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Top Restaurants in Swakopmund



Top Restaurants in Swakopmund

Best Restaurants in Swakopmund

Restaurants in Swakopmund offer a more international flavors to locals and tourists in Namibia because of influence of past German settlers here. Also since this is a coastal city you get enjoy fresh seafood and due to its proximity to capital city of Windhoek you will get top quality meat for prime steaks.


BlueGrass near Platz Am Meer Mall

BlueGrass is Located Very Close to Platz Am Meer Shopping Mall - Top Restaurants in Swakopmund

Very close to Platz Am Meer shopping mall, near Breakwater pier you will find one of top restaurants in Swakopmund which is Bluegrass. This restaurant might look like a finding institution, however, it is an excellent excellent value for money restaurant. It is because the portions are big and the flavor is definitely not lacking. Some of the local favorite meals here include kinklip, pork belly, rib-eye steaks as well as chicken and waffle.


The Tug Restaurant just at the Jetty Bridge

Top Restaurants in Swakopmund - The Tug Restaurant Opened in 1993

The Tug Restaurant, opened in 1993, is located between Atlantic Ocean and Namibian Coastline. This restaurant has a magnificent view onto the famous Swakopmund jetty. The expansion of this eatery is available both on the outside as well as inside. Some of the seafood dishes here include Kingklip, kabeljou, lobsters, angel fish and sole, sashimi, local oysters accompanied with fresh green Swakopmund asparagus. The attention to quality and freshness of their products is top notch here ensuring quality food at all times.


Swakopmund Brauhaus a German Restaurant

Swakopmund Brauhaus Offers Bavarian Style German Meals - Top Restaurants in Swakopmund

Swakopmund Brauhaus is the place to go for experiencing Bavarian style German meals as well as some local food. In fact, it is one of best German restaurants in Swakopmund for experiencing old German settlers dishes with modern twists. The atmosphere here is always warm, inviting and very festive. You get to see many flags hanging from the ceiling giving a sports bar feel to this restaurant. As for the drinks, they serve many different types of German and local beers as well as wines and spirits.


Garnish an Indian Restaurant

Garnish Offers A Wide Variety of Healthy Indian Dishes - Top Restaurants in Swakopmund

Garnish is a typical good food restaurant offering a variety of Indian cuisine and warm hospitality very close to Altstadt Restaurant. Their meals are made from high quality, seasonal ingredients with a high percentage of organic ingredients. Also, the menu in Garnish offers a wide variety of healthy dishes. Truly, Garniche a authentic “Indian” restaurant that honors different culinary traditions and infuse them from its own unique creative point of view.


The Fish Deli in the City Center

The Fish Deli is Located on Sam Nujoma Ave Offering Great Seafood- Namibia Food Guide

Opened in 2008, The Fish Deli was one of the very first seafood restaurants in Swakopmund to offer great food right from the Namibian Coast. Located on Sam Nujoma Ave, you will get smoked fish, fresh oysters an lots of nice drinks on the side here. Also, if you wish to cook at home, Fish Deli has some great ready made meals like marinated fish fillets and stir fried calamari. Another great meal you get here is sushi which are prepared by the fresh products gathered locally.


Altstadt Restaurant on Anton Lubowski Avenue

Namibia Food Guide - Altstadt Restaurant is Located on Anton Lubowski Ave

You can find Altstadt Restaurant in the center of the city offering great beer and amazing bar food. What makes this restaurant great is that it is super cozy and and you will get amazing bar style food at great prices. If you want a laidback environment and chatting with some interesting people then head to Altstadt on Anton Lubowski Ave.


The Wreck Restaurant at Beach Lodge

The Wreck Restaurant is Located on the Second Floor of of the Beach Lodge - Namibia Food Guide

The Wreck Restaurant is another great place to sea the beautiful sea view and it is currently one of best restaurants in Swakopmund. This restaurant is located on the second floor of of the Beach Lodge very close the coast side. The food here is on the premium side serving International cuisine in a romantic setting.


Old Steamer Restaurant inside Alte Brücke Resort

Top Restaurants in Swakopmund - Old Steamer Restaurant is Part of Alte Brücke Resort

Old Steamer Restaurant is part of Alte Brücke Resort which you can find it a short distance away from the beach. This restaurant in the older part of the city, almost a kilometer away from the center of Swakopmund. In the Old Steamer the menu changes every week for three times which mostly includes seasonal foods. However, fillet steak is always available on the menu. Also, they have three different desserts on it which you can choose and accompany it with their bottomless tea and coffee.


Jetty 1905 Restaurant Located On the Jetty Bridge

Jetty 1905 Restaurant Reopened in October 2010 - Top Restaurants in Swakopmund

Jetty 1905 Restaurant got its name because its located at end of a jetty which was built in the year 1905. After so many ups and downs this restaurant reopened in October 2010. Since then it has become one of most amazing restaurants in Swakopmund. What makes this restaurant a special place is that it is located right after The Tug Restaurant at the end of the jetty offering great view of the rough sea and beautiful sky.

In fact, the panorama view of the sea through the glass windows makes dining here even more pleasant. Also, they have excellent service and tasty dishes. Some of these dishes include steaks, sushi as well as many vegetarian options. This place is perfect for your romantic evenings or when you want to celebrate your special moments.

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