Top Places to Visit in Pokhara

Top Places to Visit in Pokhara

Beautiful Places to Visit in Pokhara

Here are some of the most famous places to visit in Pokhara. Unlike places to visit in Kathmandu which are more religious based, the attractions in Pokhara are more natural and more in tune with those adventure travelers.



International Mountain Museum near Seti River

International Mountain Museum near Seti River Showcases the Achievements of the Hikers

Opened in 2004, the International Mountain Museum is one of the first places to visit in Pokhara. This museum showcases the life of the local populous and the climbers from all corners of the world and the story behind their great success or even their tragic failures. Some of the things you can see here are the mysteries of the mountainside, culture and heritage of local mountain guides, as well as archeological and scientific findings of the Himalayas.

The entrance to this museum resembles the mountain skyline. There is also a living museum on the outside showing the animals and cultural heritage of the Nepali people. The International Mountain Museum tickets will cost you around $4 per person and are accessible by local bus or walk.


Mahendra Cave in Kaski District

Mahendra Cave located in Kaski District is near the Bat Cave and a long Cave in Nepal

Mahendra Cave is one of the most interesting attractions in Pokhara. This cave is 6 kilometers from the Pokhara city center, near the lovely Kaski region and the Seti River. There are several methods to access this substantial limestone cave. The entrance to this cave is 16 meters wide and around 200 meters long.

Travelers will be fine with passing through the entryway because it is the right height. Additionally, they have placed numerous lights throughout the cave’s gloomy passageways so visitors can make their way and view its stalagmites and stalactites up close. Also, carrying an extra torch with you is better so you do not get stranded inside the cave during an electricity outage. The entrance fee is around $9 per individual.


Devi’s Falls near Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

Beautiful Places to Visit in Pokhara - Devi's Falls Found near Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave

This waterfall originates from Phewa Lake and after flowing down, the water pressure creates pits whose shapes are spectacular. Then, this waterfall flows into an underground tunnel. After leaving there, it opens its way to the Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave.

The best season to visit this cave is in the Summer as the water levels fall and it is easier to bathe or visit the cave without much nuisance. This waterfall is one of the most unique places to visit in Pokhara for its beautiful view and a great spot for families. Just be careful as the water torrents are quite strong and might become dangerous after rainfalls. The devi’s fall entrance fee is around $1 per person which is already quite cheap.


Phewa Lake, South of Pokhara Valley

Phewa Lake is located South of Pokhara Valley - Beautiful Attractions in Pokhara Nepal

The second-largest lake in Nepal is called Phewa. This lake has a depth of about 6 meters. However, its deepest point is 19 meters and has become one of the greatest natural attractions in Pokhara. The Machapuchri and Annapurna mountains can be seen beautifully reflected in the morning light on the Phewa Lake’s crystal-clear waters, depending on the weather.

Additionally, Sarangkot Hill overlooks this lake, and from here, you can view the aerial displays of paragliders and light planes. The names Lakeside or Baidam refer to the lake’s eastern shore. Due to the concentration of most hotels, restaurants, shops, and gift shops, this beach has become a tourist favorite.


Sarangkot Hill for Paragliding

Natural Attractions in Pokhara Nepal - Sarangkot Hill is famous for Nice Viewpoint and for Paragliding

Sarangkot is the name of a small village located on top of a high hill. This Sarangkot Hill is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Pokhara. That is why many travelers see the lakes and the incredibly beautiful view of the Annapurna mountain range and enjoy other activities, including paragliding and cycling. There are also countless restaurants and hotels available for visitors in this place, so you can be fed while enjoying the view.

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