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Luxury Tourist Attractions of The World


Expensive Tourist Attractions of The World

In this article, you will explore the luxury tourist attractions of the world. If you have a craving for traveling and your pocket is full of money, all you have to do is search the tourism destinations for the most exhilarating and luxurious prices and get going.

Remember, of course, that you need to have enough information about your destination to at least make the most of the money you spend on the trip.


Heli Hiking in Alaska

Luxury Tourist Attractions of The World - Heli Hiking in Alaska Has Ice Caves

Climbing a mountain on a helicopter is definitely a very exciting experience. When the glaciers arrive, however, a new adventure begins. Imagine boarding a helicopter with all the equipment and training you had and landing on a glacier. So what’s next? Yes, you enter the ice caves and go on an adventure. This is one of the best ways to understand and feel Alaska’s pristine wildlife.

Alpine Air Alaska gives you the opportunity to explore several glaciers and enjoy its beauty. This activity starts at $1250 per person.


Aspen Lifestyle in Colorado

Luxury Tourist Attractions of The World - Aspen Lifestyle in Colorado Has Expensive Hotels And Houses

Aspen is one of the major tourist attractions of the world in the summer. Although small in size, the city is home to many luxury and expensive hotels and houses.

From these luxurious and beautiful places, you can choose Castle Rim. This 750-square-foot area can be the best choice for staying in this city. The facilities inside this hotel are very luxurious and eye-catching. In front of you, there will be the beautiful mountain highlands and, at the same time, giving you a sense of relaxation.

The building has 6 rooms with a private balcony with a Jacuzzi. Other amenities include a dining room, a club, and a pool. The price per night for this place is from $18,000 to $ 25,000.


Watch the Night Sky in Hawaii

Luxury Tourist Attractions of The World - Watch the Night Sky in Hawaii on A Luxury Yacht

The island of Hawaii, with its beautiful nature and beaches, are one of the famous tourist attractions of the world. However, let’s dig a little deeper. It is night, and everything is dark and calm. You will arrive on a helicopter to the beach and then embark on a luxury yacht at a gentle pace.

Shortly thereafter, the boat stops, and you look up to the sky. Yes, you will be surprised. The night sky embraces you and takes you to the galaxies. You can enjoy the night sky of the island and eat your dinner at the same time. The trip costs $ 20,000 per person.


Volcano Tour in Washington

Luxury Tourist Attractions of The World - Volcano Tour in Washington Offers A One-Day Tour

Nature is beautiful in all its forms, even its volcanoes. A one-day tour will take you to another world. First, you go to the woods around Washington, and after an adventure in nature and meeting bears and wolves, you get on a helicopter and fly over the volcano. Before you fly, you’ll visit Mount Rainier National Park. After a while, you will reach the crater of the volcano, and the sheer excitement will be all over you. This volcano mountain, which is known as Mount St. Helens, has calmed down now, but the molten lava can be seen above it.


Unique Hotels in Vermont and Massachusetts

Luxury Tourist Attractions of The World - Unique Hotels in Vermont and Massachusetts

There are hotels in these cities that are popular tourist attractions of the world because of their hotels and restaurants. These hotels, Marlowe Hotel and Taconic Hotel can be a good choice for your stay. The cost of staying at these hotels will be $ 16,000 a night.


Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles

Romantic Destinations Bucket List - Bel-Air Hotel in Los Angeles Offers A Pool And Jacuzzi

Perhaps one of the most sought-after luxurious tourist attractions of the world is found in Los Angeles. Imagine a hotel that offers a pool, jacuzzi, balcony, and so on. Located in Los Angeles, Bel-Air hotel can provide you with a luxurious and dreamy stay. It is interesting to know that there is a piano in every room and you can use it in your spare time. The cost of 2 nights stay at this hotel is $55885.

This hotel is part of romantic getaways in USA where couples decide to take their honeymoon. You can enjoy an unforgettable time there. It has dreamy scenery, a clear pool, and very secure surroundings.


Breakfast in Monterey Bay Aquarium in California

Romantic Destinations Bucket List - Breakfast in Monterey Bay Aquarium in California

You can have breakfast with your friends in this aquarium, where there are 35,000 different sea creatures, making this day one of the most memorable days of your life. You can go to the aquarium with 5 of your friends and enjoy the exclusive cooking experience of famous chef Cindy Pawlcyn as well. It looks like a different and interesting experience. Breakfast will be $4400 for 2 people.


Amangani in Wyoming in USA

Romantic Destinations Bucket List - Amangani in Wyoming Has A Beautiful View of Nature

Imagine a luxurious and beautiful hotel with an outside area of ​​only 7,000 feet, giving a beautiful view to the guests. Although not a well-known residency among pricy tourist attractions of the world, it is for those who prioritize calmness. You can choose any room in this hotel, but be aware that all rooms at this hotel have stunning views. Facilities at the hotel include horse riding, skiing, cycling, and fishing. This hotel is just 1 hour away from Yellowstone National Park.

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