Best Tourist Attractions in Stavanger

Best Tourist Attractions in Stavanger

Top Attractions in Stavanger

Located on the southwest coast of Norway, you can find some of the best tourist attractions in Stavanger of Norway. Stavanger is Norway’s third largest city, and it is also one of the oldest communities in Norway, dating back to the 12th century. The city of Stavanger is well-covered by remote islands and has been known as a commercial hub for centuries. This city is a fascinating cultural center, and you can find some of the best tourist attractions in Stavanger. Also, this city hosts popular events such as the MaiJazz Festival in May and the Chamber International Music Festival in August.

Bergen is another city in Norway with amazing sights to see. There are some attractions in Bergen for tourists to visit and enjoy the historical architecture of this beautiful place in Norway. This city, like Stavanger, is a quiet place and you can spend some quality time relaxing in there.


Preikestolen Also Known as Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen - tourist attraction in Stavanger

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular attractions in Stavanger area that is worth traveling to from this city is Preikestolen, which is located 1960 feet above sea level. This area can be reached by boat or by road. For those who are interested in adventure, this area can be a special attraction. Of course, people who are afraid of high places should avoid traveling to this area.


Stavanger Cathedral in The City Center

Stavanger Cathedral - Norway attraction

The Stavanger Cathedral, built in the 12th century by Bishop Reinald from Winchester, is located in the city center and is one of its beautiful attractions. However, the entire church was rebuilt in the 19th century. Notable interior features include a fully engraved Baroque pulpit (1658), a Gothic stone carving, and painted windows depicting the tales of the New Testament period.


kongsgård in The Breiavatn Area

Kongsgård, near the former Bishop’s Palace, is one of the attractions in Stavanger that worth visiting. Located on the north coast of Breiavatn (a small lake in the city’s center), Kongsgård Skole is an attractive school for teaching grammar built in the palace. Nearby, you can find the Bispekapellet church, which dates back to the early 1300s and is well preserved.


Torget Market to Shop Local Goods

Torget in Stavanger

Torget Market Square in this city is one of the most lively places where you can spend time shopping and get acquainted with the local culture. The market has many small stalls selling local goods, and this has made visiting it a good experience for travelers and tourists.


Valbergtårn located North of Torget Market

Valbergtårn - Norway attraction

Another well-preserved old Stavanger building is the Valbergtårn, which can be found north of Torget Market between Vågen and Østre Havn. The building is the oldest part of the city and is a beautiful and attractive guard tower built in 1853.


Gamle Stavanger a Beautiful Area with Cobblestone Streets

Gamle Stavanger - tourist attraction in Stavanger

One of the most beautiful attractions in Stavanger is known as the Gamle Stavanger. This historic area includes a collection of old houses located along the winding cobblestone streets. These are perhaps the largest preserved wooden houses in northern Europe where, its streets are worth exploring. You should visit museums and galleries in the area as well. Two of the best museums in this area are the Maritime Museum and the Norwegian Canning Museum, which has a fascinating view of the country’s history as an important fishing hub.


Arkeologisk museum to See Viking Artefacts

Arkeologisk museum - Norway attraction

No trip to Norway will be complete without a visit to the Archaeological Museum. If you can’t find new information about the Vikings, it’s best not to leave until you are acquainted with some historical knowledge. The Arkeologisk Museum Stavanger is a great place to get information about Vikings, weapons, and historical artifacts.


Stavanger Art Museum located Around Lake Mosvannet

Stavanger Art Museum of Stavanger

Stavanger Art Museum is located in a beautiful park around Lake Mosvannet, just two miles from the city center. The museum hosts the best art collections in Norway and other international works. One of the highlights of the museum is Lars Hertervig’s unique collection of paintings.


Ledaal The Kielland Family’s Residency

Ledaal - tourist attraction in Stavanger

Built as a summer residence for the Kielland family in 1799, the Ledaal manor house is a great example of Norwegian life in the early nineteenth century. This beautiful building is still used as a royal residence and museum.


Sola Flytekniske Museum for Seeing Vintage Planes

Sola Flytekniske Museum in Stavanger

Flyhistorisk Museum focuses on aircraft used at the Sola Military Base and Stavanger Airport, a collection of preserved aircraft as well as various artifacts from World War II to the present day.

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