Top Bucharest Tourist Attractions

Top Bucharest Tourist Attractions

Famous Bucharest Tourist Attractions

The Bucharest tourist attractions, in the capital of Romania, are less noticeable than in other European capitals. But still, they offer fantastic value to the visitors. There are various museums, cultural centers, and, more importantly, beautiful parks across this fabulous city.



Old Town (Centrul Vechi)

Old Town or Centrul Vechi to Find Local Restaurants - Top Bucharest Tourist Attractions

The old quarter of Bucharest (Centrul vechi) is the birthplace of this city and one of the main Bucharest tourist attractions. It is also known as an unrivaled party area. Restaurants, cafes, and terraces are all located in old buildings dating back to the 17th century. Watching these buildings’ stunning entrances and decorations will be one of the most eye-catching experiences in Bucharest.


Palace of Parliament near The Izvor Park

Palace of Parliament near The Izvor Park and Accessible from the Izvor Metro Station

This vast building, which has 1,100 rooms and is the headquarters of the Romanian Parliament, was built by the former dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu. You can come across this magnificent building from Izvor Park, accessible from the Izvor Metro Station.


“Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum

Famous Bucharest Tourist Attractions - "Dimitrie Gusti" National Village Museum

Museums are also part of the Bucharest tourist attractions, and one of the more famous ones would be The “Dimitrie Gusti” National Village Museum. This museum displays treasures of ancient Romanian traditions and customs along with various architectural styles. The best way to get to know the diversity of Romanian villages is to visit this exciting museum. You can find the Village Museum in Herăstră Park. This museum opened in 1936, is an extensive collection of different houses, mills, and churches of the country.


Cimitirul Bellu Cemetery

Cimitirul Bellu Cemetery With Magnificent Tomb Stones and Where Famous People are Buried

The historical Cimitirul Bellu Cemetery contains the graves of many famous Romanian artists, actors, scientists, and athletes. Still, the most attractive graves belong to members of aristocratic families. These tombs, which often refer to a dramatic event, are accompanied by beautiful marble statues of angels and the Virgin Mary and have significant memorials.


Various Unique Neighborhoods

Bucharest Offers Various Unique Neighborhoods for Shopping and Night Life

The local neighborhoods are part of the famous Bucharest tourist attractions because of their diverse culture and buildings. Visit the grand downtown boulevards inspired by Nicolae Ceausescu’s infamous visit to North Korea, and wander the winding cobbled streets of Lipscani, the city’s party hub. In the “Cotroceni” neighborhood, you can admire the magnificent villas and eat in one of the “Floreasca” restaurants. Of course, with all these trips, you still need to see more of Bucharest.


Royal Palace of Bucharest in the National Museum of Art

The Beautiful Royal Palace of Bucharest in the National Museum of Art

As always happens in the stories of dictators, people in Bucharest suffered from a lack of electricity and heating. Still, in an extraordinary villa in the north of the city, there was always enough water to fill the mosaic pool and heat the greenhouse of rare plants. In addition, the Primăverii Palace, the former dictator’s and his family’s residences, even had golden lions in the toilet. This palace has become a museum you can visit individually or in groups.


Domniţa Bălaşa Church near Piata Unirii Metro Station

Domniţa Bălaşa Orthodox Church Located near Piata Unirii Metro Station

The stained-glass window made in Germany separates the 19th-century Domnița Bălașa church with an interior design derived from the Western architectural tradition. The marble statues, which are far from the Orthodox Christian tradition, are also among the distinctive features of this church. This church is also easily accessible via Piata Unirii 1 Metro Station. A statue of Prince Balasha was also installed in the courtyard, which is considered one of the best works of the Romanian sculptor “Frederic Storck.”


Palatul Cotroceni (Muzeul Național Cotroceni)

Palatul Cotroceni (Muzeul Național Cotroceni) to See Paintings and Sculptures

Palatul Cotroceni has been the residence of the President of Romania since 1991 and has played a role in the ups and downs history of the city. This building, formerly the royal residence of King Carol I, was captured immediately after the establishment of the Communist government in 1947 and was used as the headquarters of the Communist Party. Today, part of this palace, which has become a museum, is open to the public. This museum displays a valuable collection of books, paintings, sculptures, and statues.


Bucharest Botanical Garden in the Cotroceni neighborhood

Bucharest Botanical Garden is Located in the Cotroceni neighborhood

Bucharest Botanical Gardens is one of the most beautiful Bucharest tourist attractions. This park is in the famous Cotroceni neighborhood. It is more secluded than typical parks, but it displays an area of 18 hectares with more than 10,000 foreign and native plants. In the summer, the rose garden is much more noticeable. In winter, the tropical forest located in the old greenhouse is very spectacular. Here an exciting contrast is formed with the snowy landscape outside.


Therme Wellness Center

Therme Wellness Center a Place for Relaxation of Family And Kids - Top Bucharest Tourist Attractions

With an area of 250,000 square meters, “Therme Bucharest” is the largest water park in Europe that is also a spa. The green space includes palm trees, orchids, and other non-native plants in this area. Because of the giant water slides, the Terme Spa has become one of the best Bucharest tourist attractions for children and families. The Therme costs vary from 56 Lei to 115 Lei for adults depending on the access and the visiting day. To get from Bucharest to Therme, you can get a free bus run by the wellness center that departs every 2 hours from Piata Romana to here. This wellness center is very close to Fung Shui Park.

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