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Best Norwegian Food to Have



Best Norwegian Food to Have

Top Norwegian Food for Travelers

Because of Norway’s closeness to the sea, much Norwegian food consists of seafood. Many consider the cuisine bland, but still, a good number of dishes here are worth trying. Like other Nordic countries, they are not very big on seasoning and let the seafood or beef show itself without any enhancing ingredients.



Rommegrot, Sour Cream Soup

Traditional Norwegian Food - Rommegrot is a traditional Sour Cream Soup Served During Celebrations

Rommegrot is simple, easy to make and very hearty. The name loosely translates into sour cream porridge. The main ingredients of Rommegrot are wheat flour, whole milk, butter and obviously sour cream. These ingredients were all simple and readily available in the past. Still, you might be surprised that this simple dish has been dubbed the most influential traditional food in Norway because it was usually served during celebrations and Saint John’s Eve or Sankthansaften on the evening of June 23rd.


Brown or Brunost Cheese Block

Brown or Brunost Cheese Block is Made out of Milk Whey boiled till Brown Color Similar to Marmite

One of the most famous Intriguing Norwegian foods is the Brown cheese. This food originated from when Norway was a poorer country and the milk whey was used to make this brown color block of food. The brown cheese that Norwegians call “Brunost” is not actually cheese because it is obtained from whey that has been cooked for a long time and turned into a salty brown substance. Locals slice a layer from the block, put it on top of bread and add some jam to it. This delicious cheese is served in thin slices for breakfast.


Kaviar and Food in Tubes

Tube Kaviar Food In Norway - Mills Kaviar and Food in Tubes for Ease of Carrying Around

Residents of Norway have an exciting idea for packing foods that are difficult to carry. Because of the affinity of Norwegians with seafood, The Mills company has introduced Smoke Cod Kaviar in tubes to be put on knekkebrød Or toast bread. But the tube food is not limited to Caviar. In fact, many different types of Norwegian foods are packed in tubes so you can easily carry them to locations without access to groceries.


Pickled Herring on Vinegar

Pickled Herring on Vinegar which is Also Available in the Netherlands and Other Parts of Europe

The Julesild, or Pickled herring, is part of the Norwegian culture but is rooted in all aspects of Northern and Eastern Europe. The most famous culture for pickled herring is Dutch. Still, many Polish, Swedish and even Ashkenazi Jewish people have incorporated this seafood in their daily diet. This pickle is served with simple vinegar, tomato sauce and mustard. For more taste, it is served with rye bread. Remember that this is a delicacy food in Norway; not everyone might like it.



Norwegian waffle or Vafler

Norwegian waffle or Vafler are Usually topped with Sour Cream, Strawberry Jams or Brown Cheese

Another simple Norwegian food that has gained popularity with many citizens across the globe is the Norwegian waffle. This one is very similar to the famous Belgian waffles; the main difference is generally the toppings, where you see sour cream or Brown cheese as options in addition to sweet jams. The best and safest toppings for foreign travelers are strawberry jams and sour cream.


Lutefisk Preserved Fish

Lutefisk Preserved Fish has very strong flavor and not Suited for Everyone - Unusual food in Norway

Norwegians are very interested in the long-term preservation of fish, and this issue goes back to one of their traditions before the invention of the refrigerator, when fermentation was considered an excellent way to preserve and preserve the catch. Lutefisk is a stockfish dipped in alkaline water, considered one of the strong chemicals in preserving and protecting food. This Christmas dish is very strong in smell and flavor and probably one of those Norwegian foods few can handle!


Lefse Potato Flat Bread

Lefse Potato Flat Bread made from Mashed Potato Leftovers Mixed with Wheat Flour- Vegan Norwegian Food

Like many other nations, Norway has had a rough history of poverty, and some of today’s food in Norway clearly represents that period. One such food is the Norwegian Potato Flatbread or Lefse, invented for not letting leftover mashed potatoes go to waste. The added flour and some water have resulted in this Delicious yet humble Norwegian bread. You can eat it just as it is or put some butter and cinnamon on top of it.


Hot dog with Flat Bread or Pølse

Hot dog with Flat Bread or Pølse Found in Every Street Food Stall and Markets - Cheapest Norwegian Food

Norwegians use a type of fast food that is similar to a hot dog, called Pølse. Found in gas stations, grocery stores and stalls selling street food in Oslo and across Norway, it is the cheapest food in Norway and is usually served in flat bread. It is also used in soups, stews, and as a side dish with potatoes but the most common way of eating it is with a simple bun and some sauce on top.


Fiskeboller or the Norwegian Fish Balls

Fiskeboller or the Norwegian Fish Balls are Good for Seafood Lovers with White Cream Sauce

Fiskeboller, or the Norwegian fish balls, consists of white-fleshed fish such as cod, which is mixed with eggs, milk, and flour and formed into balls. Fishballer is a typical Norwegian food, and there is even a canned version of it if you want to bring it back home.


Reindeer Steak or Reinsdyr mørbrad

Luxury Food in Norway - Reindeer Steak or Reinsdyr mørbrad with not Much Game Flavors

The reindeer meat or Reinsdyr mørbrad is on the menu of many restaurants and in various forms such as sausages, venison, etc. This meat is usually presented in the form of salty, smoked, fat-free and rich in nutrients. If you love flavorful meat with a fantastic aroma, you must definitely try Reinsdyr mørbrad steaks.

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