Top Stuttgart Cafes For Coffee Lovers

Top Stuttgart Cafes For Coffee Lovers

Best of Stuttgart Cafes

If you are looking for some of the best Stuttgart cafes, then you are in the right place. The ones listed here are some of the best cafes in Stuttgart, offering a wide range of drinks and pastries. When selecting these cafés, the focus was on the ones that stand for having excellent coffee. In these cafés, you can have fun and enjoy a really good coffee in Stuttgart.


Café DA near Olgaeck Subway Station

Top Stuttgart Cafes For Coffee Lovers - Café DA is Where You Can Get Delicious Drinks

Café DA is amongst the good Stuttgart cafes where you can get delicious drinks, cakes, or hearty dishes that are carefully selected and perfected. The interior here is clean and bright and has an open space. Moreover, they have an endless choice here, from filtered coffee to exquisite cappuccinos. Organic green teas from Japan are served in traditional Japanese pots. Smoothies shakes, and craft beer, as well as wine, complete the offer and leave nothing to be desired. This cafe is located at Brennerstraße 29 near Olgaeck Subway Station.


Harry´s Kaffeerösterei near Rathaus Station

Harry´s Kaffeerösterei is Located At The Heart of Rathaus - Travel Guide Germany

At the heart of Rathaus, you will find Harry´s Kaffeerösterei. They offer over 50 types of coffee that are roasted in-house, thus creating a coffee smell in the shop. Also, there is a wide selection of special chocolates, truffles, and refined pastries here as well. Both coffee beans and the appropriate equipment can be purchased in the store and in their online shop. Coffee training courses are also part of the program in Harry´s Kaffeerösterei. Head to Eberhardstraße 10 to find Harry´s Kaffeerösterei, and the nearest subway station is Rathaus.


Mertens located on Senefelderstraße Street

Mertens Looks Harmonious And Very Inviting - Top Stuttgart Cafes For Coffee Lovers

The café Mertens is located in the west of Stuttgart. With mint green walls and accents in the same color, everything looks harmonious and inviting. The coffee beans here come from the Hagen roastery in Heilbronn, and the beans can also be bought directly in the shop if you like. It is one of the best Stuttgart cafes for those who want to try unique coffee flavors and enjoy the city. The Mertens location is at Senefelderstraße 67, very close to Schloss-/Johannesstraße station.


Condesa in Marienplatz

Top Stuttgart Cafes For Coffee Lovers - Condesa Has Opened in August 2014

Opened in August 2014, the café was actually planned as a pop-up concept. The Condesa is now one of the South’s classics and offers a good time to a wide audience. The Condesa recipe for success is that you can get the best snacks and drinks all day long. At the Condesa, you can start the day early with a good coffee and a croissant. At lunchtime, there are freshly filled bagels and homemade limos. Moreover, you can treat yourself to a piece of cake or strudel in the afternoon.


Mókuska Kaffeerösterei a Hungarian Café

Mókuska Kaffeerösterei Roast the Beans Here Themselves - Travel Guide Germany

It is good to know that Mókuska means squirrel in Hungarian. Mókuska Caffè is one of the top Stuttgart cafes for recreating cute animals’ faces over your coffee. They roast the beans here themselves and have a wide range of flavors as well. The specialty coffee beans here generally come from India, Africa, South, North, and Central America. There are around seven different roasts for filter coffee and two for espresso in Mókuska Kaffeerösterei. This includes the constant house blend and a changing single-origin espresso so that you can always discover new things and find your personal favorite.


Café Galao near Marienplatz

Top Stuttgart Cafes For Coffee Lovers - Café Galao is Really A Place Worth Visiting

The Café Galao is really a place worth visiting. It is a coffee house in the South of Stuttgart, near Marienplatz, where you can sit here at small, individual tables in their cozy sitting areas. Outside, there are also some seats covered with fur in case the weather should get colder. The menu here shows you a mix of delicious dishes that range from Thai to German. Also, you can drink lots of coffee, elderflower, delicious lemonade, and well-known local classics. It is definitely one of the best fun places in Stuttgart that you should visit for both coffee and company.

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