Top Restaurants in Batman

Top Restaurants in Batman

Best Restaurants in Batman

Food in Batman, Turkey, is very similar to other cities in the country. Still, you can visit one of the top restaurants in Batman and have great quality food and desserts. The Turkish city of Batman has a small but unique dining scene offering food lovers the chance to try everything from traditional kebab recipes to authentic desserts. Here are a few choices of Batman’s best restaurants.



Petrol Café in Site Neighborhood

Turkey Food Guide - Petrol Café Serves Fantastic Kahvalti or Breakfast With Içli Köfte

Petrol Café is one of the restaurants in Batman offering fantastic kahvalti or breakfast. A wide range of savory dishes are served here, like içli köfte, böreği, Iskender kebab, as well as döner wraps. Also, they have breakfast and a new signature fish dish popping up each Monday. For desserts, they have cakes, sweets, and pastries, including homemade cookies as well as baklava.


Kent Café on Avukat Sedat Özevin Cd street

Top Restaurants in Batman - Kent Café is A Popular Spot Serving Turkish Food

Kent Café is a popular spot serving a range of Turkish and international food items. This place contains a beautiful garden with comfy sofas, ideal for a spot for relaxed dining. This Café has local desserts and more casual dishes like pizza or hamburger. Kent Café on Avukat Sedat Özevin Cd street is located accessible from Turgut Özal Bulvari.


Çömçe Et Lokantası The Oldest in The City

Batman Turkey Food Guide - Çömçe Et Lokantası Provides A Menu With Ezogelin And Adana Kebabs

Çömçe Et Lokantası is one of the most famous restaurants in Batman, Turkey. There’s no better place for meat lovers than here. It is good to know that this restaurant is considered one of the oldest places to eat Anatolian dishes in the city; also, for desserts, they offer künefe, which is a cheese-based pastry topped with ground pistachio nuts.


Yavuzlar Pastanesi on Mehmet Sincar Street

Batman Turkey Food Guide - Yavuzlar Pastanesi Offers Profiteroles, Baklava And Keşkül

This shop offers the best patisseries in Batman, Turkey. At first they used to serve simit, poğaça, as well as Yavuzlar Pastanesi. However, now they have other tasty food like profiteroles, baklava and keşkül.


Ali USTA Et Lokantası Steakhouse

Ali USTA Et Lokantası Steakhouse is one of best Restaurants in Batman for Meat Dishes

Another famous restaurants in Batman is Ali Usta Et Lokantası. Ali Usta Steakhouse, located in Batman Center, is quite popular. This restaurant tries to reflect the traditional Batman culture and lifestyle, which is quite successful. With its wide and spacious environment, Ali USTA Et Lokantası makes you feel at home. Thanks to its location, it can be easily reached by both private car and public transport. If you like Batman food, Ali Usta Meat Restaurant should be one of your first choices.


Cuma Usta in The center of The City

Cuma Usta in The center of The City and Suitable for having Pide and Kebabs

Cuma Usta restaurant, which operates in the central district of Batman, stands out with its crispy lahmacun. The restaurant takes great care to ensure that the products are fresh and that the guests meet with healthy meals. Pita with minced meat, lahmacun, mixed pide, and pide with sausage are among the most preferred items on the menu. Thanks to its easily accessible location along Toptancılar Street, you can easily go during the day.


Diyar Et Lokantası on Turgut Özal Boulevard

Diyar Et Lokantası on Turgut Özal Boulevard - Best Restaurants in Batman

Diyar Et Lokantasi assures its customers that the meals are always prepared with the freshest and best ingredients. The menu is quite rich, and master hands prepare each product. Meat and kebab varieties, which are indispensable for Turkish taste, are prepared for you every hour of the day. It can easily host its customers in both indoor and outdoor areas. This restaurant is located on Turgut Özal Boulevard, very close to Ataturk Avenue intersection.

Also, if you are in the Batman region, check out other attractions in Eastern Turkey. They generally include a lot of historical sights and buildings that are suitable for cultural enthusiasts. This will help you broaden your exposure to Turkish arts and its past.

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