Famous Romanian Souvenirs in Bucharest

Unique Romanian Souvenirs to Buy in Bucharest

One of the best places to buy Romanian souvenirs is definitely the capital city of Bucharest. Part of the Bucharest tourist attractions are many boutiques, handicraft and souvenir shops and shopping centers that offer travelers the best of souvenirs in Bucharest and even in Romania. In these souvenir and handicraft stores, you can see these fabrics in the form of bags, clothes, etc. Also, handmade and traditional jewelry are very suitable souvenirs when you are in Romania. Moreover, Romania has a long history of handicrafts, and from its artistically colored eggs to delicately inlaid wooden products, art lovers will find a wealth of fascinating souvenirs.



Romanian Sweets and Pastries

Romanian Sweets and Pastries are Must-Tries like Papanași Dessert and Jams

Sweets are a significant thing among Romanians. One of the must-tries is the Papanași dessert you must try. You might select fresh walnut jam or chocolates with a Transylvania theme as mementos of Romanian confections. Along with various boxes of conventional chocolates, you can purchase caramelele Sugus toffee, dropsurile Silvana candies, prajitura cu crema Magura cakes and baton cu stafide Fagaras with chocolate raisins.


Traditional Wooden Spoon and Kitchenware

Famous Romanian Souvenirs in Bucharest - Traditional Wooden Spoon and Kitchenware Made for All Kinds of Intents

There are many handmade items made by skilled craftsmen and one of the other stunning Romanian souvenirs is elaborate and delicate carvings. Beautiful inlaid wooden objects with complex designs can be seen everywhere in this country. Even in places of interest like monasteries, inlaid doors will catch your eye. In souvenir shops, you can buy various products such as spoons, flutes, thermoses and other wooden accessories as souvenirs.


Romanian Pottery Ceramics

Romanian Pottery Ceramics From Horezu - Beautiful Romanian Souvenirs in Bucharest

Romania is one of the countries that produce ceramics, and in different cities of this country, you can see ceramic dishes and dishes with traditional designs. Therefore, ceramic dishes are one of the best Romanian souvenirs you can buy on your trip to Bucharest. Even though souvenir shops in Bucharest sell these ceramics, the city of “Horezu” is known as the center of Romanian ceramics, and in fact, the Horezu Pottery is in the heart and culture of Horezu, and you can get the best collection of ceramics with a short trip to this city.



Traditional Romanian Blouse (IE)

Traditional Romanian Blouse Known as IE are Worn Traditionally by Both Women and Men

You will find traditional blouses (IE) nationwide on Romanian men and women. These handmade blouses are engraved with ancient folklore designs and are a unique gift of Romanian culture and art. You will see these traditional blouses on many men and women all over Romania. These Romanian souvenirs made from local fabric are engraved with ancient folklore designs and are very popular among people and even tourists and can be a very suitable option for gifts, souvenirs and souvenirs. The people of this city also wear these blouses in their holidays, celebrations and festivals.


încondeierea ouălor or Painted Eggs

încondeierea ouălor Commonly Known as Painted Eggs are one of Best Romanian Souvenirs to Buy

One of the Romanian souvenirs and symbols of Easter is the colored eggs, which women usually paint by hand. The designs and methods of painting these eggs have been passed down from generation to generation, and today they are part of the culture and tradition of the Romanian people. These eggs are among the best souvenirs of Bucharest with their beautiful designs and patterns. The Museum of Decorated Eggs, in Vama in Bukovina region, has the world’s most extensive collection of this hand art with more than seven thousand colored eggs.


Mărțișorul Pendants and Charms

Mărțișorul Pendants and Charms is Part of Local Culture and There is a Museum for Them in Vama

Romanian folk pendants, which are said to bring good fortune, are in the form of wooden figures dressed in traditional costumes specific to each region. One of Romania’s many traditions is the “Mărțișor” celebration in anticipation of spring, which is held every year on the first day of March, and friends and family members exchange folklore curses and red and white bracelets. Mărțișoruls are attached to a white and red rope and hung in the environment, symbolizing spring’s arrival.

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