Maybe you think that in the case of Southeast Asian tourist countries you have enough information. The special climate, the kind people, the good social structure and the beautiful scenery of these areas have made them a destination for tourists. However, this article will give you a different guide from Southeast Asia.


If you are looking for the best foods:


Best Southeast Asian Tourist Countries - Vietnam is A Country Full of Healthy Foods

Vietnam is a country full of healthy foods with lots of vegetables that rarely have fried ingredients inside or are being fried, and most importantly, all foods are flavored with fresh vegetables and spices. Be sure to try the Pho, Bánh mì as well as onion rolls.



Best Southeast Asian Tourist Countries - Thailand Has Food Like Pad Thai And Papaya Salad

For spicy and hot dishes one should visit Thailand. There is no surprise that Thai dishes are spoken all over the world. Be sure to try their street foods on a Thailand trip. Foods are delicious, freshly cooked and exotic. Be sure to try the fried rice, pad thai and papaya salad.



Top Asia Countries to Visit - Singapore is A Relatively Expensive Country to Visit

Singapore is a relatively expensive country. But if you use their food markets or street foods you can save a lot of money. You will miss the kindness and warmth of the people of this region and the taste of the food there will remain long in your memory. Make sure you don’t forget about chicken rice, chili crab as well as shrimp with noodles.


If you are looking for exotic destinations:


Top Asia Countries to Visit - Timor Has Architecture Belonging to The Portuguese Colonial Period

You have no easy way to get here because you only have to fly through Singapore, Indonesia or Australia to get to this country. You can enjoy the architecture belonging to the Portuguese colonial period and experience the underwater diving of the ocean. They even have a Christ statue just like Rio de Janeiro.



Top Asia Countries to Visit - Brunei Has Full Name of Brunei Darussalam With Capital of Bandar Seri Begawan

The country’s full name is Brunei Darussalam. In the true sense of the word, it is the place of peace loving inhabitants. Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital of this wonderful country. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re the only traveler in the country. However, exploring and visiting the waterways and rural as well as urban waterways of Kampong Ayer or visiting the Ulu Temburong National Park makes your leaves you breathless.


If you are looking for interesting temples:


Top Asia Countries to Visit - Cambodia Offers Angkor Temple That is Huge And Complex

Two words can summarize the whole journey: Angkor Temple. Seeing Angkor’s huge and complex temple is has the same merit of seeing in the whole of Southeast Asia. Be sure to plan a visit to the temple to watch the sunrise from behind the temple. Besides this temple, in other cities there are dozens of attractive temples to visit that we recommend you not to miss them.



Myanmar Has Many Temples Each With its Own History And Destiny. - Top Asia Countries to Visit

If you have never heard of the name “Bagan” then you may not need to set up a itinerary to see thousands of temples across the vast country of Myanmar. Each of these temples has its own history and destiny. A hot-air balloon that gives you a tour of all of these areas can be enjoyable, exciting and memorable. You may also think that you are experiencing out of this world beauty by visiting Bagan.

If you want to visit other exciting temples around the world and enjoy their beauty, then you can do so by reading about them in our page and plan your trip more carefully.