Best Veggie Restaurants in London

Best Veggie Restaurants in London

Fancy Veggie Restaurants in London

It is difficult for many people to find the best veggie restaurants in London that serve quality vegetarian or vegan food and do not cost a fortune. But knowing which restaurants can serve vegetarian food in this great metropolitan city makes your search much easier. One of the most popular destinations among vegetarians is the city of London because of its ever-increasing diet change. Several restaurants serve vegetarian cuisine in this city for you to indulge and feel refreshed.


The Gate Best for Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Best Veggie Restaurants in London - The Gate in Operation Since 1989 Offering Unique And Exciting Flavors

The Gate has been in operation since 1989, and the main specialty of this restaurant is serving vegetarian and vegan cuisine. The chefs of the restaurant have a special skill in presenting a very diverse menu that is compatible with different tastes. This makes the gate one of the best veggie Restaurants in London for those seeking unique and exciting flavors. It is good to know that the freshest fruits, vegetables as well as organic products are used to prepare food in this magnificent restaurant.

Also, if you like to try some vegetarian burgers, check out the top burgers London tourists can enjoy page. Among the list, there are a few vegetarian options that are definitely worth a try. They use vegetarian patties and vegan cheese for their burgers there.


222 Vegan Cuisine on North End Road

Best Veggie Restaurants in London - 222 Vegan Cuisine Offers A 100% Vegan Menu

Restaurant 222 Veggie Vegan offers a 100% vegan menu. Also, it is one of the veggie Restaurants in London since these two vegan and vegetarian diets have some tasty crossovers. The main focus here is on having a healthy lifestyle and enjoying the most delicious vegetarian food with no compensation. You can enjoy the highest quality vegetarian food in this restaurant since they use top-quality ingredients. In fact, all meals are freshly prepared with love and passion here. The food options here are all low-fat, low-salt, and they use organic ingredients as much as possible. Therefore, you will not see GMO options here at all.


Vegan Vegetarian Plant Based Restaurant. Shri Lakshmi Foods.

London Food guide - Vegan Vegetarian Plant Based Restaurant. Shri Lakshmi Foods. is Owned By Nihar Baldev

Vegan Vegetarian Plant Based Restaurant. Shri Lakshmi Foods is one of the best veggie Restaurants in London. There is no need for an introduction to how amazing Indian dishes are, and there are many vegetarian choices available at this restaurant. The owner Nihar Baldev has been in the restaurant business for a long time and knows how to make great Indian dishes. The food here is super cheap and is a good option for budget travelers.


Sen Viet Vegetarian Restaurant for Asian Cuisine

Sen Viet Vegetarian Restaurant Provides Xi Mao, Pho And Bun Soups - Best Veggie Restaurants in London

Sen Viet is currently the only one of the Vietnamese veggie Restaurants in London. Like many Vietnamese restaurants in this city, you can expect favorite soups like Pho and Bun as well as stir-fried noodle dishes like Mi Xao. Their prices are reasonable, and they offer an extensive menu for takeaways too. Make sure to try their veggie meat and veggie fish options that are served in clay pots.


Bonnington Cafe located on Vauxhall Grove

London Food guide - Bonnington Cafe Offers Home Cooked Vegetarian And Vegan Dishes

Located in Bonnington Square, in the center of Vauxhall, Bonnington Cafe is another one of the peaceful veggie Restaurants in London. This cafe has been providing cheap food to the local community since the 80’s. The overall reception here is very friendly and has a laid-back feel to it. They offer home-cooked vegetarian as well as vegan dishes at an affordable price of £10.00 for the main course.

It is good to know that if you wish to drink your wine here, you should bring your own bottle. It is due to the fact that Bonnington Cafe is not licensed to provide alcoholic drinks. Also, it is strongly advised to make a booking prior to your visit to Bonnington Cafe to make sure you have a place to sit there. Contact them via E-mail and wait for the confirmation of your reservation.


Atis Old Street with a Minimalist Design

atis Old Street is Located in City Road - Best Veggie Restaurants in London

Atis Old Street has the most beautiful, minimalist, and stylish interior design and is amongst the best veggie Restaurants in London. Located on City Road, you can recognize this eatery by its glass window and clean-cut brown wooden chairs. This vegetarian restaurant is self-service; however, they still offer readily available salad bowls and warm food options. In fact, Atis Old Street is the ultimate place for those who love salads with their numerous toppings and fresh ingredients.

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