Best of Innsbruck Cafes

Best of Innsbruck Cafes

Top Beautiful Innsbruck Cafes

One of the most relaxing activities to do in this city is visiting at least one of the famous Innsbruck cafes here. As one of the most beautiful cities in Austria, beautiful mountains and snowy peaks surround Innsbruck, and tourists never get tired of seeing the sights of this city.

Innsbruck of Austria is a unique historical and cultural destination, the city was formed many years ago but is still evolving. Today, in the center of the town, magnificent historical buildings can be seen next to modern buildings. But what really attracts travelers here are the charming Innsbruck cafes where tourists can’t get enough of spending their time. From traditional and classic cafes to cozy and modern environments and even Viennese-style cafes, there is everything in this city. Here are some of the top cafes in Innsbruck, suitable for all.



Cafe Katzung Opposite Stadtturm Attraction

Cafe Katzung is Located Opposite Stadtturm Attraction Along The Inn River - Famous Innsbruck Cafes

Cafe Katzung is a real gem, decorated with vintage paintings, white tablecloths and a modern vibe. This cafe’s menu has a wide range of traditional Austrian desserts; including apple strudel, Sachertorte and Kaiserscharm. Katzung is located in the old town, opposite the Stadtturm tourist attraction, and part of it is open air, which is a great place to watch people passing by. From here you can also see the golden roof, one of the most famous attractions of Innsbruck.


House of Tea & Coffee near The Goldenes Dachl

House of Tea & Coffee is Found near The Goldenes Dachl and It is Where You can Have Delicious Imported Tea on a Beautiful Day Outside

House of Tea & Coffee, which means the house of tea and coffee, is one of those Innsbruck cafes where you can drink all kinds of tea and coffee. This cafe collects and serves different types of these two hearty drinks from all over the world. Its friendly staff will guide you to find your favorite drink according to your taste. Among all teas and teas, the most popular is Helmut Sacher’s Viennese blend, by drinking, you can also experience the style of Austrian teas.


Coffeekult near The Innbrücke Bridge

Coffeekult is Located near The Innbrücke Bridge and offers Quality New Age Coffee

Another of Innsbruck’s best Innsbruck cafes, best known for its fantastic latte art. This cafe is also one of the modern cafes in the city, which has many fans. Coffee Cult employees are compassionate about their work; They do not like industrial coffee and use only original coffee beans. As a result, the coffee you enjoy here has the taste of real coffee and you will definitely enjoy its decorations. Usually, when you go to this cafe, you will be given special offers that sometimes make it easier for you to choose your favorite coffee. Various items such as coffee pots, mugs, etc. are available here.


Breakfast Club near The Triumphpforte Landmark

Breakfast Club is Positioned near The Triumphpforte Landmark Famous for Flat White and Omelet

This modern cafe is known for having some of the most hearty brunches in Innsbruck. The Breakfast Club serves delicious home-cooked local food to its customers. One of the most famous meals you can eat at the Breakfast Club is omelet, made in different ways with vegetables. After your favorite vegetables are placed on this omelets, Austrian cheese, onions and peppers are added and served with a basket of organic bread. The cafe sources its coffees from Italy and serves soy milk as an alternative for lactose intolerant people.


Café Bar Restaurant Maria von Burgund near Golden Roof

Café Bar Restaurant Maria von Burgund is Very Famous With the Locals near The Golden Roof

Café Bar Restaurant Maria von Burgund is a cozy and friendly cafe that is open from morning to night and you can visit it whenever you want. One of the lovely features of this cafe is its large outdoor space that allows you to enjoy the open air and watch people while drinking your favorite coffee. This café is located very close to famous Golden Roof tourist attraction.


Haepinest Opposite Congress Innsbruck

Haepinest is Found Opposite Congress Innsbruck - Top Beautiful Innsbruck Cafes

Haepinest is part of Innsbruck cafes belonging to the “Third Wave Coffee Shop” movement. This movement aimed to eliminate Viennese cafes, most of which had antique and conservative decoration, and replace them with modern coffee shops. The interior of this cafe is very informal and relaxing, and the tables and chairs used in it are not the same as the usual cafes. There are also armchairs with cushions for your comfort so you finally feel at home. All this will be a captivating experience with the delicious coffees that are served.



Cafe Bar Moustache near Goldenes Dachl

Cafe Bar Moustache is Located near Goldenes Dachl with Beautiful Décor

Cafe Bar Moustache, located near the Goldenes Dachl, is where you will see the younger and newer atmosphere of the city. The decoration of this cafe is interestingly decorated with palm trees and wooden furniture, and its menu is full of snack options such as salads and various sandwiches. So if you want to choose something other than coffee this time, go to Cafe Bar Moustache and enjoy its varied menu.

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