10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy

Best Lakes in Italy

From the time of the peak of the Roman Empire until today, tourists and travelers are attracted to the top 10 most beautiful lakes in Italy. Therefore, these lakes are still good reasons to visit while in Italy. Moreover, these lakes, many of which are located in the mountains of northern Italy, make beautiful postcard photos.

If you are traveling to Italy, you also need to visit Rome best attractions after going to these lakes. Rome has a lot to offer, and you can see many natural attractions and tourist spots which compete with these beautiful lakes in terms of beauty.


1. Lake Bolsena part of Bisentia Island

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy - Lake Bolsena A beautiful Lake With Volcanic View

You can stay here forever as you stand on the hills overlooking Lake Bolsena. Also, you will see the beautiful view of this central lake of Italy. This large lake has several islands, the largest of which is Bisentia Island, with Etruscan ruins and beautiful churches.

If you look at the shores of this lake, you will see the black sand of the existing volcano in a volcanic crater here. Lake Bolsena is a good place for swimming, fishing, and bird watching. If you drive from Rome to Tuscany, the lake is a good stopping point for relaxation.


2. Lago di Ledro Located in in Trentino

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy - Lago Di Ledro A Beautiful Scenary in Trentino Region

Lago di Ledro is not one of the largest lakes in Italy, but what is not lacking is the beautiful scenery. This mountain lake in the Trentino region is surrounded by forests, and crystal clear waters, making it one of the cleanest areas in Trentino.

The water is warm enough in summer and suitable for swimming and boating. Also, mountain biking is possible around the lake for tourists. The lake is famous for its archaeological locations, including bronze houses. Moreover, some of these findings indicate that a water dam was built here when the water level was low.


3. Lake Lugano between Italy and Switzerland

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy - Lake Lugano A Good Place For Fishing

Lake Lugano is located between Italy and Switzerland. With the Alps spread towards the shore, the lake attracts tourists in massive numbers. Also, a Glacial lake has been formed in some places over this lake. Moreover, Lake Lugano is so beautiful, no matter how and where you look. Also, you can go boating on the lake or go on a fancy mountaineering trip on the mountain next to this lake. This lake is a good place for fishing, too, and you can look for fossils in Monte San Giorgio.


4. Lago Trasimeno in Perugia Province

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy - Lago Trasimeno A Shallow Lake With Vineyards

Lago Trasimeno in the central part of Italy, in Perugia province, has a few things in common with the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Both of these lakes bring water in, but no water leaves them. Both are salty, though Lago Trasimeno is not as salty as the one in Utah. This lake is a shallow Lake (about 16 feet deep) and very muddy.

Hannibal defeated the Roman army in this region in 217 BC. The fish festival in September attracts tourists to this spot, and locals cook a lot of fish in large pans at this festival. Agricultural lands, including vineyards and olive trees, surround Lago Trasimeno making this place even more beautiful.


5. Lake Bracciano in Lazio Region

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy - Lake Bracciano A Great Location For Diving

Lake Bracciano, in the Lazio region, attracts water sports enthusiasts from all over the world. This place is another one of the great lakes in Italy for diving, fishing, boating, yachting as well as swimming. Seaboats are allowed over this lake; however, only four passengers are allowed onboard.

Also, Lake Bracciano is surrounded by a park and offers a variety of outdoor activities. Due to its proximity to the Italian capital, it takes a day from Rome to reach this lake. The lake is formed by volcanic activity, and the lake’s water is a reservoir for Rome’s drinking water.


6. Lake Iseo Famous as Sebino

Europe Travel Tips - Lake Iseo is A Popular Place to Visit Medieval Cities of The Country

Northern Italy is a popular place to visit medieval cities of the country. Visiting Lake Iseo can be a good activity for relaxation. Lake Iseo, famous as Sebino, surrounded by vineyards and forests, is a hidden lake among other lakes in Italy. This lake resembles its older sister, Lake Como. You can take a motorboat ride to Monte Isola, the largest southern European island.


7. Lake Orta With a Beautiful View

Lake Orta is A Perfect Place For A Calm And Romantic Walk - Europe Travel Tips

Novelists, from Honoré de Balzac and Robert Browning to modern writers, place Lake Erutia among the northern lakes in Italy. The view of the lake is very beautiful. The island is a perfect place for a calm and romantic walk. Be sure to visit the colorful markets and 12th-century basilica. If you are looking for peace, take refuge in the forests and mountains nearby Lake Orta.


8. Lake Maggiore near The Alps

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy - Lake Maggiore is on The Borders Between Italy and Switzerland

Lake Maggiore is another one of the lakes in Italy and Switzerland that forms on the border between the two countries. Italy’s second lake, Maggiore, which means “Great Lake” in Italian, is located in the southern part of the Alps. The lake has a Mediterranean climate that promotes the growth of exotic plants. The lake becomes ever more beautiful when the flowers bloom on the hill. The best place to see the lake, which is 64 km long, as well as its islands, is by using a cable car. Also, you can have a recreational cruise on the lake or even a bike ride around here.


9. Lake Garda in Northern Italy

Europe Travel Tips - Lake Garda is Created by Glaciers And A Suitable Location For The Ultimate Vacation

Lake Garda is created by glaciers and is the largest among the lakes in Italy. This beautiful lake, which is surrounded by mountains, is a suitable and popular location for the ultimate vacation. The lake includes several islands, including the Isola del Garda, where St. Francis of Assisi founded a monastery in 1220 A.D.

The lake itself has somewhat deep waters; therefore, traveling between cities on the lake is by boat and ship. Orange and lemon trees, as well as olive trees, can be seen on the beaches here, creating a beautiful landscape. This lake is a good place for cycling, boating, and surfing.


10. Lake Como in Lombardy Region

10 Most Beautiful Lakes in Italy - Lake Como is Where Celebrities Spend Their Holidays Along This Lake

If you want to visit celebrities, Lake Como is the place to be, which is in the Lombardy region. Lake Como is one of the most famous lakes in Italy for the people of Rome and foreigners. Many celebrities spend their holidays along the lake. However, if you are interested in seeing the lake, you should know that it is one of the deepest lakes in Europe, 400 meters deep. Moreover, travelers mostly come to this area for the beautiful view of the lake.

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