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Top Zoos in Miami

Top Zoos in Miami

Best Zoos in Miami

Miami is one of the most enjoyable holiday destinations in the United States. Some of the attractions in this city, like zoos in Miami, are world-famous. The city has a unique and beautiful combination of a peaceful paradise, a magnificent beach, and urban attractions. You can find Miami in the southeastern part of the Florida Peninsula. This city is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Biscayne region and the coast of Miami.

The pleasant winter weather of the city has made it a popular tourist destination and attraction for the holidays, especially for those who live in the northern regions of the country. The great beaches of Miami, like the Art Deco architecture on Miami Beach, are the city’s landmarks. Outside the city, also, is the Everglades National Park, which is famous for its unique ecosystem and wildlife.

If you like the information about these Miami zoos, you can try other places across the state of Florida, like zoos in Ohio. Those zoos are also well worth a visit and have some unique animals that are specific to that part of the USA.


ZWF Miami

Top Zoos in Miami - ZWF Miami is A Place for Endangered Species

The Zoological Wildlife Foundation is one educational zoo in Miami. It is both a place for endangered species conservation, research, and public viewing, and many travelers get to know Miami’s top tourist attractions by seeing and photographing different species of animals. In addition, the admission fee for your visit is helping animal protection here, and you can even help them individually and select a specific species of animal.


Zoo Miami

Zoo Miami is Home to More Than 2,000 Wildlife in A Cage-Free Environment- Top Zoos in Miami

The Miami Zoo is home to more than 2,000 wildlife in a cage-free environment that gives them a sense of animal habitat and gives visitors a sense of exploration when traveling to Miami. This place is like a big exhibition with a free atmosphere, allowing visitors to enjoy wildlife from a close but safe distance. It is the only continental zoo in the United States with a subtropical climate.

Although it is not a large zoo, it is one of those zoos in Miami that attracts most families because of its close association with animals. There is also a children’s zoo with a variety of attractions, including ostriches. In addition to animals, the zoo includes many tropical plants and trees and a large collection of orchids.

The current Zoo Miami tickets are priced at $23 per adult and $19 for each one of your children.


Monkey Jungle a Place Housing Endangered Monkeys

Top Zoos in Miami - Monkey Jungle is A 30-Acre Wildlife Park For Endangered Monkeys

The Monkey Forest in South Miami is truly one of the most unique zoos in Miami. The 30-acre wildlife park is home to endangered monkeys. They are living in a habitat that is completely in line with their natural environment. This park was established in 1935 in a subtropical forest, leaving monkeys in an environment where they have been wild. There are about 400 orders of monkeys in this pair, which come from thirty species. Visitors and tourists who come to this place move through cages-like tunnels. However, here, the animals are not really trapped, and monkeys will surround humans.

Moreover, in the gorilla forest section, you can enjoy watching the gorillas and their games and interactions with their keepers. There are different types of monkeys in this park in conditions like the ones they used to have in their wildlife. In addition, you can watch the flight of birds and canaries under the large geodetic domes of the park. In this park, the leaves of the trees are the home and shelter of many types of birds.

At the moment, there is only a monkey jungle rainforest adventure tour available, and the tickets cost about $150 per person, which is accompanied by a tour guide.

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