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Top Things to Do in Marseille



Best Things to Do in Marseille

Marseille is an old city and there are many recreational things to do in Marseille and places that can keep visitors entertained for a long time. In fact, Marseille has some of the best attractions in Provence and after Paris, it is considered the second largest city in France and includes various attractions from historical areas to unique beaches.


Arriving at Massif des Calanques

If the weather allows it, hire a yacht and head to beautiful Calanques, on the coast between Marseille and Cassis. Arriving here is one of must things to do in Marseille, especially in the summer. Stunning views, beautiful beaches and sea breezes and fresh air are highlights that travelers can enjoy when visiting Parc National des Calanques. Another recreational option is to walk around the area and watch the unique scenery or the scenery itself by cycling around the beach. You can also rent a yacht or rowboat and sail around the reef.


Visit the Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean

Have a Visit to The Museum of Civilizations of Europe and the Mediterranean

The Museum of “European and Mediterranean Civilizations”, known by its abbreviated name (MuCEM), is the best museum in the city. This museum displays and examines the history of civilization, especially the Mediterranean civilization, and analyzes the development process of human civilization until today with a detailed look. In addition to exhibitions, short films or lectures are held in this museum to help visitors understand the Mediterranean culture. The museum includes three large buildings. Gods, spices, travel routes and gardens are just a few of the diverse subjects anthologized in this museum.


Walking Around The Le Panier Neighborhood

The Le Panier is a Colorful and Multicultural Neighborhood and Good For Walking Around

The old city of Marseille has the most beautiful neighborhoods in France and the high number of visitors to these neighborhoods. One of these neighborhoods is Le Panier, which is easily accessible from Portview because it is located on a hill near the beach. This is a colorful and multicultural neighborhood that has a great impact on the cultural atmosphere of Marseille today and will be a unique place to have a dinner, or have a coffee. Therefore, walking around this neighborhood should be on your list of things to do in Marseille.


Enjoy The View of Château d’If

Château d'If Area is Surrounded by Unspoiled beaches and Turquoise Waters

“Château d’If” is a short distance from the old port and is located on the island of If, which is also located in the Frioul archipelago. Unspoiled beaches, turquoise waters, rare species of plants and limestone cliffs surrounding this area create a spectacular sight that is absolutely worth visiting.

Visitors will be able to learn all about the history of the island’s 13th-century castle as a real-life prison for the government’s political enemies. To get to Chateau Dive Island, you need to board a boat from Port View. There is a boat to this island every day.


Explore La Canebière District

La Canebière District Starts from The "Old Port" to The Réformés Canebière Subway Station

Another things to do in Marseille is exploring La Canobière, which is located near Port Vieux and Le Pannier, is another of the most important areas of the city. “La Canobière” is the biggest street of the city and it represents the wealth of the old days of Marseille, which was the joy and pride of the city. This wealth was shown through huge and magnificent buildings and beautiful hotels that were located on both sides of the street.

Of course, nowadays these buildings have mostly become restaurants, shops and offices, but they still represent their former greatness and the city of Marseille. This street starts from “Old Port” and is expanding and approaching the Réformés Canebière subway station.


Walking up to Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde

Walk up to Basilique Notre-Dame de la Garde Located on Rue Fort du Sanctuaire

This church is one of the most famous temples in Marseille, located on top of a hill with a view of the city and the sea, and is easily accessible by bus. Since walking up this hill may tire you, you can use the buses that pass every twenty minutes from Vieux Port and take you to the church. Visiting the church is free and in addition to its great view, the interior design and especially its mosaics, as one of the beautiful sights of Marseille, will be attractive and pleasant for you. Having a walk to this church makes it one of life-changing things to do in Marseille. This church is located on Rue Fort du Sanctuaire.


Taking Pictures in The Old Port (Vieux Port)

Best Things to Do in Marseille - Taking Pictures in The Old Port also Known as Vieux Port

The Vieux Port (Old Port) is probably the most important part of Marseille; Where all the tourists can take pictures, eat fish and seafood, watch the boats or ride the carousel. This part of the old town of Marseille is a great place where all the main attractions of the city pass, so it’s definitely worth a visit. This port is especially spectacular and exciting during the summer evenings, so if you are in Marseille at this time, be sure to go to Port View from dusk to early night to see the beautiful views of the surrounding area.


Having a Look inside Cathédrale La Major

One of Free Things to Do in Marseille is to Having a Look Inside The Cathédrale La Major

“Marseille Cathedral” is one of the most important buildings in the city and is definitely worth visiting among things to do in Marseille. The view of this church and its surroundings is the view of the sea and is beautiful and spectacular. The structure of this church consists of several dome towers, the tallest of which is 16 meters high. The green and white limestone may remind some of the “Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore” or the Duomo in Florence, but its interior design is done in a completely different style. The cathedral is open to the public. Marseille Cathedral is located on the Place de la Major street.


Visiting Palais Longchamp

Make Sure to Have a Visit to Palais Longchamp Located on Boulevard Longchamp 22 Street

another one of things to do in Marseille is visiting Prince Longsham Palace. this beautiful area is home to the Musée des Beaux Arts, which is the oldest museum in Marseille. In the museum gallery, there is a remarkable collection of works by Italian and Provençal artists, and paintings and works of art from the 17th century to the present are displayed. Apart from the beautiful works of art, the palace also has a quaint park that locals and residents of Marseilles come to when they want to enjoy the good weather because it is one of the few green areas in the city center. This palace is located on Boulevard Longchamp 22 street.

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