Best Winter Activities in Istanbul

Best winter activities in Istanbul

Winter Activities in Istanbul

Many people do not consider winter to be a good season to travel; however, you can still get the best winter activities in Istanbul if you are willing to go to this city during winter time. Due to the fact that winter is a difficult season to travel in many countries and tourist cities, the governments of these countries try to keep their tourism industry alive by providing suitable conditions and entertainment that is in line with this season.

Also, wintertime is known as the low season as well, making many of the mentioned winter activities in Istanbul cost you a lot less in comparison to the summer season. Traveling to Istanbul in the winter is the only time you can walk the streets and museums of Istanbul in peace because, with the cold weather, there are fewer tourists around.



Visiting Topkapı Palace in Fatih Distrct

Best Winter Activities in Istanbul - Visiting Topkapı Palace Was The Courtyard of The Ottoman Kings

This palace is one of the most visited places in Turkey, as well as in wintertime. You may think that during this winter visit, you will miss walking in the beautiful courtyard of the Ottoman Kings, but you should also note that you no longer have to stand in long queues to enter this palace. Topkapi has its own beauty in winter, especially if it is snowing.


Drinking Sahlep in Traditional Hotels

Best Winter Activities in Istanbul - Drinking Sahlep in Traditional Hotels Which is One of Most Popular Turkish Drinks in Winter

There is a traditional Turkish drink called Sahlep, which is made from certain types of orchid pants and is a combination of milk and powdered seeds. Sahlep is one of the most popular Turkish drinks in winter, which is served with cinnamon and has a sweet and hearty taste in cold weather. Note that drinking Sahlep is one of the winter activities in Istanbul that can make your trip attractive and memorable.


Turkish Bath in Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamami

Best Winter Activities in Istanbul - Turkish bath in Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamami Which Are Traditional Turkish Bath

One of the most famous attractions you can visit in Istanbul is the traditional Turkish baths, which are among the most popular in the collection of winter activities in Istanbul. One of the best Turkish baths is the Kılıç Ali Paşa Hamami, which was built in a mosque of the same name by order of Ali Pasha, one of the Turkish sailors, by an architect named Mimar Sinan in the 16th century. This mosque is also a collection of seminaries, tombs, schools, and, finally, a Turkish bath. This bath is the best bath of its kind in Istanbul. If you are looking to release some tension, try this bath.


Eating Seafood in Bebek Balıkçı Restaurant

Best Winter Activities in Istanbul - Eating seafood in Bebek Balıkçı in Bebek Neighborhood

Well, let’s get to the delicious part of the trip to Istanbul, where you can eat fish in the Bebek neighborhood. Be sure to go to the seaside and ask the fishermen who are there to catch you a fish. Also, you can cook this fish right there, and you will definitely never forget this pleasure when traveling to Istanbul. It is good to know that there is a special type of fish that lives only in the Sea of ​​Marmara, and fortunately, the time to catch these fish is exactly in winter. Look for Palamut fish on the restaurant’s menu. The best way to cook this dish is to grill and then fry.


Shopping in The Grand Bazaar

What to Do in Turkey - Shopping in Grand Bazaar For Buying Jewelry

It is suggested that you take yourself to the Istanbul market and then get lost exploring it. Every corner of this market is a world of surprises and goods that you can buy at very reasonable prices. The market consists of a number of narrow and covered pathways, the main part of which is related to the stores for selling jewelry, carpets, traditional objects, as well as leather products. You will see about 60 streets and about 5,000 stores and shops, with more than 60 restaurants and 12 mosques. The bustle of the Grand Bazaar is permanent, but in the winter, you will definitely experience more enjoyable moments.


Visiting The Galata Tower

What to Do in Turkey - Visiting the Galata Tower One of Symbols of Istanbul

One of the symbols of Istanbul is the Galata Tower. Visiting it can be considered one of the most exciting winter activities in Istanbul. The best time to visit this tower is around sunset. The eye will see the beautiful size of the sunset and the reflection of light from the snow and the Bosporus Bridge. Also, there is a restaurant in the tower where you can enjoy Turkish food from Istanbul.


Enjoying Istanbul Winter Shopping Sales

What to Do in Turkey - Istanbul winter shopping sales For Famous Brands

In the winter, there are exceptional sales in Istanbul that attract many tourists from all over the world. During New Year’s Eve, you will see big auctions of famous brands in the winter in the shopping malls in Istanbul. It is good to know that if you are planning to make a trip, plan your trip to Istanbul in February and enjoy the unique discounts of the big shopping centers of this city. Shopping is not only one of the most popular winter activities in Istanbul, but it is attractive in all seasons. However, the difference is that this season the prices are lower.

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