Amazing Restaurants in Potchefstroom

Amazing Restaurants in Potchefstroom

Top Restaurants in Potchefstroom

This article introduces travelers to some of the worthy restaurants in Potchefstroom. The range of dishes ranges from burgers, pizzas to curry and sushi. Explore these restaurants of Potchefstroom in South Africa and select the one that suits you the most.


River Cafe next to Mooirivier

What to Do in South Africa - River Cafe is located in 2 Calderbank Aavenue

River Cafe is located at 2 Calderbank Avenue near the Potchefstroomdam. What makes this restaurant an amazing place is its view and an amazing selection of cheese plates. Their prices are very reasonable; however, you cannot bring your own drink inside. Due to the limitation of the tables there, it is good to contact them beforehand and make a reservation. The River Café location is very close to Mooirivier, and it is good to know that they do not have an allergen-free menu, so you need to read the ingredients carefully if you are allergic to a specific item.


Hello Sushi Located between Senwes and Cachet Parks

Amazing Restaurants in Potchefstroom - Hello Sushi Steve Biko Street Near Cachet park

Hello Sushi is one of the best Asian restaurants in Potchefstroom. They have an amazing array of sushi, Thai, Korean as well as Chinese dishes. Their prices are among the most expensive ones on this list, as is the case for most Asian dishes. Their food, however, is delicious yet not very filling. Overall, Hello Sushi is definitely the place to go if you like Asian cuisine. Head to Steve Biko Street near Cachet Park to find this restaurant.


Waffle and Co Potchefstroom with a Beautiful Garden

Waffle and Co Potchefstroom Specialize in making Belgian Style Waffles - Amazing Restaurants in Potchefstroom

Waffle and Co Potchefstroom is another eatery in town if you want to enjoy eating in a beautiful garden. As the name suggests, they specialize in making Belgian-style waffles with endless toppings. The prices here are more suitable for those on a low budget. You can find Waffle and Co Potchefstroom on M C Roode Street, very close to 2 Owls Guest House.


Vida Verde

Vida Verde is Located in 78 Chris Hani Street - What To Do in South Africa

Located at 78 Chris Hani Street, Vida Verde is a good restaurant if you want to have amazing and unique cocktails. Also, they are famous for having tasty pizzas and fresh salads. The combination of their amazing garden and their delicious beer makes this a must-place if you want to relax.
*Update: This eatery is currently not open.


The Broken Pot Located on Steve Biko Street

The Broken Pot is Good For Having Burger And Restaurant - Amazing Restaurants in Potchefstroom

The Broken Pot is truly one of the best burger and pizza restaurants in Potchefstroom. They have a long history in this town, and many locals go there for some great comfort food. Their menu is very extensive, and besides burgers, they also offer great meat platters. If you are vegetarian, you will not be disappointed with their offerings. Head to
Steve Beko Steve near SUPERSTAR Potchefstroom Bult market dot some great burgers and amazing beers.


The Greek Taste next to The Trim Park

Amazing Restaurants in Potchefstroom - The Greek Taste is Found on the Buskus Street

The Greek Taste is the only Greek restaurant in the entire town. If you are seeking great food or reasonable prices, then this is the place to go. In fact, it is one of the healthiest restaurants in Potchefstroom, which has an authentic Greek taste as well. The good thing about eating here is their true hospitality, using fresh ingredients and having homemade dishes. Moreover, you can find The Greek Taste on Buskus Street, very close to Baillie Park (The Trim Park).

If you are willing to travel to the towns nearby, head to Benoni. This is a small town, and the restaurants in Benoni offer great food for low prices as well. Also, you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery there too. The town of Benin is just a one-hour drive away from Potchefstroom.

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