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Best Renaissance Festivals in USA

Best Renaissance Festivals in USA

List of Best Renaissance Festivals in USA

Renaissance festivals and Renaissance fairs have gained popularity in recent years. These festivals are perfect gateways for individuals who want to have some good times and see meet other people as well. Sometimes, they are a pathway to rekindle human emotions which have been hidden through living the city life. Since many of these festivals are in open spaces, you really get to enjoy nature and experience century-old music and artwork. In this article, you get to know some of the best Renaissance festivals in the United States that offer a great ambiance for those who love to see a modern twist of medieval times.


Texas Festival in Todd Mission

Best Renaissance Festivals in USA - Texas Renaissance Festival Operates Since 1974

Texas Ren Festival is the biggest of the top Renaissance fairs in the country. They have been giving amazing times to enthusiasts since 1974. This is a large area, approximately 70 acres. The price here varies depending on the type of festival. The general prices are around $13 to $30 in most cases. If you are planning to bring children along, it is good o know that if they are 12 or below that age, they get to enjoy half-price tickets on Saturdays and free-of-charge admissions on Sundays.

In general, it is a family-friendly place. You can be sure that safety and providing happiness are the organizers top priorities. Some of the main activities here include King’s Feast, Scape Room, and some tea or Bourbon tasting activities here. As the sun sets, you can make bonfires, listen to night music, and other performances.


Ohio Renaissance Festival in Harveysburg

Ohio Renaissance Faire is Located in The Village of Harveysburg

Located in the village of Harveysburg, in Warren County, Ohio Festival is another one of the recent Renaissance festivals that has gained traction by its amazing events and its beautiful scenery. The main performances comprise 4 categories of action, comedy, acrobatics, and comedy. Aside from shows, they offer a wide range of other activities.

You can partake in their games and available rides as well here. Try archery, axe, and knife-throwing contexts to assess your aim. Also, ride on their famous Sea Dragon and Ship Swings to get more adrenaline rush. Some of these activities are dedicated to children here. As for the price, the season ticket will cost you around $60; however, for a day visit, expect to pay around $20. Children’s admission fee is generally half the price of an adult ticket.


Bristol Renaissance Faire in Kenosha Wisconsin

Bristol Renaissance Faire is Located in Kenosha County in Wisconsin - Top Renaissance Fairs in USA

Bristol Ren Faire is located in Kenosha County, Wisconsin. It is truly one of the most famous renaissance festivals in the country. There are hundreds of shows involving acrobats, musicians, and comedians operating from 16 different performance areas here. As for the accommodation, if you are visiting from out of state, you can reside in DoubleTree by Hilton, which is the closest hotel to this fair. The admission price is $26 for a day, children half the price, and the seasonal pass will cost you $160 for all ages.


The New York Renaissance Faire at Tuxedo Park

Top Renaissance Fairs in USA - The New York Renaissance Faire Has Amazing Pub Crawl

This New York show is truly one of the more joyful renaissance festivals. It has all the characteristics of a good fair, like a fantastic pub crawl, beautiful natural gardens, skilled performers, and, most important of all interesting crowd. The main theme resembles a 16th-century English village where you get to see pirates and fairies and see masterful artisans at work making beautiful artifacts. Even though New York state is famous for being pricy, the admission fee is reasonably priced at $30, and the full season pass costs around $180.


Maryland Renaissance Festival in Crownsville

Best Renaissance Festivals in USA - Maryland Renaissance Festival has A 27 Hectares of Area

Amongst the biggest Renaissance fairs accommodating 27 hectares of area in Crownsville, Maryland, Ren Festival is a place to be. The main part of this festival is the horse riding and the numerous artisans creating unique crafts you can purchase. The pricing for this fair is divided into 2 phases. One is from late August to mid-September, costing you $21, and the other is from mid-September to late October for $28.


Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire in Lancaster County

Top Renaissance Fairs in USA - Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is in Manheim

Pennsylvania offers two separate renaissance festivals; one of them takes place in West Newton and the other in Manheim. From Aug 21st until Oct 31st, Pennsylvania Faire has many interesting shows to offer to enthusiastic crowds. It is a more quiet fair in comparison to the Pittsburgh fair in West Newton town. If you happen to be in Pennsylvania, try visiting both. These fairs each have something to offer to both adults and children.


Carolina Ren Festival in Huntersville

Carolina Renaissance Festival is A 16th Century European Themed Fair - Top Renaissance Fairs in USA

Carolina Ren Festival is perhaps one of the longest-running renaissance fairs in the country. This is a 16th-century European-themed fair. It runs for 7 weeks straight in a 25 acres area from October 2nd to November 21st. One of the only caveats here is that you cannot bring your pet inside the fair. A day pass ticket will cost you less than $30; however, if you want to attend most of the events, you can expect to pay up to $160.

This is a glamorous fair and has a lot to offer for the price you are paying. The knight battles, the carefully crafted clothes, and the beautiful medical houses will definitely amaze you here. Next time you are in North Carolina in that time frame, head to Huntersville to attend a once-in-a-lifetime event of Carolina Renaissance Festivals; you will not regret it, especially after watching its royal falcon show and amazing southern hospitality.


Georgia Ren Festival close to Fairburn

Georgia Ren Festival Operates Through April 9 thru May 30 - Medieval Fairs

Through April 9 thru May 30 one of the top southeastern renaissance festivals comes to life. In Fairburn City, just the second driveway on the right when approaching west on Highway 74 is the entrance to this happy place. This festival is big on cosplay, and you will see many dressed for the occasion. This is recommended place for kids and people eager to spend some money to buy from skilled artisans here. Like many other festivals, they offer games and rides for children. However, what sets this place apart is the new introduction of Camel Rides. It is good to know that you can park your car free of charge in the vicinity of the park.


Sherwood Forest Faire in McDade

Sherwood Forest Faire Offers Celtic Musical Performances - Medieval Fairs

Sherwood Forest Faire is another one of the Texas renaissance fairs, which is located in the McDade community. This fair is more music-oriented, and there are a lot of Celtic musical performances here. Other than music shows, you can expect to see magic shows, jesters, falconers, and sometimes even fighters in there. The admission fee here starts at $16.00, and on the weekends, it becomes half the price. Also, they do not allow pets.


Scarborough Ren Festival in Waxahachie

Medieval Fairs - Scarborough Ren Festival Offers Animal And Dance Shows And Music Theaters

When visiting Waxahachie County in Texas, you can head to Scarborough Ren Festival. It is one of the more humble renaissance festivals in the country. Also, locals know this festivity as Scarborough Faire as well. There is no shortage of activities here, and you can attend hundreds of recurring shows here. They have it all here, from animal shows, dance shows, music theaters, fire and sword shows, and many more interesting acts.

Some other activities for families and children include parakeet watching, Unicorn Experience, as well as many interesting, fun games and rides. For less than $40 you can get to this festival and enjoy an amazing time there. Although children still need to pay; however, it is substantially less, neighboring $20.


A Little Information About renaissance fairs

Most of the states in the US have some kind of renaissance fairs; therefore, you really do not need to travel far to attend one. The era which these fairs are trying to recreate is the 16th-century Victorian era, so make sure your attire somehow fits that period of time.

It does not matter what you wear when you attend one fair, just that it is also advised not to wear pirate clothing only if the fair you attend has a theme. Overall, these renaissance festivals are great places for all family members; just make sure to have some cash in hand, as some places only accept cash for food, show entrance fees, and merchandise.

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