Top Bendigo Cafes in Victoria

Top Bendigo Cafes in Victoria

Best of Bendigo Cafes

The city has a humble history, from the gold rush past to manufacturing hubs in the present, and it shows in the Bendigo cafes with their laid-back attitude. These coffee houses are a perfect blend of coffee and food with very affordable prices and amazing customer service. As for the rest of Bendigo, this city is part of Victoria and has perfect weather for outdoor activities throughout the year.


Fox & Giraffe very Close to Lake Weeroona Park

Fox & Giraffe is Very Close to Lake Weeroona Park - Top Bendigo Cafes in Victoria

Fox & Giraffe perhaps has one of the best views among the Bendigo cafes. This is a lovely small café that has a very cozy environment. You will get good quality coffee and a big breakfast with a fantastic selection of desserts like waffles and cakes. The prices are fair and reasonable, and the staff are polite and respond well to your inquiries.

Make sure to try both indoor and outdoor seating areas where they both offer different vibes, yet both are still very pleasant. The Fox & Giraffe is located on Bridge Street, very close to Lake Weeroona Park. Those traveling to this café using public transport must use bus number 50 and get off at the “Bakewell St/Weeroona Ave” bus stop.


Cafe Essence located on Bull Street

Travel Guide Australia - Cafe Essence is Bear Rosalind park & Golden Dragon Museum

Cafe Essence opened in 2006 and has since been keeping a positive reputation among locals with their fresh coffee and lots of delicious food. It is good to know that the menu has very interesting items inside with reasonable price tags. Also, their customer service is phenomenal, and you can sit inside available spacious areas upstairs as well as downstairs.

The Cafe Essence is near many parks and landmarks like Rosalind Park, Conservatory Gardens, and Golden Dragon Museum. Moreover, a few buses pass by here, making access easy via public transport. For that, get off at “Bull St/Pall Mall” stop by taking any of the bus numbers, including 5,51,60,61,70 as well as the one that travels from “Goornon” to “Bendigo.”


The Boardwalk Bendigo in Lake Weeroona Park

Top Bendigo Cafes in Victoria - The Boardwalk Bendigo is Overlooking the Beautiful Lake Weeroona

The Broadwalk Bendigo is on Nolan Street, overlooking the beautiful Lake Weeroona. It is one of the most popular Bendigo cafes, where they provide fantastic food with many vegan and vegetarian options. Overall, everything at Broadwalk Cafe is properly prepared, and the prices are not very outlandish. Also, this place is suitable who want to enjoy the fantastic view of the lake and enjoy some delicious coffee and meals. The nearest public bus stop here is “Lake Weeroona” where bus number 5 and the other one with, “Goornong-Bendigo” stop there.


Everbean Café on Queen Street

Everbean Café Provides Highest Quality Coffee And Food - Travel Guide Australia

Relatively close to Essence Cafe, you will find another great café known as Everbean Café. This coffee house prides itself on providing the highest quality coffee and food made from the freshest produce in the region. Other than normal coffee types like cappuccino, flat white, and long black, you can also get unique drinks like chai tea and baby chino together with soy or almond milk extra shots.

Similar to other Bendigo cafes, various food offerings depend on the hour of the day. For instance, you can try ordering waffles, pancakes, burgers, soups, muffins, and scones here. As for the prices, they seem to be affordable, and you can bring your own laptop to work on your projects as well.

Stop at “Mitchell St Central” bus station, where many busses pass by, and then take “Queen Street” towards “Williamson Street” until you arrive at Everbean Café.


Brewhouse Cafe & Coffee Roasters on Hargreaves Street

Brewhouse Cafe & Coffee Roasters is Close to Mitchell St Central - Top Bendigo Cafes in Victoria

Brewhouse Cafe & Coffee Roasters specializes in selling unique coffee blends from mostly single-origin sources. As one of the most interesting Bendigo cafes, this store has an interesting décor, and similar to Hustle Coffee, this place suits coffee connoisseurs more. Also, you can purchase wholesale items like coffee bags, chai tea powder, soy milk containers, and even chocolate bars here.

The customer service is magnificent, and there is free WIFI for you to connect if you need to access the Internet. Though, the seats are not super comfortable for very long sitting sessions. Get off at “Mitchell St Central” bus stop, where most buses have stops there. Then, take Hargreaves Street and then Edward St to get to Brewhouse Cafe & Coffee Roasters.


Hustle Coffee Bendigo near Rosalind Park

Top Bendigo Cafes in Victoria - Hustle Coffee Bendigo Serves Much Stronger Coffee

If you want to taste some of the best coffee in this city, then you should definitely visit Hustle Coffee. This is a humble and small shop with good vibes and all about coffee. Also, if you feel like other Bendigo cafes offer mild-flavored coffee, you can receive much stronger ones at Hustle Coffee. It is good to know that they open very early in the morning and close early in the evening. The “Mundy St/Pall Mall” bus stop is just near this café where bus numbers 5,51,60,61,70 as well as the ones from the “Goornong” or “Kyneton” routes.

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