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Best Attractions to See in Muscat



Best Attractions to See in Muscat

Best Attractions to See in Muscat

The city of Muscat, the capital of Oman, may seem small, but tourists should not miss the best attractions to see in Muscat. This city has pristine and wonderful nature. While hiking in the mesmerizing nature near this small town, sometimes you even have to cross shallow water or swim through it to reach your destination. Also, there are other attractions to see in Muscat for those who love the desert sands and safari.

When in the country, you need to visit the culinary culture of Oman. Therefore it is recommended to try the most delicious foods in Oman to get to know the local culture. Also, by doing that you will notice that not all the Ara nations have the same food flavor and the food here is very diverse.


Mutrah Souq

Best Attractions to See in Muscat - Mutrah Souq A Place to Buy Omani Souvenirs

Mutrah Souq is an old place that Omani people used to buy their goods from centuries ago. In the past, this was a small market near the port, providing the resources needed by the people of Oman. Most of these goods came here as imports from all over the globe. Today, in this market, you can buy Omani food, paintings, knives, leather goods as well as even household appliances, shoes and clothes. Other attractions to see nearby are the Mutrah Fish Market and the Al Alam Palace.


Wadi Ash Shab

Best Attractions to See in Muscat - Wadi Ash Shab Has Amazing Pools And Cliffs

Another important attraction of Oman tour is Wadi Ash Shab with its amazing pools, cliffs and caves. To enjoy this natural attraction, you must be able to physically cross rough and rocky paths. Also, sometimes it will even be necessary to cross shallow water and swim. Reaching the last and most fascinating part of this incredible journey here is only possible by swimming.


Nakhal Fort

Best Attractions to See in Muscat - Nakhal Fort Is Surrounded By Groves

This fort was built more than 1000 years ago in the kingdom of Oman. Nakhal Fort is surrounded by groves. This old and famous defense structure has witnessed countless wars during its lifetime. If you go up the watchtowers, you will see spectacular views of the trees and the surrounding area. Recently, this structure has been reconstructed.


Wahiba Sands

Best Attractions to See in Muscat - Wahiba Sands to Stop And Drink Black Coffee and Eat Omani Dates

Wahiba Sands is a large area where you can have a unique experience riding a camel. The color of the sands of this desert varies depending on the amount of light that is emitted to them. You can stop in the native tent in the middle of the road and drink black coffee and eat Omani dates or make artefacts. The natives make handicrafts from wool here. If you are a fan of desert environments, playing on flowing sands, riding camels or lying down under the starlight will give you a lot of joy. You might think this is a day trip, but the glory of the desert night sky is not something that can be easily missed.


Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque

Best Attractions to See in Muscat - Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque One of Most Modern Mosques in The World

The Sultan Qaboos Mosque is one of the most beautiful and magnificent modern mosques in the world, which opened in 2001. One of the main features of the interior design of this place is the carpet of its worshipers, which covers the prayer hall. This carpet weighed 21 tons and took 4 years to complete its texture. The chandelier of the hall, with a height of 14 meters, is one of the largest examples in the world.


Ad Dimaniyat Islands

What to Do in Oman - Ad Dimaniyat Islands One of Best Diving Areas in Oman

Ad Dimaniyat Islands are one of the best diving areas in Oman. On a good day, the resolution of the underwater landscape will be 15 to 20 meters. No one lives on these islands and only there you can see birds and sea animals with clear waters. The beaches of these islands with white sand and the quiet sound of the sea, make this place a real paradise.


Jebel Akhdar

What to Do in Oman - Jebel Akhdar A Famous Place For Its Pomegranate Trees

Jebel Akhdar is located at an altitude of approximately 2000 meters above sea level and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Oman. The mountain is very famous for its pomegranate trees and flowering shrubs. These pomegranates are some of the best pomegranates in the world in terms of quality and nutrition, and the beverages are made from them are very healthy and tasty. Rose flowers are also used here to make essential oils and perfumes, which are exported to some other countries.


Bimmah Sinkhole (Hawiyyat Najm)

What to Do in Oman - Bimmah Sinkhole (Hawiyyat Najm) A Place to Cooldown & Rejuvenate

This natural pool was created by a meteorite and is located in the small town of Bimmah. In addition to being fun, it will be geologically valuable to see. Due to the coolness of the water, you can bathe in it to cooldown and rejuvenate. If you go to the middle of the pool, the water is deep enough and you can easily swim in it.

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