meter-high dome. The inside of the museum is decorated with marble, plaster, and gold. Beautiful and unique paintings on the walls make you amazed for many hours.

You can also visit the Roman and Greek antiquities collection and sculptural and decorative arts, coin cabinet, library, and collection of ancient musical instruments and old weapons. This museum has a popular cafe that is very popular and looks very spectacular from above. The kunsthistorisches museum tickets are priced differently depending on the venue, however the general admission fee starts at around €15.

Albertina Art Museum near Helmut Zilk Square

Famous Museums in Vienna - Albertina Art Museum is Located near Helmut Zilk Square 

The Albertina Art Museum is located in the district of Vienna and, in addition to other works of art, it is considered one of the world’s most important collections of graphic works. The fame of this museum owes most of all to its graphic works. The museum is built on the site of one of the palaces of the Habsburg royal family.

This collection has been categorized based on artistic style, artistic criteria, and geographical area. Here, there are the works of German and Austrian artists, followed by the works of Dutch, Italian and French artists. Today, many masterpieces of da Vinci, Raphael and Rembrandt are located in this museum. The museum has a seasonally curated collection includes modern art from Monet to Picasso. Today, this collection contains thousands of maps and more than one million old works of art. Also, Albertina tickets starts from €19 for the general admission.

Technical Museum Vienna near Gustav-Jäger-Park

 Technical Museum Vienna is good for Seeing New Techs Located near Gustav-Jäger-Park

Technical Museum Vienna is located near another essential tourist attraction, Schönbrunn and Gustav-Jäger Parks. This tech museum is one of the museums in Vienna which is an ideal destination for those interested in technology and displays the history of planes, trains and cars.

Sigmund Freud Museum close to Servitenviertel

 Sigmund Freud Museum Offers Visitors Writer's Belongings Located Close to Servitenviertel

The Sigmund Freud Museum is located in his former residence and office and showcases his incredible life and work. In the Freud Museum, Freud’s belongings, such as suitcases, coats, chairs, desks, hats, and chests, are displayed. Similarly, Freud’s family photos and work photos are also exhibited in a part of the museum.

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