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Top Restaurants in Amman



Top Restaurants in Amman

Best Restaurants in Amman

Food in Amman is very delicious and very similar to other Middle Eastern dishes. This article explores the top restaurants in Amman offering delicious yet somewhat budget-friendly food. Jordan’s capital is no stranger to good food, with many restaurants from which to eat delicious cultural dishes. This city of 4 million people has something to offer to every taste. Most of the dishes are very flavorful and are prepared with high-quality ingredients at low prices. That is why this is a great city for tourists who love Middle Eastern food and architecture to have a visit. Here are some of the best ones for you to dine in.



Falafel Al Quds on Rainbow Street

Jordan Travel Tips - Falafel Al Quds is Located At Rainbow St Selling Falafel

Falafel Al Quds is one of best restaurants in Amman for having delicious falafel. The best value meal you get in all of Amman. Falafel Al Quds offers a truly delicious falafel sandwich for the bargain price of half a dinar. They even come with sesame buns, which add more flavors to their sandwiches. There are a few benches located outside if you want to grab these sandwiches and sit outside to enjoy them. You can find this shop along Rainbow Street.


Brisket Amman Hamburger Store near Queen Nour Street

Food in Amman - Brisket Amman is A Burger Shop Located At Abdallah Ben Massoud St

Food in Amman is not all transitional, and you can find some delicious Western dishes here as well. Brisket Amman restaurant arguably has the most tasty, delicious burgers in the Middle East. In fact, every type of meat cut imaginable is served up and cooked to perfection here. The location of this burger shop is Abdallah Ben Massoud St.


Rakwet Arab Cafe near The Paris Square

Food in Amman - Rakwet Arab Cafe in The Cozy Jabal al-Weibdeh District

You can find Rakwet Arab Cafe near Paris Square in the cozy Jabal al-Weibdeh district. Also, Rakwet Arab Cafe is a relaxing shop for local food in Amman, drinks, and smoking shisha. Most of the food is prepared in-house, and the quality has remained great for years since they opened. The space is big enough to sit inside, and the décor is unique, giving customers fuzzy and warm feelings.


Shawerma Reem on Al Kulliyah Al Elmiyah Al Eslamiyah Street

Top Restaurants in Amman - Shawerma Reem Selling Nice Food in 2nd Circle

Shawerma Reem is one of the top restaurants in Amman for shawarma. This small store is crowded, and often there are long lines outside. The food is quite good, and most people just come here for its shawarmas. If you visit them during lunchtime, the queue might be long. This shop is located on Al Kulliyah Al Elmiyah Al Eslamiyah Street at the corner of 2nd Circle, and it is open until late.


Hashem Restaurant Down Town on King Faisal Street

Jordan Travel Tips - Hashem Restaurant Down Town is The Most Place in Town

Hashem Restaurant Down Town, on King Faisal Street, is one of the oldest and most famous restaurants in Amman that serves good quality food. Also, they serve some of the best falafel in the country. It is located in the capital’s busy downtown area, and the interior is basic; however, the flavor is second to none. The story of this restaurant started when an individual set foot in Amman from Palestine and began operating in the food industry. Here, other than falafel, customers can enjoy authentic Jordanian food, and as a result, this place has become a cornerstone for foreign tourists interested in trying the local cuisine.

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