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Traveling to Kish Island

Traveling to Kish

Traveling to Kish Island

Traveling to Kish Island is one of the most attractive activities in Iran. Because Kish Island is beautiful and has many places of interest, this island has a hot and humid climate and is affected by different masses of northwestern and southern air. Kish is generally dry and with little rain. Most of the rainfall is in the form of showers and during the colder months.

One of the reasons for traveling to Kish can be its entertainment. Kish Island has the most diverse water and non-water amusement parks. It is unique to explore the island, see the places of entertainment and explore such entertainment; each of them has its own charm. Kish Island is a good choice if you want to experience the peak of excitement and pleasure.


Places to Visit During Your Trip to Kish

What to Do in Iran - Attractions in Kish Includes Toranj Marine Hotel And Other Tourist Sights

Kish has many attractions that countless people travel to this place every day to see them. Greek ship, Hindurabi island, Kariz Underground City, Harireh Ancient City, Twin Water Reservoir, bird garden, dolphin park, water park, deer park, Portuguese valley, Coral Beach, Green Tree Complex, Shopping Centers, Iran Hotel and Toranj Marine Hotel are among the spectacular attractions of Kish.

Watching these spectacular attractions doubles the pleasure of travel and brings a pleasant memory for tourists. All the mentioned places encourage tourists to visit this wonderful island.


Hendorabi Island for a Magnificent  View

What to Do in Iran - Hendorabi Island is Famous For its Pristine Beaches

Hendorabi Island is famous for its pristine beaches. This island is flat without any heights or high mountains. The highest point of the island is 45 meters above sea level and has a population of less than 200 people. The houses of the people of this island have antique and white facades, which are considered one of the cultural attractions of the people of this island.

On Hendorabi Island, there are places to walk, such as Island Cemetery, Island Mosque, Pristine Beaches, Island Water Reservoir, Marine Club, Restaurants, and Coffee Shops. Watching colorful turtles and sea life in the clear waters of Hendorabi Island is unparalleled.


Hotel Iran Kish Residency

Traveling to Kish Island - Hotel Iran Kish is One of The Spectacular Architectures On The Island

Hotel Iran Kish is a building with an attractive architectural style, which is one of the spectacular attractions in Kish. The hotel has a cubic structure and is stacked on top of each other. In fact, Hotel Iran Kish, with this style of architecture, has a special place among other hotels in Kish and hosts many guests. Apart from this hotel, there are other residencies for all budgets, but it is better if you get the ones that are closer to the beach side or closer to the local malls if you prefer shopping here.


Greek Ship The Icon of Kish Island

Traveling to Kish Island - Greek Ship is Located in Village of Baghoo in 1966

Greek Ship rests off the west coast of the island and has a nice story that not everyone knows about. Today, this ship has become one of the tourist attractions of Kish Island. Moreover, this ship sank near the village of Baghoo in 1966, and this ship has remained there to this day since its last owner was a Greek person, which is why it is known as the Greek ship.


Ocean Water Park for a Nice Family Time

Traveling to Kish Island - Ocean Water Park is An Extraordinary Amusement Park On the Island

Kish Water Park, or Ocean Water Park, is an extraordinary amusement park in the first theme of Iran’s open water park. In this place, various exciting rides with steep slopes bring everyone joy and an adrenaline rush. At Ocean Water Park, amazing pools await tourists for a wonderful pastime. The main attractions of Ocean Water Park include adrenaline rides, extreme rides, swimming pools, various restaurants, and even a local Henna tattoo for those who want to get to know the local culture better. Currently, this water park provides free transport service to and from locations such as Vida Hotel, Shayli Hotel, Panorama Hotel, and Roya Mall.

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