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Top Coffee Shops in Kigali Rwanda



Top Coffee Shops in Kigali Rwanda

Best Coffee Shops in Kigali

Most of the coffee shops in Kigali sourced their incredible coffee beans from local Rwandan farmers and producers. This single source coffee bean provides cheaper price for these shops and ensure all the funds are distributed to farmers fairly. This is why Kigali in Rwanda is a perfect place for coffee connoisseurs and those want premium flavors not found in other locations in Africa.


Inzora Rooftop Café inside The Ikirezi Bookstore

Inzora Rooftop Café is Located Inside The Ikirezi Bookstore - Top Coffee Shops in Kigali Rwanda

Inzora Rooftop Café is located inside the Ikirezi Bookstore. What makes this café an interesting location is its picturesque and panoramic view and their coffee as well as their café food. They source their beans from locally produced Rwanda Trading Company where most of the beans then roasted to medium or dark flavor. Some of the desserts you can order here include spiced oat gooseberry cookie as well as some tasty brownies which are made by local ingredients. There is a Wi-Fi service here as well where you can access it both indoors and outdoors.


Question Coffee Gishushu near Gishushu Bus Stop

Travel Guide Rwanda - Question Coffee Gishushu is Cloe to Gishushu Guesthouse

Question Coffee Gishushu is another one of Coffee Shops in Kigali which offers quality coffee, food and pastries. Other than coffee you can even get their packed beans which are sourced from sustainable farms and local farmers. The coffee experience here included farm tours and visits to dry zone to get to know more where you coffee comes from. if you reside in Gishushu guesthouse, then this café is just a few minutes walk away at 8 KG 8 Avenue.


Kivu Noir near M Hotel

Top Coffee Shops in Kigali Rwanda - Kivu Noir is Very Close to Moshions Clothing Store

For those who are interesting the top of the line coffee in this city, Kivu Noir is the café they should visit. It is one of the best Coffee Shops in Kigali for coffee lovers. They use the purest form of Rwandan coffee. It is famous as single estate Red Bourbon Arabica beans which is very rich in flavor. All the beans are hand-picked ensuring the quality, and the farmers are treated very well and the company is under the Fair Trade certification. Since Kivu Noir uses premium coffee their prices are higher than other stores. This shop is very close to Moshions clothing store.


Indabo Café Very close to Stipp Hotel

Indabo Café is Across From Stipp Hotel- Top Coffee Shops in Kigali Rwanda

If you like to enjoy drinking you coffee in a beautiful garden, Indabo Café offers this experience at reasonable prices. You can find Indabo Café across from Stipp Hotel. Other than offer they have great selection of delicious food offering which chicken waffles and brunch deals are the stars of that menu. Overall, the atmosphere here is very relaxing and the staff are very welcoming. Also, you can access the provided Wi-Fi here if you need to get your work done.


Imani Coffee close to Hotel Villa Portofino

Imani Coffee is Very Close to The Country Inn Hotel - Travel Guide Rwanda

Similar to Inzora Rooftop Café, Imani Coffee is located in a book store. This is a place with a great view o the greenery outside. Located very close to The Country Inn Hotel, Hotel Villa Portofino and Woodlands Supermarket this is one of great coffee shops in Kigali to spend the evening drinking delicious coffee. Also, they source their beans from local famers and also use fresh ingredients in making their cakes and pastries. Make sure to give their chocolate cake a try since it goes well with their dark coffee.


Pedro’s Coffee inside Special Economic Zone

Top Coffee Shops in Kigali Rwanda - Pedro's Coffee is in the Kigali Special Economic Zone

Pedro’s Coffee uses hand roasting method for their single origin coffee beans. This ensures great flavors and aroma which is distinctive to this coffee shop. The name of this coffee shop belong to the name of their founder who helped bring Rwandan coffee industry into modern age. In fact, the Pedro’s Coffee installed the first Drive-thru coffee delivery in this city. You can find this café in the Kigali Special Economic Zone near Volkswagen dealership.

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