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Top Malls in Qatar



Top Malls in Qatar

A List of Top Malls in Qatar

In recent years new malls in Doha are becoming increasingly available to tourists. Therefore, in this article, we are exploring the top malls in Qatar where you can do your shopping while in this country. Qatar is one of the small, sparsely populated countries in the Persian Gulf. Recently, the country has been able to establish itself in the world as a developed country, relying on oil-rich revenues and attracting foreign investment. Every year, many travelers from all over the world travel to Qatar to visit its attractions. One of the important features of its tourism is the creation of luxury and first-class shopping centers where various quality products and international brands are sold.

To better understand your way around this city and make your shopping easier, check out Doha public transport guide. This guide will give you detailed information on the bus number and available service that you can utilize to reach your destination safely.


Villaggio Mall near Al Aziziyah Metro

Top Malls in Qatar - Villaggio Mall is Beautiful And Reminiscent of Venice in Italy

Villaggio Mall is one of the most popular shopping malls in Qatar. The center is located in Doha, the capital of Qatar. One of the features of Villaggio Mall is its beautiful and luxurious architecture. The design of this center is taken from the Italian architectural style. It is reminiscent of Venice, Italy. In the middle of this center, water canals have been installed for the passage of buyers and tourists by boat, which is a unique experience for travelers. Next to these canals, there are benches where travelers can relax and sit and watch the beauties of Villagio.

Other features of this shopping center include the existence of attractive and exciting entertainment centers. An indoor ice skating rink is the most exciting pastime in Villaggio. Bowling, go-karting, electric car, all kinds of computer games, 4D cinema, and all other facilities will provide happy times for children and adults in this shopping center.


City Center Mall Doha at Conference Centre

Best Malls in Doha - City Center Mall Doha HAs Ice Skating Rink And Stylish Restaurants

Another popular shopping mall in Qatar is the Doha City Center. This shopping and entertainment center is one of the largest shopping malls in Doha. Doha City Center is one of the busiest shopping malls in Qatar. There are 350 boutiques in the five-story shopping center of Doha City Center, where a variety of products and goods with Qatari domestic brands and first-class foreign brands are sold. The leisure and amenities of this shopping center include a cinema, ice skating rink, and stylish restaurants. Doha City Center Shopping Mall is adjacent to the three international hotels Shangri-La, Marriott Marquis, and City Centre Rotana. The City Center opening hours are generally from 10 am to 10 pm.


Lagoona Mall wit Amazing Restaurants

Shopping in Middle East - Lagoona Mall is A Luxury Place And Has 150 boutiques

Lagoona Mall is another Qatari shopping mall with a good reputation among shoppers and tourists alike. This shopping center is located in Doha and has 150 boutiques. All kinds of Qatari goods and internationally famous brands are sold in these boutiques. Laguna Mall has 15 restaurants serving a variety of international cuisine as well as fast food.


Landmark Mall in Al Gharrafa

Shopping in Middle East - Landmark Mall Has A Traditional Design Like Qatari Castles

Landmark Mall is one of the most popular shopping malls in Qatar. Moreover, this shopping center is located in the Al Gharrafa area in the north of Doha and was opened in 2000. The building of this shopping center has a traditional design that is reminiscent of Qatari castles. In this center, you can buy products such as clothes, bags and shoes, electrical appliances, cosmetics, and various reputable brands. The presence of quality restaurants is one of the features of this shopping center. One of the reasons for the popularity of Landmark Shopping Center is the existence of entertainment places for children so that families can shop in this shopping center without any worries.


Mall of Qatar near Al Riffa Mall of Qatar Metro

Top Malls in Qatar - Mall of Qatar Offers First-Class Cinemas And Theaters

The Mall of Qatar is located in the “Al Rayyan” area of ​​Qatar. In this center, you can see a variety of world-famous brands such as Adidas, Jack & Jones, and Bvlgari. Also, one of the prominent features of this center is the existence of first-class cinemas and theaters. In these halls, there are performances with the most advanced lighting and sound equipment and 360 degrees. Cinema and bowling alleys are other facilities of this one of the top malls in Doha. In addition, there is a place called “KidzMondo” in this shopping center where children can play and have fun.


Doha Festival City Near Metro Station

Best Malls in Doha - in Doha Festival City You Will Find World-Famous Boutiques

Doha Festival City is one of the first shopping malls in Qatar, located in the capital Doha. This center is actually a retail center where you can find all kinds of goods. At Festival City Shopping Mall, you will find world-famous boutiques. Festival City accommodates a very large area. Outside the area, there is a place for sports and a cycling track. This shopping center has extraordinary entertainment facilities. One of the features of Festival City Shopping Center is the existence of various “theme parks.” Angry Birds World Theme Park is a fun and entertaining place for kids here. Festival City opening hours are from 10 am till about 10 pm.


Royal Plaza Mall Located on Al Sadd St

Best Malls in Doha - Royal Plaza Mall Has Three Floors And More Than 150 Boutiques

If you are looking for stylish and modern shopping malls in Qatar, be sure to visit the Royal Plaza shopping center. Furthermore, this shopping center is one of the best malls in Doha. It has three floors and more than 150 boutiques. In these boutiques, you can buy goods from unique brands, some of which are only available in this shopping center. This shopping center is located in Doha, Qatar. Among the entertainment and welfare facilities of this shopping center, we can mention a cinema designed by classic cinemas. Moreover, you can see many international restaurants and cafes in the Royal Plaza Shopping Mall.


A Guide to Malls in Doha

Most of the malls in Doha, Similar to Dubai, are located along the Doha Expressway and the port and are easily accessible by public transport. With the improvement of Qatar’s bus and metro system, travelers can easily visit these shopping districts without paying a hefty sum for taxis. Still, if you want some privacy, you can hire taxis that have regulated fares so that you will not be overcharged. Most of the malls in Qatar provide their own taxi stop and are very close to bus or subway stations.

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