The Best Bali Hotels in Indonesia

The Best Bali Hotels in Indonesia

Famous Bali Hotels in Indonesia

Even though there are many Bali hotels available on the island, Bali resorts are amongst the most beautiful places you can visit and have a luxurious stay. The place you stay is one of the most important parts of any trip, and if the accommodation is not ideal, even the best tourist attractions can provide the perfect travel experience.

Whenever there is a holiday, many people think about traveling so that they can get out of their routine and boost their energy and spirits; maybe think of foreign travel and look for available options. No matter which city you choose, Bali has always been one of the best tourist destinations for a vacation.

Moreover, if you are staying in hotels, you might check out the top 5 beach bars in Bali for your nightlife activities. These bars offer great beach music and the drinks are well prepared, and the crowd is always enjoying the vibe there.

Tanah Gajah (The Chedi Club Ubud) in Kemenuh Village

The Best Bali Hotels in Indonesia - Tanah Gajah is Formerly Known As The Chedi Club Ubud

Tanah Gajah, formerly famous as The Chedi Club Ubud, is one of the best Bali hotels in the region. You can find this hotel three kilometers from the village of Ubud, surrounded by paddy fields and rice fields. Also, you can swim in the hotel’s large swimming pool and enjoy the relaxing countryside. Free yoga classes are available at the hotel every day. Also, you can take a group stroll around the beautiful paddy fields every morning. The hotel serves Indonesian and Western cuisine, all of which use fresh ingredients and are served in the garden next to the hotel. In this hotel, your room is beside the paddocks and the sea, immersed in the beautiful nature surrounding the hotel.


Amandari Hotel located in Ubud

Indonesia Travel Tips - Amandari Ubud Has Beautiful Gardens All Over The Place

The Amandari Ubud Hotel has beautiful gardens all over the place. The gardens and green areas of this hotel are beautiful and eye-catching, where all the plants are planted in great detail. The hotel not only has a beautiful landscape of rice paddies but also a beautiful view of the Ayung River. The beauty and tranquility of the hotel, along with the kind staff who are always ready to assist the guests, make this place the top Bali hotels in Indonesia.


Bulgari Resort Bali in Badung Regency

Top Bali Resorts For Tourists - Bulgari Resort Bali is Located on Top of The Rocky Hills

Bulgari Resort Bali is on top of the rocky hills. It has a beautiful sea view on one side and a green forest on the other. At the bottom of the cliff, a dedicated sandy beach awaits the guests to immerse themselves in watching the surrounding beauty. This place is one of the most beautiful Bali resorts, which combines Italian elegance and Bali architecture to create a comfortable and personal villa.


Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort with View of the Sea

Top Bali Resorts For Tourists - Jumana Bali Ungasan Resort Has Stunning Ocean Views

Situated on top of rocky cliffs, it is one of the top Bali resorts in the area. This hotel boasts stunning ocean views, villas with large rooms, private gardens, and marble baths. The interesting point of this hotel is its seafood restaurant. Also, Moroccan cuisine is served here as well.


Amankila located in Manggis

Indonesia Travel Tips - Amankila Has Three Beautiful Pools Facing The Sea

Hotel Amankila is also another one of the good Bali hotels that has three beautiful pools on three different platforms. The good thing here is that all pools are facing the sea. This hotel is very romantic and offers special services to guests to create unforgettable moments for them. Also, most suites have private pools to protect guests’ privacy.


Best Bali Resorts for Families

Those who travel with their family members and kids might want to know if there is a specific area where they should reside and where they can find the best resorts for families, and that area is primarily NUSA DUA. However, many of these luxury residencies scattered across the island have amenities to accommodate all members of the family, including shallow pools and kid’s playgrounds.

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