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Top Restaurants in Brooks City in Canada



Top Restaurants in Brooks City in Canada

Best Restaurants in Brooks

For those using the Canadian Pacific Railway as well as Trans-Canada Highway, dining in restaurants in Brooks might be a good idea to fill you up to continue your journey to your destination. The city of Brooks is a low populated area which is located southeast of the province of Alberta. This city was name after a railroad engineer with the same surname and it is a very safe place to hangout. Also, there are lot of open fields near by and you can see a number of manufacturing factories here too. Even though this is just a small city, there is no shortage of good food a very reasonable prices.



Nikko Sushi Best for Japanese Food

Travel Guide Canada - Nikko Sushi Sells Japanese Ramen & Pork Meals

Nikko is one of best sushi restaurants in Brooks for those who want to try some Asian cuisine. In fact, Nikko is behind Don Chava Taqueria Mexican restaurant. What you get in this restaurant include sushi, many types of rolls and sides like edamame, takoyaki and much more. In general the price here are very affordable and you have many options for food priced less than $10. In fact the 8 piece rolls are very popular and affordable here. Head to 740 Alberta St W for some amazing sushi and Japanese ramen & pork meals.


Gus’s Steak & Pizza House With Large Pizzas

Gus's Steak & Pizza House is For Good Drinks and Comfort Foods - Top Restaurants in Brooks City in Canada

Gus’s Steak & Pizza House is another one of good restaurants in Brooks for good drinks and comfort foods. They use the highest quality of beef for their burgers and steaks and their pastas are very delicious as well. Make sure to order the steak plates as well since they are very filling and well-cooked. As for the prices, the drinks are cheap and the portions you get here are large as well. Also, they have some pool tables that you can enjoy after your meal with a few cocktails and beer with friends.


New Oriental Garden a Chinese Takeaway Shop

New Oriental Garden is Located at 620 Alberta St W - Travel Guide Canada

Oriental Garden is a takeaway Chinese restaurant with great dishes like ginger chicken, ginger beef, seafood dishes, Fried Rice, Chop Suey and Chow Mein. Their prices range mostly from 12 to 14 and the portions are very large as well. Also, you can ask them about any nuts used in making them a=if you are allergic to any specific ingredients. If you are on a budget or want to share food, Oriental Garden is a good option. The location of Oriental Garden is at 620 Alberta St W.


Wasana Restaurants Ltd near Evergreen Park

Wasana Restaurants Ltd is Located on the Junction of Pine Avenue and Young Road - Top Restaurants in Brooks City in Canada

Wasana Restaurants Ltd is another one of Southeast Asian restaurants in Brooks, Thai in particular which offers great food at good prices. Other than Thai dishes, you can get Vietnamese and Chinese food too. Also, they serve alcoholic drinks with food here. All of these meals are prepared on order basis and you will not find stale food here. You can find Wasana on the junction of Pine Avenue and Young Road.


Don Chava Taqueria Best for Mexican Dishes

Top Restaurants in Brooks City in Canada - Don Chava Taqueria is Near spiritleaf Cannabis Dispensary

Don Chava Taqueria is amongst the top restaurants in Brooks serving Mexican dishes to residents & travelers to this city. In fact, they have some of the best tacos and fajitas and what makes the food even better is the friendliness of staff and use of authentic spices. Make sure to give them a visit at 715 2 St W, which is near by Nikko Sushi restaurant and spiritleaf Cannabis Dispensary.

Airdrie is another small town of Canada which worth a visit. If you are u for a beautiful 2-hour car journey from Brooks, then visiting Airdrie and restaurants in Airdrie in particular can give an unforgettable memory of Canada’s smaller towns and cultures.

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