Best Restaurants Wien Visitors Can Enjoy

Best Restaurants Wien Visitors Can Enjoy

Famous Restaurants Wien has to Offer

This article introduces some of the best restaurants Wien visitors can enjoy some Vienna food options. The food in this city represents more than just filling up stomachs. It is more to do with culture. Locals generally set a meeting in restaurants in this city. The food culture and cuisine in Austria, especially in Vienna is very rich, and the restaurants of this city have their prosperity and development from the Austrian style of food and the influences of international cuisine as well.


Plachutta (Plachutta Wollzeile) in Wustenrot

Best Restaurants Wien Visitors Can Enjoy - Plachutta (Plachutta Wollzeile) Offers Juicy Beef Cooked

Opened in 1987, Plachutta Restaurant serves some of the best in terms of Vienna food. Tafelspitz is one of the types of dishes on the menu of this restaurant and you should really try to fully experience Austrian cuisine. In fat, Tafelspitz is a stew and one of the most popular dishes among Austrians. This is a hearty dish in which pieces of juicy beef cooked in a mixture of water and vegetables. It is good to now that this is in fact the national dish of Austria. The stews of this restaurant are prepared using high quality raw materials and meat, which are bought directly from the surrounding villages.


Schachtelwirt near St. Stephen’s Cathedral

Travel Guide Austria - Schachtelwirt is Very Close to St. Stephen's Cathedral

Another option for a cheap meal in Vienna is the Schachtelwirt fast food restaurant, which is literally a 5-minute walk from St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Schachtelwirt is one of more budget friendly and best restaurants Wien has to offer. Most of the dishes here are categorized as fast food, but this does not diminish their taste nd flavor. In here you can order Krautsuppe (“cabbage soup”), Kalbsbutterschnitzel (beef cutlet) with mashed potatoes as well as Kaiserschmarr’n. All portions here are large, so you can order a meal for two people.


Gasthaus Elsner for Traditional Austrian Cuisine

Gasthaus Elsner Offers Apple Strudel And Sachertorte Desserts - Travel Guide Austria

This is a cozy little center located near the center of Vienna, where you can enjoy delicious Vienna food. This menu includes traditional Austrian cuisine, a beer and wine list. You can always see a lot of locals in the café, which indicates the good condition of the place. It is quite tasty cooked: chicken schnitzel served with potato salad is especially delicate. For desserts, try apple strudel and Sachertorte desserts. The waiters are very helpful, they speak good English. In general, if you are looking for a budget café with tasty national cuisine then Gasthaus Elsner is suitable for you.



Best Restaurants Wien Visitors Can Enjoy - ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT Vienna

After enjoying some time in Prater amusement park, you can try dining in one of the best restaurants Wien tourists can go. In the ROLLERCOASTERRESTAURANT you can order food using an electronic device to have your food delivered to you via rolling rails. This restaurant is the first restaurant in the world in which the food and drinks are catapulted through loops before they slide to the guest tables.


Centimeter I Restaurant beim Rathaus near Rathaus Buildig

Centimeter I Restaurant beim Rathaus Provides Both Local And International Cuisine - Best Restaurants Wien Visitors Can Enjoy

If you want to have some wholesome Vienna food, go to Centimeter I Restaurant beim Rathaus. This is a place that you can order many types of food including both local and international cuisine. They also have vegetarian and vegan dishes too. The good thing here is that their prices are very fair and if you think of saving some money while eating quality food, this is the place to be at.  Also, there is a party room in the basement that has the capacity of 110 people. This place is suitable for parties here.


Das LOFT on Top Floor of SO/ Vienna Hotel

Travel Guide Austria - Das LOFT is Located in The SO / Vienna Offering innovative Cuisine

Das LOFT, one of the most popular and best restaurants Wien visitors can go, is located on the 18th floor of the SO / Vienna. Extended glass windows offer an incredible view of Vienna and St. Stephen’s Cathedral. The other big good thing about here is their innovative and gourmet cuisine. As a perfect complement to the breathtaking views and daring dishes of the restaurant, Das LOFT is a suitable place for wine connoisseurs. It offers the finest wines locally and from all around the world.

In fact, Das LOFT restaurant will delight not only lovers of good food and wine, but also contemporary art enthusiasts. I has a colorful light ceiling that offers a bright contrast to the simple interior design. This special ceiling contributes to the atmosphere of the restaurant with its exclusivity and extravagance, with Viennese charm. Dining Das LOFT is an unforgettable experience.


Café-Restaurant Carmen und Ich close to Canisiusgasse Tram Stop

Café-Restaurant Carmen und Ich is Very Close to Canisiusgasse Tram Stop - A Vienna Food Guide For Travelers

Café-Restaurant Carmen und Ich is very close to Canisiusgasse tram stop. Since 1989, Café-Restaurant Carmen und Ich restaurant has been offering a good mix of home-style Vienna food, selected drinks and typical Viennese cuisine. Local customers come here for the incomparable atmosphere and the different rooms for smaller or larger celebrations or even getting-togethers.


Augustinerkeller Bitzinger in Albertina Museum

A Vienna Food Guide For Travelers - Augustinerkeller Bitzinger is Part of An Ancient Monastery

Augustinerkeller is one of the unique and best restaurants Wien locals like. It belongs to one of last warehouses of the ancient monastery in the center of the historic part of the city. Moreover, this restaurant is close to famous attractions like Vienna State Opera and The Hofburg. The magnificent ancient arch of the crypt has been well preserved over the centuries and is still visible. It was part of the former fortifications and only became a restaurant in 1924. You can find tasty local dishes as well as seasonal dishes with wonderful wine selections from it in house wine cellar.


Schnitzel King at Columbusplatz Tram

A Vienna Food Guide For Travelers - Schnitzel King is Near at Columbusplatz Tram Stop

Schnitzel King is a staple eatery for fans of this Vienna food. This is the place you can expect very reasonable prices for comfort food like Schnitzels, potato salads, pork burgers as well as many kinds of rolls. It is a humble restaurant that caters to individuals who want fast food with more flavors and relatively healthier options. To get to this eatery get off at Columbusplatz tram stop an you will notice it nearby.


Vienna Food Guide

Every year, Vienna attracts many chefs and food lovers from different parts of the world with delicious modern and traditional cuisine to dine in the best restaurants Wien has to offer. Austrian cuisine, as a whole, will definitely will excite your taste buds. Authentic Vienna Food is characterized by strong flavors and is dominated by meats and dense foods, such as pastries and breads. Interestingly these foods are not even expensive and can fit any budget as well.

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