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Doha Public Transport Guide

Doha Public Transport Guide

All to Know About Doha Public Transport

Doha public transport is becoming more and more available, and you can use Qatar buses to travel around the country without the need to rent a car. When traveling to Qatar, your means of transportation become an important matter due to its hot climate.

Given the hot weather in this country, it is advisable not to walk around on summer days, even if for a short distance. If you do not own a car here, getting around Qatar is not much of an issue since the introduction of public transport. Public transportation in Qatar is getting easier to use, and you can travel using taxis or buses to reach your destination. There is an efficient bus network that connects the whole of Doha city to the rest of Qatar.


Modes of Transportation

Similar to other developing and emerging countries, buses and taxis have always been the most favorable modes of transport in Qatar. This is because they come equipped with air conditioning and are cheaper than renting a car for a short time stay while avoiding the hassle of following stringent traffic rules in this country.


Bus Routes

Qatar Travel Tips - Qatar Buses Operate by Using The Karwa Smart Card From Mowasalat

There are Qatar buses transporting passengers using many routes around Doha as well as other parts of Qatar. However, to get to know the bus schedule, routes, and maps, you should visit the Mowasalat website. Doha public transport operates from morning to night. Almost all the buses are modern and have air conditioning. It is good to know that the fair for buses is around QR3 to QR4 in Doha and QR4 to QR9 if you are outside this city. Getting a Karwa Smart Card is the best way to use the Doha public transport if you want to save money.

For buying and topping up of Karwa Smart Card, you can use the ticket vending machines at Hamad International Airport, the Pearl Qatar, Qatar Mall as well as Doha Bus Stations, and much more.

The Karwa Smart Card has three types:

  • Classic Card that costs QR.30, and it is rechargeable.
  • Limited Card that will cost you QR.10 and is suitable for two journeys within a day.
  • Unlimited Card costing QR.20, which you can use for unlimited journeys within a day.

Also, You can get into the Qatar buses without this smartcard. However, you need to pay QR10 in cash. The buses are cheaper ways for tourists to travel around Qatar without needing to own or rent a car. When you use this smart card, you need to tap in when you enter and tap out when you leave.

These buses are good means of transportation to see top malls in Qatar. Most of these malls have taxis as well as a bus stop in front of them. Therefore, you can shop easily, knowing that you will get to your hotel without any problem.

Taxi Companies

Doha Public Transport Guide - Taxi in Qatar Operated in Karwa, Careem and Uber Companies

There are several taxi companies in Qatar. You can also get a taxi across the street. However, if you are in a remote place or during peak times, it can be difficult to get a taxi. When this happens, you will have to wait sometime before seeing a taxi. Moreover, you can get a taxi by visiting the front parts of shopping malls or hotels.

Karwa, Careem, and Uber are the main taxi companies in Qatar. These companies operate using a Mobile app, and you can easily get a taxi by paying an additional fare. Interestingly, people prefer using the Karwa taxis more since these taxis are cleaner and more spacious. The taxi fair in Qatar is as follows:

The minimum taxi fare per trip is QR10. For a “Flag Fall,” you need to pay an additional QR4. Also, the rate per kilometer within Doha Day Time is QR1.6, and at night time is QR1.9.

Moreover, to hail a taxi, you can call:

  • 800-TAXI (8294) For Taxi Rides
  • And 800-LIMO (5466) For Limo Reservations.


Traveling by Qatar Buses and Metro

Doha Public Transport Guide - Railways in Qatar Has Four Metro Lines including Lusail High-Speed Line

Qatar Buses and taxis are becoming the most popular Doha public transport means for locals and expats. The Qatar Integrated Railways Project has four metro lines in Doha as well as tram routes in West Bay. Also, there are Lusail high-speed lines and special freight airways here.

The Doha Metro is a new and fast transit system. The Metro in Qatar has four lines that cover an area of 300km while reaching 100 stations, including most of Qatar Stadiums. The line colors for Metro Doha public transport are the Red Line, Gold, Green as well as Blue Line.

It is worth using these means of transportation and visiting the best Qatar tourist places. If you are in this country for only one time, make sure to try exploring its culture and heritage since you might not get another chance.

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