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Best Shops to Get Dessert in Berlin



Best Shops to Get Dessert in Berlin

Best Shops to Get Dessert in Berlin

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and as a result it’s a good place to eat high quality food. You can find the best shops to get dessert in Berlin. In this city, you will see many good dessert places to just grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the weather. Here are some of the best dessert berlin style for any tourists and new comers.



Brammibal’s Donuts

Best Shops to Get Dessert in Berlin - Brammibal's Donuts is Located Next To A Turkish Market

If you like to try donuts outside your home country then visit here. This shop is located next to the Turkish Market and it’s a great snack while shopping.


Wonder Waffel

Best Shops to Get Dessert in Berlin - Wonder Waffel is Perfect For Small Lunch As Well

They offer amazing waffles. Also, the staff are great and the food as well as coffee is incredible. This shop is perfect for dessert or a small lunch.


Du Bonheur

Germany Travel Tips - Du Bonheur is Where to Get French Patisserie in The City

This café is a real gem in Berlin and a must visit if you are in Berlin. The place is definitely inspired by a French patisserie and they have really nice decoration inside.


Konditorei Buchwald

Travel Guide Germany - Konditorei Buchwald Provides Best Dessert Berlin Way And Good Chocolate Too

This café is a wonderful place to get best dessert berlin way and to hang out and it is famous for its Baumkuchen and very delicious coffee. If you love to eat chocolate they way locals are producing it, then this the place to be.


Hokey Pokey

What to Do in Germany - Hokey Pokey is Famous For Their famous For Their Incredible Ice Cream

This place has number of spot for desserts in Berlin. They are also really famous for their absolutely incredible ice cream. You can choose from the wide range of toppings from chocolate and vanilla to exotic flavors in here.


Zeit fur Brot

Germany Travel Tips - Zeit fur Brot Offers Some of The Best Dessert Berlin Style

This place offers tasty and delicious breakfast as well as best dessert berlin style. Also, they provide free WiFi for tourists as well as visitors making it a wonderful place to work or study. in addition, the staff are great and their prices are really affordable.

For some savory taste, you can also checkout top BBQ shops in Berlin. These shops offer great quality beef, pork as well as chicken in barbeque or grill style. They usually cost slightly more, however, they are definitely worth a try if you are in this city.

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