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Top Flea Markets in Massachusetts



Top Flea Markets in Massachusetts

Best of Flea Markets in Massachusetts

There are many interesting flea markets in Massachusetts and many of these antique markets are very good for bargaining and even family outing. Due to their large capacity, here you can find many collectables and vintage handicrafts, cheap and tasty food and even watch some movies at some.


Brimfield Antique Flea Markets and Shows

Best of Flea Markets in Massachusetts - Brimfield Antique Flea Markets and Shows

Brimfield markets are a collection of multiple of antique markets along the main street of Brimfield town all the way towards Palmer Road. These antique markets have been considered by many as one of the oldest flea markets in Massachusetts because they have been open for more than five decades.

The vendors at Brimfield operate 6 days a week from early to mid months of May, July and September, from Tuesday 6am until Sunday 3pm. These dates might change in advance, so your best bet is to check Brimfield Antique Market website page. Most of these independent markets do not charge an entrance fee but almost all of them require you to have some cash on hand if you want to purchase anything.

For your convenience, there are a few ATMs available in Brimfield town. As for the parking, there are plenty of spaces available near these twenty or so sow fields. Overall, Brimfield antique markets are fun places for you to come and find some collectibles and enjoy socializing with other shoppers.


Seekonk Flea Market near Seekonk Speedway

Seekonk Flea Market is Located near Seekonk Speedway Race Track

If you are familiar with Seekonk Speedway car racing event, then you might have seen that there is a flea market takes places here as well. In fact, Seekonk Flea Market is one f the best flea markets in Massachusetts for finding antique car models, vintage glassware and coins, furniture and other unique items. Most of the vendors here are private sellers and you can easily negotiate with them over the price and come to an agreement. This market operates from April all the way to November on Sundays from 7 in the morning until 1pm. The area surrounding this market is big and you can park your vehicle for free over there.


Wellfleet Flea Market in Cape Cod

Wellfleet Flea Market Located in Cape Cod - Best of Flea Markets in Massachusetts

The Wellfleet Flea Market has a long history behind its operation as this area was used as a drive-in theatre. In order to entertain those who came to watch movies, in 1961, a 18-hole mini golf course was constructed which is still operational to this day. In 1974, the flea market officially opened, attracting both vendors and customers from all over the country to come and enjoy browsing for some collectibles, antiques and other crafts.

Today, the outdoor drive-in theatre is still there and they also added an indoor cinema complex with 3D sound system inside. Overall, this antique market is truly one of the best flea markets in Massachusetts and in Cape Cod if you want to have a blessed time with all family members. Also, Wellfleet Flea Market operates fully on Saturdays and Sundays and the opening hours are from 8am until 3pm.


SoWa Vintage Market part of SoWa Open Market

SoWa Vintage Market is Part of SoWa Open Market at 450 Harrison Avenue

SoWa Vintage Market is actually part of SoWa Open Market in Boston area located at 450 Harrison Avenue. The admission here is free as well as the parking. The options here in terms of range of products might not be much, but you can still find some antiques, good quality clothes and some art pieces. Also, if you love street food, there are a few number of food trucks available on the site. This vintage market opens every first Friday of each month from 5pm to 9pm and from 11 am to 4pm on Sundays. In fact, Sundays are the days when the entire SoWa market comes to life.


Raynham Flea Market in New England

Raynham Flea Market Located in New England - Best of Flea Markets in Massachusetts

As New England’s largest antique market, shoppers at Raynham Flea Market can enjoy a vintage market with both indoor and outdoor spaces. The outdoor area is located on a 10 acre land with many vendors selling their goods. Similarly, there are many vendors on the inside, in a 60,000 square feet area, selling everything from jewelries, clothes, collectables and eve new items.

It is good to know that all the restroom facilities, snack bars and restaurants are located inside this building. The admission fee here is almost free, at $1, and they are open all year round, every Sunday from 8am to 5pm. You can find Raynham Flea Market at the Intersections of Routes 24 & 44 West.


Rietta Flea Market Located in Hubbardston town

Rietta Flea Market Located in Hubbardston town Selling Antiques

Rietta Flea Market has over the years become one of the biggest flea markets in Massachusetts and in Hubbardston town. This market has been around for many years, attracting many shoppers to here in order to find antiques, second-hand merchandise and a lot more that you might be interested in. Also, there are so many items here to buy that you really need to manage your money and come in there with a fixed budget and plan. Here, you do not need to pay for admission or parking fees and the food is also very affordable. The Rietta Flea Market is located at 183 Gardner Road and operates every Sunday, starting in April, from 6:30 to 3pm.


Yankee Flea Market in Palmer

Yankee Flea Market in Palmer Opened in 2010 With Over 150 Vendors

Another one of great flea markets in Massachusetts is Yankee flea market located in Palmer this antique market opened in 2010. With over 150 vendors occupying a 15,000 square feet selling many interesting items and collectables. It is good to know that Yankee antique market is part of Brimfield Antiques show as well.

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