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Poipu Beaches; Dreamy Destinations in Hawaii

Poipu Beaches; Dreamy Destinations in Hawaii

Best Poipu Beaches

Poipu beaches are amongst some of the most beautiful in the state of Hawaii and even in the whole US. The word Popu translates crashing waves, and you visit here if you travel to Kauaʻi County. Its geographical location, bordering both Famous Koloa and the Pacific Ocean, makes it a perfect location for windsurfing and sunbathing.



Shipwreck Beach with Strong Winds for Windsurfers

Poipu Beaches; Dreamy Destinations in Hawaii - Shipwreck Beach Got its Name From A Wreckage of An Old Ship

Shipwreck Beach is one of the most iconic Poipu beaches that got its name from the wreckage of an old ship that sunk and was stranded nearby. The body of that ship has disappeared; however, the name remains the same. Because of strong winds, this location is perfect for surfers, boarders, and experienced windsurfers. Sunbeds, restrooms, and car parks are at the back of the beach for travelers comfort.


Kukuiʻula Harbor Beach Perfect for Family Gatherings

Kukuiʻula Harbor Beach is Perfect For Family Gatherings - Poipu Beaches; Dreamy Destinations in Hawaii

One of the best locations for surfers is Kukuiʻula Harbor Beach. Also, this beach is perfect for family gatherings and enjoying the view of the sea and lush greens on the side. Moreover, yachts are always coming here to rest, and still, this beach is not very crowded.


Waiohai Beach belonging to Marriott Vacation Club Hotel

What to Do in Hawaii - Waiohai Beach Belongs to The Marriott's Hotel in Hawaii

Waiohai Beach is one of those private Poipu beaches that you need to be in the nearby residency to access them. This beach belongs to the Marriott’s hotel, and while you stay there, you can enjoy all the available amenities there. Moreover, the beach is super clean and well-maintained all the time, with great fine sand and tables where you can dine and watch the sunset from there.


Baby Beach Suitable for Children

Baby Beach is Suitable For Children And Kids Can Observe Sea Life - What to Do in Hawaii

Baby Beach has its name because it is both small and it is very safe for babies to enjoy playing with water. This beach is just a few minutes away from Poipu Beach Park and offers great educational services to youngsters. In fact, kids can observe sea life, watch videos about their lives and get educated about them in the wildlife area nearby. The Baby Beach is a perfect location for families with children that want them to become acquainted with sea and beach activities.


Poipu Beach Park Best for Swimmers

Poipu Beaches; Dreamy Destinations in Hawaii - Poipu Beach Park is Shaped Like A Crescent With Clear Waters

Poipu Beach Park is one of the most widely known Poipu beaches and one of the best beaches in the USA. This beach is shaped like a crescent, and its crystal-clear waters attract both locals and foreigners alike. Some activities you can do here include surfing, snorkeling, and fishing. The good thing about here is that lifeguards always attend to safeguard swimmers. Also, there are toilets, picnic tables, and showers to help you enjoy this beach to the fullest. Moreover, if you happen to travel here from April to December, there is a good chance that you will see humpback whales from afar.


Mahaulepu Beach Southeast of island of Kauai

Poipu Beaches; Dreamy Destinations in Hawaii - Mahaulepu Beach Contains Gillin’s & Haula Beaches

Mahaulepu Beach consists of three main smaller beaches. When you look at the west side, you will see Gillin’s & Haula Beaches. In the middle, then, you will see Kawailoa Bay as well. If you feel like walking along this fantastic location, you will encounter sandstone cliffs, blow holes, lava tubes, as well as a few coves. Due to the availability of a long sandy trail here, you can enjoy walking, resting, or sunbathing there. It is good to know that the waves here are rough, and surfing or swimming should be cautiously exercised.


Allerton’s Beach located Beside the Lāwaʻi Bay

What to Do in Hawaii - Allerton’s Beach is Located Near McBryde & Allerton Gardens

Allerton’s Beach is one of those Poipu beaches that is mostly secluded, and it is not very busy with visitors. Some parts of this beach belong to private property, and getting here is a bit of a hassle. You can reach here by kayak from Kukui’ula Harbor, which is one the east of this beach. This beach has changed hands and used to be a vacation place for royalty. Now, McBryde & Allerton Gardens is here, and you get to see a beautiful and picturesque view from here. If you are interested, a guided tour will bring you through this masterpiece of location to explore the bio-diversity of the garden.

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