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Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

Best Waterfalls in Wisconsin

Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Wisconsin to Visit

There are, in fact, over forty impressive waterfalls in Wisconsin. Many of these WI waterfalls are less massive than the ones in more mountainous areas of the country but they still provide great outdoor hiking and scenic views for all members of the family. Most of these waterfalls have dedicated camping spots if you want to rest and light a small campfire. Marinette County is the waterfall capital of Wisconsin. This county has the most small and big waterfalls in the entire state of Wisconsin. Some questions may arise regarding the waterfalls in Wisconsin and we will answer them here.



What Are the Largest Waterfalls in Wisconsin?

The largest waterfalls in this estate are the Big Manitou Falls in Douglas County and Potato River Falls in Iron County near the Michigan border city of Hurley.


What Waterfalls Can you Walk Behind in Wisconsin?

Depending on the shape of the rock shelter, individuals can walk behind the hollow part of the waterfall. The Lost Creek Falls in Bayfield County, Stephens’ Falls in Iowa County and Cascade Falls in Polk County allow you to pass behind them and see the water tumbling down.



Waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin

There are more waterfalls in Northern Wisconsin than in the Southern part of the estate. This is because of the geography of WI and the presence of many lakes and Northern Highland, which formed these waterfalls after melting glaciers many thousands of years ago.


Big Manitou Falls in Douglas County

Highest Waterfalls in Wisconsin - Big Manitou Falls in Douglas County in North Wisconsin is 165 Feet Tall

Located in Pattison State Park, in Douglas County, Big Manitou Falls is at the top of the list of the highest waterfalls in Wisconsin state parks, at 165 feet tall. One of the main things to do at Big Manitou Falls and Pattison State Park is hiking along the Black River trail, which starts right at the visitor center and goes around Big & Little Manitou Falls. A smaller waterfall, 31 ft high, called the Little Manitou Falls, is in the same state park just a few miles away from Big Manitou Falls and is accessible via the main trail path.

Over fifty family campsites and three picnic areas are equipped with restrooms, tables and grills inside the Pattison State Park.

For accurate directions to Big Manitou Falls, you need to arrive in downtown Superior. Then, from there, drive 13 miles south on Tower Avenue and you will reach the entrance of this state Park. The admission sticker for a vehicle with a local WI license plate is $8; out-of-state license plates will pay $11 to enter the park for a single-day visit.


Agate Falls Scenic Site in Trout Creek in Ontonagon County

Agate Falls Scenic Site is located North Wisconsin and in Trout Creek in Ontonagon County

Technically, right at the border of Michigan, Ontonagon County, Agate Falls belongs to the beautiful WI Waterfalls, which has its source from the Ontonagon River. This waterfall is part of Trout Creek in Wisconsin and as the name implies, locals like to go fishing in the plunge pool of Agate Falls. The overhead trail has some of the most beautiful hiking paths in the entire county.


Brownstone Falls and Copper Falls in Ashland County

Best State Parks and Waterfal;ls in Wisconsin for Camping - Brownstone Falls and Copper Falls State Park in Ashland County

Brownstone Falls and Copper Falls in Ashland County are among the oldest established waterfalls in Wisconsin state parks, dating back to 1929. The hike here is called Doughboy’s Nature Trail, which goes along the Bad River and is 1.7 miles long. Copper Falls State Park has it all: biking, kayaking, fishing, hiking, hunting, swimming and camping.

The camping areas are numerous and divided into north and south, with the northern part having 32 camps and the southern part having 23 sites. The ones in the north region are most equipped with electric hookups. In winter, the park provides six winter campsites in the Northern part for those who want to ski or enjoy winter activities there.


Potato River Falls near Town of Gurney in Iron County

Potato River Falls near Town of Gurney in Iron County - Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Wisconsin

Potato River Falls is another one of the highest waterfalls in Wisconsin, with 80 feet but is divided into two drops. The directions to the Potato River Falls lie in the town of Gurney, which is located off Highway 169. There is a mile-long trail with many stairs, which takes around half an hour to complete. The hike at Potato River Falls is pleasant. Five campgrounds near the Potato River Falls area come with no amenities and you need to provide your electricity, water and the rest. The good news is that you only need to pay for these camps for up to two weeks.



Waterfalls in Southern Wisconsin

Unlike the Northern Highlands territory, waterfalls in Southern Wisconsin are fewer in number, and the land here is mostly flat. However, because the soil is fertile, there is more greenery around, and the beauty is manifold in the fall.


Cascade Falls in Osceola Village

Cascade Falls in Osceola Village is one of Waterfalls You can Walk Behind

One of the lesser-known WI waterfalls in Southern Wisconsin is the Cascade Falls in Osceola’s small town. The history of this town is intertwined with the story of this waterfall, as the small village of Osceola came to exist because of St. Croix River and Cascade Falls. This is a tiny waterfall and the only activity available here is a small trail and hiking around the waterfall’s base, which is accessible from the main road, North Cascade Street, right at the border of Minnesota.


Amnicon Falls in Douglas County

Amnicon Falls in Douglas County - Best Waterfalls in Southern Wisconsin

Amnicon Falls is among those waterfalls in Wisconsin state parks, Amnicon Falls State Park in particular. Other than the actual fall, one of the famous attractions in this state park is the bowstring bridge.

Some of the main recreational activities available at Amnicon Falls State Park include hiking, camping, hunting, fishing and swimming. Hunting is only allowed during specific hunting seasons and in the open areas. If you want to fish there, you can do so in the Lower Falls area but it requires a fishing license. There are over thirty campsites available with some amenities for you and your families to stay there for some time. When it comes to swimming, Amnicon Falls is one of the waterfalls in Wisconsin. You can swim in its river, but you must heed caution as the river conditions are not always stable and children need extra supervision.

You can put the directions to Amnicon Falls on your vehicle’s GPS, guiding you to a spot around 7 miles east of Superior City in Douglas County. This fall, facilities are operational all year round from 6 in the morning to 11 at night with the option of overnight camping. You need to purchase a vehicle sticker pass issued yearly and will cost residents around $30 and non-locals around $40 per sticker. Over 65-year-old senior residents pay half the usual price.

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