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7 Best Cheapest Pizzas in New York



7 Best Cheapest Pizzas in New York

7 Best Cheapest Pizzas in New York

If you want to get the best pizza in NYC and do not pay a hefty price for it, then check out the 7 best cheapest pizzas in New York. NY pizzas are famous throughout the world. Also, New York is known for its tasty pizza and you don’t need to spend a lot to eat some of the best. Here we the discuss the best pizza slices in New York City for under $5. Some slices are just for one dollar.


1. Vinny Vincenz Pizza

Best Pizzas in New York - Vinny Vincenz Pizza is Located in East Village And is King of The Single Dollar Slice

Vinny Vincenz Pizza, a East Village shop, is considered to be the king of the single dollar slice. Also, it is one of the best pizzas in New York. However, their slice price goes up to $1.50 after 6 in the evening. This pizza place is very popular so don’t be shocked if you see a number of people queuing there. Even with a long queue it moves fast and like other pizzeria here, Vinny Vincenz Pizza is fantastic if you want a quick and cheap lunch that is great on the move.


2. 99 Cent Fresh Pizza

Best Pizza in NYC - 99 Cent Fresh Pizza is Located Near Bryant Park And Good For Lunch

When you just want some of NY pizzas you can get a $1 slice at 99 Cent Fresh Pizza located near Bryant Park. locals have lunch here for at least once a week since it is considered as one of the best pizzas in New York. Further, 2 slices and a soft drink cost for just $2.75 about same price for a subway ticket. They always finish what they bake so the pizza is always fresh to take.


3. 2 Bros Pizza

Best Pizzas in New York - 2 Bros Pizza is Where to Buy NY Pizzas Very Cheaply

2 Bros Pizza is famous as the best pizza in NYC that you can buy cheaply. This shop sells a slice of pizza for for just a buck; an unbelievable pricing. Probably the best shop selling $1 NY pizzas slices is at 2 Bros Pizza. Also, you can get 2 slices and a soft drink for only $3 here and they have branches across the city.


4. Table 87

Best Pizza in NYC - Table 87 is One of Places Where You Can Buy Coal Oven Pizza

Table 87 is for travelers who want to try one of the best pizzas in New York. There is something memorizing about a pizza just out of a coal oven and this shop is the only pizzeria that that you can buy coal oven pizza by the slice from. You can get one of their slices for about $4.


5. Best Pizza

Best Pizza in NYC - Best Pizza Uses Mozzarella, Ricotta And Pecorino Cheese

Best Pizza in NYC is located in Williamsburg is another New York pizzeria with delicious local style of NY pizzas. However, the winner pizza here is the white slice. Their white slice includes mozzarella, ricotta and pecorino cheese, caramelized onions as well as sesame seeds. It is mixture of flavors that just work together and every bite is heavenly. Both their regular slice as well as their white slice cost you about 4 dollars.


6. L&B Spumoni Gardens

NY Pizzas - L&B Spumoni Gardens is Located in Gravesend Offering Sicilian Slices

L&B Spumoni Gardens located in Gravesend has one of the best pizza in NYC, a huge Sicilian slice for about 3 Dollars. What is unique about their pizza is that they place the sauce on top of the cheese. Also, it is best pick for the best Sicilian slice in the entire NYC and you should give it a try.


7. Joe’s Pizza

NY Pizzas - Joe’s Pizza Offers High Quality Product And A Very Classic Pizza

Joe’s Pizza offers the most typical of NY pizzas that are very classic. It is loved by the locals because their tomato sauce is slightly sweeter than other shops, the cheese is high quality product and the crust is just perfect. This slice will cost you just $3.

Also if you feel like some desserts after your NY pizzas, try checking out 10 best ice cream shops in New York. These ice cream stores offer many unique toppings and flavors that you cannot get in other place in the United States. They are a good compliment to New York Pizzas as well.

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