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Superb Restaurants in Edmonton

Superb Restaurants in Edmonton

Best Restaurants in Edmonton

Edmonton belongs to Canada‘s largest beef-producing province. Therefore, red meat is abundant on the menu of restaurants in Edmonton. Also, this city is the northern harbor of the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor and is known as the “Gateway to the North.” As a result, as the capital of Alberta, Edmonton has become a cultural, governmental, and educational center that attracts many travelers, immigrants, and food enthusiasts to it. Make sure to give these diverse restaurants in Edmonton a try.

Also, restaurants in Wetaskiwin could be a good choice for those who want to try nearby towns for some interesting food or stop by during their trip.


The Three Amigos for Oaxaca Style Cuisine

The Three Amigos is Located in Duggan Mall- Best Restaurants Edmonton Offers

The Three Amigos is one of many family-run restaurants in Edmonton which opened its doors to customers in 2005. They are one of the best restaurants in Edmonton for Oaxaca style cuisine, which feels homemade and prepared with heart. Also, they use fresh ingredients and old recipes, and all of their foods are made to order. Three Amigos eatery is located in Duggan Mall, which you can access using bus number 709 and getting off at 106 Street & 40 Avenue bus stop.


Mikado for Japanese Food

Best Restaurants Edmonton Offers - Mikado Serves Fresh Japanese Food

Mikado has been serving Edmonton locals since 1972 and currently operates from three locations; Southside, Downtown, and Westside. The Mikado restaurant is one of the best Restaurants in Edmonton for Japanese food. It offers high-quality sushi and sashimi since its fish is flown from famous fish markets globally. Some of these markets include California, Nova Scotia, and the B.C. Coast, and even Tsukiji in Japan. The good thing about dining here is that they employ certified Japanese sushi chefs and use premium Japanese grills. Also, the interior comes with large sushi bars as well as private Tatami rooms for a complete Japanese experience.


P.F. Chang’s Edmonton Chinese Restaurant

P.F. Chang's Edmonton is Located Inside of Currents of Windermere Shopping Mall - Best Restaurants Edmonton Offers

P.F. Chang’s Edmonton is part of a US-initiated chain store offering authentic Chinese food. Other than food from China, they serve food from countries like Japan, Thailand, and even Korea. This eatery opened in 1993 and, since then, opened a lot of branches across Canada and even throughout the world. The current location of their Edmonton branch is inside Currents of Windermere shopping mall. You can get here by getting off at Ambleside Drive & Windermere Boulevard bus stop when you take bus number 716.


Ma chef in Lendrum Place Shopping Centre

Ma chef is Located in Lendrum Place Shopping Centre - Superb Restaurants in Edmonton

Ma Chef is one of the best restaurants Edmonton offers for Korean food. The menu here is tightly constructed by the chef Jung Ho lee which happens to be the owner as well. Their famous appetizers include Steamed Tofu, Avocado & Shrimp, and Mabboki. As for the main dish, you can try beef pork soup, spicy pork rib, spicy pork bone, and the famous bibimbap. In fact, Ma Chef is located in Lendrum Place Shopping Centre, which you can reach by taking bus No.725 and getting off at 111A Street & 57 Avenue bus stop.


Wok This Way Restaurant South-East Eatery

Superb Restaurants in Edmonton - Wok This Way Restaurant Offers Vietnamese Food

Wok This Way Restaurant is one of the most genuine Vietnamese and Chinese Restaurants in Edmonton, which is located on 50 Street in the Northwest near Mill Creek. It is perhaps one of the best Chinese food you can get in the city, and the service here is just fantastic. Their prices are very fair, and even if you go as a group, they come even cheaper.


Church’s Texas Chicken Fried Chicken Restaurant

Church's Texas Chicken Sells Delicious Fried Chicken - Travel Guide Canada

Church’s Texas Chicken is perhaps amongst the best restaurants Edmonton has to offer for fried chicken meals. It opened in 1952 and has lots of locations all over Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta. Currently, 2 of these locations are found in Edmonton, Northwest of 127 Street as well as 111 Avenue. The main menu consists of original & spicy chicken, tenders, sandwiches, and even chicken wraps. As for side meals, you can get honey-butter biscuits, shortcakes, and sundaes.


Jerusalem Shawarma Edmonton for Middle Eastern Food

Jerusalem Shawarma Edmonton is A Family Owned Business - Superb Restaurants in Edmonton

Jerusalem Shawarma Edmonton is one of the family-owned restaurants in Edmonton that first opened in 2010 and then expanded to 10 locations across Calgary. This restaurant offers authentic Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine to local Edmontonian customers. The food here is affordable yet nutritious and sourced from locally grown ingredients. Some of the favorite dishes include Beef Donair, Falafels, Royal Kebab, Chicken Shawarma, and a tasty Mixed BBQ Plate. Also, Jerusalem Shawarma is located Northwest of 101 Street, and the closest bus stop is at “99 Street & 22 Avenue”. This station can be reached by taking bus number 518.


Yokozuna Japanese Restaurant close to Rideau park

Travel Guide Canada - Yokozuna A Japanese Restaurant Located Very Close to Rideau Park

Yokozuna is a nice Japanese restaurant located very close to Rideau Park on 106 Street. You can access this restaurant by taking bus No. 705 and getting off at 106 Street & 42 Avenue Bus stop. The interior design here is very modern and very tidy, with tables for both groups and individuals to sit. Some of the foods you can get here are Doburi, Bento, Udon, Tempura, Cones, Hosomaki, Rolls, Sushi, Sashimi, and Tataki, as well as grilled & skewer meats. As for the appetizers, you will enjoy Japanese salads, Takoyaki, edamame, and Gyoza. Also, make sure to order from their vast array of Japanese rice wines and beers.


Tasty World Chinese Restaurant in Mill Words

Tasty World Chinese Restaurant Do Not use any MSG Additive in Their Foods - Travel Guide Canada

Located in the center of the Mill Words, Tasty World is one of the best restaurants in Edmonton for Chinese cuisine. The good thing about this restaurant is that they do not use any MSG additives in their foods. Some foods you can get here include wonton soup, spring rolls, fried rice, chow mein, and many kinds of sweet and sour dishes. Also, they offer a wide range of vegetarian meals there as well. Moreover, if you are willing to hire them for your events, they also have reasonably well catering offerings too.

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