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Best Flea Markets in Florida

Best Flea Markets in Florida

List of Flea Markets in Florida

Many good quality flea markets in Florida have kept shoppers coming and having a blessed time looking for antiques, watching live shows, eating good and budget-friendly food, and sometimes having kids play on the premises. The flea markets mentioned here are just some of the many available in the great state of Florida. Still, they are the largest and most suitable for all family members to have a good time.


Oldsmar Flea Market in the West Coast

Largest Flea Markets in Florida - Oldsmar Flea Market in the West Coast

Originally opened in 1980, Oldsmar Flea Market has grown both inside and in popularity, becoming one of the largest flea markets in Florida, especially the West Coast area. The Oldsmar Flea Market is similar to other flea markets in the state, but the good thing is that they have a massive parking area which reduces the hassle of parking as well as a good access pathway for easier commuting.
Another bonus point is that, inside, there are various specialty stores selling merchandise such as fishing gear, bird accessories, furniture for outdoor use, and indoor gardening. Also, they have a bunch of stores offering clothing and general household items, both new and old.
If you want to grab something to eat, there are designated tables on the outside where you can sit and enjoy comfort food or ice cream from the shops adjacent to that spot. The location of Oldsmar Flea Market is accessible by your vehicle from the Tampa Road exit to Race Track Road. If you choose to travel by bus, buses 67 and 812 have stops within walking distance from this flea market.


Renninger’s Flea Market & Antique Center

Renninger's Flea Market & Antique Center found in Melbourne, Adamstown, Mt. Dora and Kutztown

Renninger’s is the name that almost every resident of small town Florida has heard once or even shopped in one of their flea markets in Florida. These markets are located in Melbourne town, Adamstown, Mt. Dora, and Kutztown and offer everything from fresh produce to sporting gear and vintage items.
The Melbourne and Mt. Dora town branches suit those seeking unique collectibles. However, Kutztown and Adamstown are worth a trip as they sometimes have nice items and generally very good reception. Visitors in all of these markets have many buying options, as well as many nice food members and even some indoor donut shops!


Beach Boulevard Flea Market in Jacksonville Town

Beach Boulevard Flea Market is Found in Jacksonville Town Best for Having Game Shops

Beach Boulevard Flea Market is one of the more modest flea markets in Florida, in Jacksonville town, and along the famous Beach Boulevard. This is an indoor market, and the environment resembles those old-fashioned malls with small vendors operating from different sections of the market selling fresh produce, video games, antiques, and even foods like tacos. This is definitely a good place to hang out with your family or just take a look at many second-hand items available here, waiting to find a new home.


OBT Flea Market in Orlando

OBT Flea Market is Located in Orlando, Along the Orange Blossom Trail

OBT Flea Market, located in Orlando, along Orange Blossom Trail, accessible via Highway 17, is a good spot for those who want to dine Latin American food and search for discounted or second-hand merchandise like household items and especially clothing. The food here is amazing, and there are a lot of cheap antiques here, but if you can speak a bit of Spanish, you can get better deals. This is a great place for families to hang around and talk to the nice folks that come or has a booth there. A parking spot is available if you are coming with a personal car. The public bus number 107 stops very near this market.


The Indoor Flea Market in West Palm Beach

The Indoor Flea Market is in West Palm Beach inside Northside Centre in Miami - Family Friendly Flea Markets in Florida

There is no better place than The Indoor Flea Market in West Palm Beach, Northside Centre in Miami, to bring along kids for a good time. This place has lots of activities and games for kids to participate in. At the same time, adults shop in a properly air-conditioned environment.
Even though this market is relatively small, there are adequate vendors selling antique merchandise at bargain prices. There are a few hair saloons there that are very popular with locals to get their hair done. To get here, drive to West Little River and Northwest 27th Avenue near the 79th Street intersection to find this market. The public bus 27 has a stop very close by too.

Trading Post Flea Market in Okeechobee

Oldest Flea Markets in Florida - Trading Post Flea Market is Located in Okeechobee Town

Trading Post Flea Market in Okeechobee is another flea market in Florida that has kept its soul from the day it opened decades ago. Most of the people running the place and even the vendors are older folks, as well as some veterans, but the overall feel is very welcoming and positive. Here, you can find many unique collectibles, jewelry, and second-hand items, but they are not very well organized. That is part of the fun of exploring them for yourself. There are many locally made produce and a small section for buying fresh produce inside.


Red Barn Flea Market in Bradenton

Red Barn Flea Market is Located in Bradenton Known for its Golfing Accessories

Red Barn Flea Market has been operating in Bradenton, in the West Samoset, since 1981, occupying an area of 80,000 square feet indoors. This is one of the best flea markets in Florida to search for sporting gear, golf clubs, and accessories in particular, as well as sporting clothes and jerseys. There are also good Mexican restaurants inside when you want to eat some good food. Remember to visit their gift shops, as they always have something that will surprise you.

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