7 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe

7 Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe

Best National Parks in Europe

This article introduces us to the 7 most beautiful national parks in Europe. If you are thinking of landscapes, you are most probably thinking of the Alps mountain. Europe has more to offer, so don’t miss visiting these beautiful national parks.



1. Snowdonia National Park in Wales

Adventure Travel - Snowdonia National Park is A Nice Place if You Are A Hiker

Snowdonia is good if you are a hiker. It has about 1,500 miles of trails throughout the whole park. The northern parts of the park are the most famous among tourists. You can find Snowdon Mountain, the park’s biggest mountain in both England and Wales. One thing to remember is that some parts are private properties; therefore, make sure to stay on known routes. Also, if you want to go fishing, be sure you have the right license.


2. The Lake District National Park in Cumbria England

Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe - The Lake District National Park is Located in England

England’s countryside offers beautiful scenery with large hills. The Lake District National Park is truly one of the best national parks in Europe. Here, you’ll get green, deep purple, and blue colors, the likes you won’t see anywhere else worldwide. Also, there’s a lot of history in the area, with everything from castles and abbeys to the Neolithic Castlerigg Stone Circle.


3. Goreme National Park in Turkey

Adventure Travel - Goreme National Park Best Place to See Hot Air Balloon

Goreme is a fantastic place to visit, from its cave towns to its unique sceneries. One of the best experiences that you can have in your life is riding a morning hot air balloon over this landscape. They are also famous for being fairy chimneys. Also, hiking and mountain biking are available for tourists of all ages. Further, there’s a local bathhouse in the center of Goreme town where you can rest. Just don’t travel here in the summer, when it’s very hot. The best time to visit there is during the spring or fall.


4. Oulanka National Park in Finland

Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe - Oulanka National Park is Located in Finland

The Oulanka National Park is another one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. No matter what time of the year you visit here, you’re sure to find some fantastic scenery waiting for you. Also, you should not go there during the spring, when it might get flooded. However, in the summer, you only see bright green color. In Autumn, the vegetation will change over to a brilliant orange and yellow color. In the wintertime, when everything is white, the trees will give you a very beautiful scenery.


5. Plitvice Lakes National Park Located in Croatia

Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe - Plitvice Lakes National Park is Where You Can Enjoy Hiking And Swimming

No matter where you look in this park, it looks unreal. However, if you were thinking of dipping in these blue waters, that’s forbidden. However, there are plenty of other great sports to enjoy, like hiking as well as going swimming in one of the pools in the nearest park.


6. Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park in Veneto Italy

Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe - Dolomiti Bellunesi National Park is Located in Italy And There Accommodations Inside

The Dolomites are part of the Alps, but they look nothing like what you’re picturing. These unique formations seem to go straight into the air in many places. There are a lot of outdoor activities that you can enjoy, like climbing, skiing, hiking as well as para-gliding. You can stay inside the park in accommodations varying from hotels to mountain huts.


7. Triglav National Park in Slovenia

Most Beautiful National Parks in Europe - Triglav National Park is Located in Slovenia Near Lake Bohinj

This park is the only national park in Slovenia and one of the most beautiful national parks in Europe. It’s another of those parks where you need to see it to believe it. The best here is to stay along the shores of beautiful Lake Bohinj or in one of the mountain rooms, where you’ll have the chance to enjoy your surroundings. In summer, tourists, as well as locals, head to the rivers in the park for water activities. Hiking is also famous here, and you can get great views from the peaks.

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