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Top Tehran Hotels For Tourists



Top Tehran Hotels For Tourists

Best of Tehran Hotels

For foreigners, Tehran hotels might be not as busy as other hotels they have been to. However, when you enter any of these best hotels in Tehran, you will receive great reception and the service is comparable with many high end residencies around the world. The city of Tehran, as the capital of Iran, receives many travelers annually from many parts of the world. This attractive and unique capital has many accommodation options but there are few that cater to international tourists.


Espinas Palace Hotel Belonging to Espinas Group

Top Tehran Hotels For Tourists - Espinas Palace Hotel is Located on The High Hills of Saadatabad

The five-star Espinas Palace Hotel is the most stylish and largest amongst Tehran hotels with modern and unique architecture. The location of this hotel is in the best area of ​​Tehran, on the high hills of Saadatabad. This hotel is one of the two from the Espinas Group. The hotel has 20 floors with 400 rooms as well as luxury suites with excellent interior design, equipped with all amenities. Other hotel facilities include several conference rooms, a sports complex, several restaurants offering French, Thai, Mediterranean and traditional cuisines and a tennis court.


Parsian Esteghlal Hotel nearby Tehran International Exhibition Center

Top Tehran Hotels For Tourists - Parsian Esteghlal Hotel is Near Niavaran Palace And Shopping Malls

Parsian Esteghlal Hotel or former Royal Hilton Hotel has two towers. One is the newly east tower and the other one is west block which is much older. Other than being the largest international hotel in Tehran, having a premium location and convenient facilities make it as one of the best hotels in Tehran as well. By staying here you are in the proximity of Tochal Sports and Recreation Complex, Niavaran Palace, and shopping malls. Also, you can visit the beautiful Valiasr Street and nearby Tehran International Exhibition Center.


Homa Hotel located in Valiasr Street

Best Hotels in Tehran For Travelers - Homa Hotel Tehran is Located in Valiasr Street

The five-star Homa Hotel is a magnificent residency in the heart of the capital. This is another one of major Tehran hotels which you can find in Valiasr Street. The prime location of this hotel will give you easy access to important economic, political, cultural, historical attractions as well as access to major highways.


Parsian Evin Hotel a Nice Four-Star Residency

Iran Travel Tips - Parsian Evin Hotel is A Four-Star Residency Near Chamran Highway

Parsian Evin Hotel is a four-star residency and one of the best hotels in Tehran for those who want relaxation. You can access here in a pleasant location away from pollution near the oldest expressway in the city, Chamran Highway. Access to the airport, the city center, the international exhibition the city in the shortest possible time is a valuable and unique feature of this hotel.


Persian Plaza Hotel on North Sohrevardi Street

Iran Travel Tips - Persian Plaza Hotel is One of The Most Luxurious Places to Stay

Persian Plaza 5-star hotel is one of the most luxurious when it comes to Tehran hotels. With its numerous amenities, staying here will be a memorable and comfortable experience. Moreover, Persian Plaza Hotel is located in the heart of Tehran, on North Sohrevardi Street in Tehran. Persian Plaza 5-star hotel with its unique architecture, shows a homogeneous and beautiful combination of Iranian and modern architecture of today’s world.


Wisteria Hotel in the North of The City

Best Hotels in Tehran For Travelers - Wisteria Hotel is A Relatively New Five-star International Hotel

Wisteria Hotel is a relatively new five-star international hotel. However, with 98its rooms and suites, it is fast becoming one of best hotels in Tehran for those who seek a luxurious stay. The location of this hotel is in the north of Tehran, in the highest point of the city. Also, it has access to many beautiful tourist attractions, prime commercial and entertainment centers as well as hiking trails and museums.


Tehran Grand Hotel a $-Star Luxury Residency

Top Tehran Hotels For Tourists - Tehran Grand Hotel is Near Valiasr Street

Tehran Grand Hotel is one of the best 4-star Tehran hotels with lots of character and history, which also has another branch in the city. Also, Tehran Grand Hotel is located at the intersection of Motahhari St. and Valiasr St. Its location access to museums, parks, historic buildings and much more. This large hotel has 228 rooms in 10 floors. In these rooms, there are many amenities to ensure comfort of both local and international guests. It is good to know that all hotel rooms come with a private balcony.


Best Hotels in Tehran

Some of the best hotels in Tehran are located in the center of the city and are establishments that have been there for decades. But, there are newer ones are appearing, more in the look of boutique hotel. Furthermore, Iran has other famous cities like Mashhad. The city of Mashhad is very vast and it offers a lot from religious shrines to very unique cuisine. Check out the best hotels in Mashhad to know where to stay to have easier access to city’s main touristic sights.

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