Shopping in Tokyo is not too difficult. With the various shops you can easily get what you need. There are many crafts and unique souvenirs which can help you with your shopping. Whether you want to shop from malls or at second-hand stores, Tokyo offers a variety of shops and streets to buy such items that can be helpful.

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1. Ginza

10 great places to shop in Tokyo

Ginza is one of Tokyo’s shopping districts, with trendy boutiques as well as various department stores such as Mitsukoshi and the Dover Street Market. Amidst all this splendor are simple things like fine craftsmanship in Takumi, and shelves full of innovative toys in Hakuhinkan. Shopping options in this area can reflect the type of city’s customers.


2. Asakusa


Asakusa is now a quiet part of the city of Edo that hosted artisans, businessmen and tourists. Its small street and winding alleys are still full of wonders such as Tokyo Hotarudo and beautiful carpets for sale in Bengara. A good choice to buy a gift is the Nakamise-dori Street (near Sensoji Temple) and you can find the souvenirs you need from there.


3. Kagurazaka

10 great places to shop in Tokyo

Kagurasaka is located in an area called Shinjuku. If you stroll along Kagurasaka from Iidabashi Station, you will find shops selling geta wooden shoes and traditional kimono wallets. You can see hand-dyed textiles from Sada in this area. Elsewhere in places like drugstores, grocery stores and pachinko, there are stores that carry products like Japanese dolls and sweets around the world.


4. Roppongi


Although Roppongi is traditionally known for offering variety of beverages, this part of the city hosts interesting shops and entertainment, dining and shopping complexes. One of the interesting locations in the Roppongi is the collection of Axis Design galleries, shops, contemporary interior design as well as Japanese swords.


5. Daikanyama & Naka-Meguro

10 great places to shop in Tokyo

Near Ebisu, Daikanyama is surrounded by cafés and boutiques with fashion accessories and its accessories. Book lovers should head over to the Daikanyama T-Site. Naka-Meguro is also in the neighborhood of Daikanyama and is a destination for second-hand products.


6. Shibuya


Shibuya is a source of interest for teens and youths in Japan. If you are over 30, you are a little old to explore this place, but you can encourage yourself to enjoy its beauty. Sales of music accessories as well as youth apparel are well seen here.


7. Shimokitazawa


To the southwest of Shibuya is a small neighborhood called Shimokitazawa. This place is popular with students and enthusiasts of the arts and has quirky shops, restaurants and bars. The cafés in this neighborhood have a hole in the wall where customers can usually take their orders from there. The Haight & Ashbury store is one of the best in this neighborhood. The Shimokita store can also be a good choice because of its unique products.


8. Harajuku & Aoyama

Harajuku and Aoyama

The twin neighborhoods of Harajuku & Aoyama are famous places for girls and boys of Harajuku, the Takeshita-dōri youth shopping center, and a beautiful boulevard of Omote-sandō. Also within walking distance of the Urahara, you can find exotic little shops and stores selling second-hand products. There are endless shopping options in this neighborhood. You can start your excursion from Laforet, 6% Doki Doki and Sou-Sou to buy clothing and accessories. If you want to buy souvenirs you can visit Tokyo’s Tokyo as well.


9. Shinjuku


Shopping in Shinjuku can be a bit overwhelming. From the moment you step off the train station, the light and noise of the crowd turn this place into a noisy casino. But you can find good stores in this crowded place. One of the most respected stores is Istenan which is also found in this area. Don Quijote, RanKing RanQueen and Disk Union are good places for music lovers. If you have no incentive to go to Akihabara, Shinjuku can be a good place to buy electronics.


10. Akihabara


In the neighborhood of Akihabara, there is an electronics shopping complex. Of course you can find the electronics you need in Akihabara Electric Town and on streets like Akihabara Radio Center. The area is also known as Otaku (who is said to be interested in Japanese manga). There is also a craft market at 2k540 Aki-Oka Artisan.


Tokyo shopping tips and tricks:

Finally, there are a few things to know before buying:

  • There are many shops in Tokyo where you can shop free of tx. Of course, this applies only to foreigners. So it’s best to carry your passport and look for tax-free stores.
  • Have cash with you. Some small and traditional stores may not accept a credit cards.
  • Although bargaining is common in most parts of Asia, it is not common in Japan.
  • Tokyo stores have great dining venues that are great for finding different foods.