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Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Famous Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Rio is very well known for its amazing beaches in the world. However, interestingly, some of the beaches in Rio de Janeiro are still unknown and unaffected by mass tourism. Beach culture has been an integral part of Brazil’s image, which portrays swimwear, happy people, and lots of beach sports. In fact, beaches are part of the simple and carefree lifestyle here in Brazil.

Beaches like Copacabana have gained more interest from foreigners in recent years, although many of the smaller beaches of this country still remain out of sight of tourists and are spots where mostly locals hang out. Nevertheless, here are the most famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro, which you should consider taking a dip in their waters.



Itacoatiara Beach near The Coast of Niterói

Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro - Itacoatiara Beach is Found near The Coast of Niterói

Itacoatiara Beach belongs to the coast of Niterói, a city across the bay just across from Rio de Janeiro. The sand on this beach is very soft and without much hard surface, and the bay is surrounded by clear and clean waters on one side and faces a beautiful seaside resort on the other side.
The waters here are quite wavy, and that is why this beach is one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro for surfers. Also, beachgoers can see many stalls along the beach line selling Brazilian drinks and snacks, and you can hear Brazilian music playing from the speakers behind this Itacoatiara Beach. Therefore, here is by no means a quiet spot to relax, but its beauty is captivating and will captivate you.


Praia do Secreto or The Secret Beach

Praia do Secreto or The Secret Beach has a Pristine Natural Pool and Faces Ocean as Well

The secret beach or Praia do Secreto, has gradually lost its charm as a hidden gem due to the fact that many people are more familiar with this beach. Despite its growing popularity, this beach still remains beautiful and is considered one of the quietest and most pristine beaches in Rio de Janeiro. The secret beach in the west part of Rio has a natural pool between the cliffs of a mountain and a vast ocean in front of it. The shallow water of this beach warms up quickly, and compared to the very cold beaches of Rio, it is an amazing and magical place to relax.



Oven’s Beach or Praia do Forno

Oven's Beach or Praia do Forno is Located in Arraial do Cabo Where you Can Dive too

Oven’s Beach is located in Arraial do Cabo, just a few hours drive from Rio de Janeiro. It is good to know that Arayal do Cabo is a quiet fishing village with a relaxing atmosphere. This village is a world different from the neighboring city of Búzios. Forno Beach is the shining star among the beaches in Rio de Janeiro, with its steep white sands and amazingly blue and wavy waters. Access here is only possible by boat taxi or hiking over a hill covered with cacti. Many people like to do some small diving here too.



Lopes Mendes Beach in Ilha Grande Shore

Lopes Mendes Beach is Located in Ilha Grande Shore and a Good Spot for Families with Children

Lopes Mendes, in Ilha Grande, is an arc-shaped beach with calm and clear ocean waters, and its beautiful sandy shoreline evokes images of paradise in the tourist’s mind. This beach is the most suitable among many famous beaches in Rio de Janeiro for families with children. Since there is no construction here, the sun shines on the beach during peak hours.
However, the palm and almond trees along the beach are a safe haven to escape from the intense sunlight. To get here, travelers must take a bus from Rio to Angra dos Reis and take a 1-hour boat ride to Vila do Abraão on Isla Grande. The next step is to take a boat from Manges Beach and, at the next stop, walk through a forested hill and come down to the back of Lopes Mendes Beach.


Praia da Joatinga Suitable for Swimming

Praia da Joatinga is Suitable for Swimmers and Surfers but has difficult Access

Part of the unique thing about Praia da Joatinga is its difficult accessibility. This makes the trip to this beach more special and rewarding. Follow the short and winding paths that lead to a road through the forest and finally to the sandy beaches of Praia da Joatinga. This small beach has a small shoreline and, at the back, is sheltered by a cliff with a green forest. This small bay is suitable for swimmers who like some privacy and very clean waters. In addition, check with the locals as in some seasons the waters are sited more to surfers and swimming is not very pleasant there.



Prainha Beach in Ipanema Neighborhood

Prainha Beach Located in Ipanema Neighborhood - Famous Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Prainha Beach, which means little beach, is one of the lesser-known beaches in Rio de Janeiro that urban planners still need to invade. This small beach crescent consists of soft white sand and is one of Rio’s quietest and most pristine beaches. On one side, the coast ends with mountains covered with rainforest; on the other, it hosts a turquoise ocean with powerful waves. Here, it is popular among surfers and people looking for a quiet place to enjoy the sun.

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