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Best Flea Markets in Minnesota

Best Flea Markets in Minnesota

Largest Flea Markets in Minnesota

There are many flea markets in Minnesota, but the ones mentioned here are the ones that are favorable amongst shoppers. The state of Minessota is a great place with a lot of natural beauty and many lakes. Since this state borders Canada and other US states like Dakota and Wisconsin, the flow of antiques and collectibles to these markets is always consistent, making these markets great places to find what you are looking for.


Shady Hollow Flea Market close to Lake Melissa

Shady Hollow Flea Market is Very close to Lake Melissa - Best Flea Markets in Minnesota

One of the oldest operating flea markets in Minnesota is the Shady Hollow Flea Market. This antique fair is on 3.5 acres of land which hosts many permanent and temporary vendors and is also very close to Lake Melissa. This market is a great place for all family members to seek what they want while not breaking the bank. With over five decades of attracting shoppers, the market organizers sure know how to satisfy customers and make them return yearly.
The Shady Hollow opens at 6 am for both customers and vendors and closes at 3 pm in the afternoon each Saturday and Sunday, as well as Memorial Day, Labor Day, and 4th of July weekends. It is good to know that shoppers do not need to pay for admission or parking fees, and the vendors only accept cash. Also, the ATM, WiFi, and most food are at Grill Restaurant.


Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days on The Banks of Zumboro River

Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days is located on The Banks of Zumboro River

Downtown Oronoco flea market has a long history since the Gold Rush happened in the 70s. After the gold rush fever died down, the mayor decided to keep the local traditional market alive in honor of the Gold Rush days by organizing this market annually on the third weekend of the month of August. The current location of this fair is along the banks of the Zumboro River, where gold miners used to seek gold.
Moreover, this is one of those flea markets in Minnesota where the community is very active in keeping it alive. Hence, you will find many new treasures and delicious local food all across the premise of this market. There is no entrance fee to enjoy this market.


Stillwater Flea & Crafter Market in The Washinton County Fairgrounds

Stillwater Flea & Crafter Market in The Washinton County Fairgrounds is One of The Best Flea Markets in Minnestota

Located in the Washinton County Fairgrounds, Stillwater Flea & Crafter Market is a great spot to purchase crafts, gifts, and sometimes antiques. The main attraction here is locally made craft items for occasions like Christmas and Mother’s Day. Shoppers can visit Stillwater Flea & Crafter Market once a month from May to September from 9 am to 3 pm. Most of the time, this fair takes place indoors, but sometimes vendors sell items outside as well.


Hamel Lions Flea Market in Medina Entertainment Center

Hamel Lions Flea Market is an Outdoor Fair in Medina Entertainment Center

Hamel Lions is one of Minnesota’s outdoor flea markets, opens only on Sundays from the beginning of May until September 25th. This antique fair operates from outside of Medina Entertainment Center, and shoppers can have a stroll in this open market, finding lots of good bargains on some unique items and collectibles. The operation time is from 6 am to noon.


Wright County Swappers Meet in South Haven

Largest Flea Markets in Minnesota - Wright County Swappers Meet is Located in South Haven

If visiting outdoor markets is your hobby, you should try Wright County Swappers Meet. This fantastic market has been open since 1970, and it is truly one of the largest seasonal flea markets in Minnesota, operating on Saturdays from April to October. Everything is available here, from jewelry to household items, both in pristine and used conditions. Also, the admission and parking fees are non-existent here. To find Wright County Swappers Meet, head to 13594 100th St NW.


St. Cloud Flea Market for Discounted Items

St. Cloud Flea Market is Very Good for Discounted Items and Household Items

If you are in St. Cloud City and want to spend a few hours searching for some specialty items, it is worth checking out the St. Cloud Flea Market at 3807 W St Germain Street. This is an indoor market with a very friendly owner and always discounted goods for personal and household items.

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