Famous Cambodia Souvenirs

Famous Cambodia Souvenirs

Best of Cambodia Souvenirs

Because of its abundance of handicrafts, Cambodia souvenirs offer a wide variety of distinctive gifts. Many seasoned visitors know that when visiting this region, they should always seek some souvenirs to bring home. This is due to the abundance of artists in this country who produce distinctive works at competitive costs.



Artwork and Lacquerware

Artwork and Lacquerware All Made by Hand by Local Craftsmen and Women with Premium Quality 

The cost of purchasing artwork in Cambodia is low. One can get gorgeous and reasonably priced artwork like lacquered bowls in this land. These shops provide antique photographs of Cambodia’s pristine wilderness or the famous Angkor Wat temple. Still, several galleries also feature exquisite depictions of the country’s historical and contemporary surroundings as well Buddha status.


Silver Crafts and Silverware

Famous Cambodia Souvenirs Like The Quality Cambodian Silver Crafts 

Another landmark profession that has seen a resurgence in recent years is silversmithing. For those who enjoy wearing silver jewelry today and enjoy more premium Cambodia souvenirs, this land has supplied a treasure trove of silver. Another fantastic gift to carry with you is large plates with beautiful patterns, elegant boxes, and trinkets with embedded silver.


Krama the Cambodian Scarf

 Krama Also Known as the Cambodian Scarf Used for Covering Face or Just Decoration

Krama is the most authentic Cambodia souvenirs you can find if you’re seeking one. This white and red checkered shawl, made of silk or linen and shared throughout the nation, now comes in various contemporary and fashionable styles.

Cambodians use this garment to decorate or wear it around their necks to cover their bodies. There are various kinds of krama on the market, ranging in quality, cost, and style. The most affordable ones start at low prices; you must look around.


Kampot Pepper

 Kampot Pepper with Many Degrees of Spininess Depending on The Color of The Seed

Kampot pepper is part of the local cuisine and gives the local food its distinct flavor. This premium pepper, which is grown organically in Kampot, a city where the soil is extraordinarily fruitful for growing green, black, white, and red peppers, is used by renowned chefs worldwide.

Be cautious when purchasing because fraudulent examples of compote pepper are widely available due to the pepper’s rising popularity worldwide. Going directly to the source and visiting one of the several pepper fields in Kampot or Kep is the best method to ensure you purchase genuine Kampot pepper. 


Carved Wood and Stone Artifacts

 Carved Wood and Stone Artifacts with Hand And Created by Skilled Artists in Phnom Penh

Stone and wood carving have long been the most favorite among Cambodia souvenirs. Just take a look at the exquisite wall sculptures at the local temples. Tourists around the nation can spot stonemasons and carvers hunched over a block of stone or wood, cutting and producing one-of-a-kind art pieces. Although the enormous Buddha head statues that are frequently arranged in front of the workshops may be too heavy to transport home, you can also discover more miniature or more delicate figures inside.


Silk Goods

Silk Goods used in Clothing and Shawls are Good for Travelers - Famous Cambodia Souvenirs 

Silk weaving has a long history in Cambodia. This ancient weaving method of silk is demonstrated by the works that have been found in the carvings on the Angkor Wat temple’s walls. Tourists can take a tour in Phnom Penh markets and find various Cambodia souvenirs using genuinely made local silk. Just make sure to avoid importing silk from neighboring countries as they lack quality. Head to Silk Island of Phnom Penh to find silk shawls, gowns, and accessories in various patterns and colors.


Palm Sugar Blocks

Palm Sugar Blocks are Among the Things to Buy in Cambodia and Used in Many Products 

The countryside of Cambodia is covered with sugar palm trees. These trees are so common that they are regarded as the national tree of Cambodia. You can use Palm sugar for making drinks or use it as a sweetener in your dishes as it has many benefits and is glucose-free. The local name of Palm sugar is ‘skor thno’ and you can generally find it in the local central market, Phsa Thom Thmey.

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