Bergen is the second largest city Norway where tourists are eager to explore this beautiful place and the top attractions in Bergen. Also, it is the largest port on the west coast as well as one of the busiest anchorages in the area. The beautiful and eye-catching port of this city, which is surrounded by a ring of well-known hills which is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bergen, Norway.

The area is one of the country’s cultural destinations, where popular art and music events such as the Bergen International Festival, the Nattjazz Festival and the Bergenfest are held here. This area hosts one the oldest orchestra in Europe which was founded in 1756.


Bergen Square

Bergen Square - a beautiful place in Norway

In the southeast of the beautiful main port of the city, you can find the Bergen Square which shines for visitors. The crowded pier is where local fishermen are present and gather every morning. Among other things, there is a 700-year-old fish market that people can visit and get their seafood from.


Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf

Attractions in Norway

Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Bergen. Its narrow alleys, along with the old houses of merchants and restaurants, studios, art workshops and boutiques, are worth a visit. When traveling to this area, try the Bryggen Museum, which has many artifacts and dates back to the 14th century.


Hanseatic Museum

Hanseatic Museum - a sight in Norway

It was the home of a famous merchant named Finnegård in the 18th century, which became the Hanseatic Museum in 1872. This old house provides a great insight into the lives of the great German merchants who lived in the area. Also, you can see weapons, equipment and other items in this museum.


Bergenhus Castle

Attractions in Norway

The old Bergenhus Castle has been a gateway to the port of Bergen since the late 16th century and is still one of the most beautiful and eye-catching structures in Scandinavia. Take the time to visit the castle’s museum and see its fascinating exhibits. After exploring the museum and the castle, head to Sverresborg Castle which was built in 1660.


Old Bergen museum

Attractions in Norway

If you want to explore one of the old areas of this city, you should visit the old Bergen museum. Visiting this museum will be very valuable because it includes a great collection of 35 historical wooden buildings and depicts the architecture and life of Bergen in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.


Bergen Cathedral

Attractions in Norway

According to ancient history books, the cathedral dates back to 1811. After the fire in 1623 and 1640, the building was rebuilt and regained its current appearance. In 1880, a Christian architect changed the interior of this place of worship.


Grieg Hall

Attractions in Norway

If you are interested in architecture and would like to enjoy the beautiful architecture of this area, it is better to visit Grieg Hall. The building is a great example of modern architecture in the area, but is known for having various concerts.


Rasmus Meyer Collection

Rasmus Meyer Collection - an art museum in Norway

The huge collection was inherited by the city in 1923 and includes a collection of paintings by famous Norwegian artists. If you are interested in art, you should visit the city’s Museum of Applied Arts up close. The museum has a collection of pottery and you can see Norwegian goldsmith artifacts and decorative as well as applied arts.


Bergen University Museum

Attractions in Norway

Bergen has become famous among people for its universities. One of these universities has a museum that is known for its collections. It is better to spend a whole day in this museum and visit the Natural History Collection, the Cultural History Collection and the Maritime Museum. After looking inside the museum, get out of the building and start walking in the botanical garden.

If you are interested in the garden, take a walk in the park near this place. Then head to the Norwegian Garden, a huge collection of 5,000 different plants from around the world.



Attractions in Norway

To the northeast is Bergen you can find Fløyfjell, a 1,047-foot peak that offers a beautiful view of the city. If you do not like to walk, it is better to use the tram and reach the summit. After seeing the city from this area, go to Blåmann, which is located at an altitude of 1808 feet, and from the top of the peak you can have a panoramic view of the city.


Grieg Museum

Grieg Museum - a museum in Norway

Located south of Bergen, Troldhaugen is known as the old home of a writer named Edvard Grieg. Built in 1885, the building is well preserved and now houses a museum of the same name. This museum is dedicated to the life and works of the author. If you travel to this area in summer or autumn, you can use the concerts that are held there.


Lisøy and Lyse Abbey

Attractions in Norway

In Lisøy, an island on the outskirts of Fana, there is a famous Norwegian villa called Ole Bull. While the building combines different architectural styles, the real reason to visit the island is Lyse Monastery. The ruins of the first Sisters’ House in Norway were founded in 1146 by monks from New York and England, and this place provides a vivid picture of the monastic life of the Middle Ages.


The Royal Residence (Gamlehaugen)

The Royal Residence - a tourist place in Norway

Royal residence of Bergen and its hall were completed for the King of Norway in 1261. The building is located next to the Rosenkrantz Tower and has a very beautiful structure.

There are other cities across Norway that you can visit. These beautiful cities offer amazing sites to visitors and tourists alike. One of the places is Trondheim and visitors are welcomed to explore Trondheim tourist attractions for the time they are in Norway. Moreover, this city has a lot of majestic scenery.