Best Souvenirs from Tokyo

Best Souvenirs from Tokyo

Unique Souvenirs from Tokyo

The city of Tokyo has many interesting buildings and cutting-edge technology but some of the souvenirs from Tokyo are worth getting and bringing back home. Some of the things to do in Tokyo are shopping along the famous neighborhoods of the city and the popular streets where most of these souvenir shops can be found.


Green Tea Products

Top Things to Buy from Japan - Green Tea Products Found in Tea Shops in the City

Japan is one of the world’s largest green tea consumers, and you will soon notice this fact after entering this country. The green tea powder bags are found everywhere and they are some of the most convenient souvenirs from Tokyo. Various types of green tea are available in stores in Tokyo, all of which are of high quality and very secure packaging. One of the best places for foreign travelers to try green tea is the Ippodo Tea Tokyo Marunouchi near the Imperial Theatre.



Kendama Wooden Toy

 Kendama Wooden Toy that helps to Concentrate and Eye Coordination

Kendama is a Japanese toy that has been popular in Japan since the 1700s. The purpose of this toy is to adjust the coordination and balance of the hand and eyes. It is a good and cheap way to spend hours practicing concentration. This toy is sold in different shapes and materials and is a good choice as a souvenir. You can find Kendama in most of the toy sections of Don Quijote stores.



Sensu Folding Hand-Held Fan

Sensu Folding Hand-Held Fan made in Different Colors - Best Souvenirs from Tokyo 

One of the most traditional souvenirs from Tokyo is the Sensu folding hand-held fan. As a tourist, when entering Tokyo, you will see these fans in every souvenir shop. Their color, shape, material, quality and price diversity is very significant. Even their dimensions are very diverse and there are vast varieties for decorative purposes. If you want a memorable and lasting souvenir, visit the authentic souvenir shops where handmade fans are made with the best quality local fabrics and wood and have unique designs and patterns. The best area to look for these fans is the Nihonbashi area near the Tokyo Station.


Yukata Summer Clothes

Yukata Summer Clothes made with Fabric and Colorful Material for Men and Women

Yukata is a type of summer kimono that you can easily buy in tourist areas of Tokyo in different designs and colors. If you are a fan of traditional Japanese clothes, this beautiful dress will undoubtedly attract your attention. This dress is made of breathable fabrics and is found in Don Q Quijote stores and flea markets.


Stationery and Paper Products

Cheap Souvenirs from Tokyo - Stationery and Paper Products With Great Varieties

The best quality stationery is available in Japan. All kinds of pencils, pens, different colors of paintings, notebooks, and postcards with attractive designs and patterns are available in stationery stores. In addition to their excellent quality, these products have unique designs and are good souvenirs from Tokyo, especially for students.



Gifts from Kaminarimon Entrance Gates

Gifts from Kaminarimon Entrance Gates in Shapes of Magnets and Shirts

Travelers to Tokyo will notice that one of the monuments of this city that you must visit is the Kaminarimon entrance gates. Some of the souvenirs from Tokyo Kaminarimon gates include lanterns, bags and magnets, shirts and many more.



Cool Things to Buy from Japan

If you are traveling to other parts of Japan, there are other cool things to buy from Japan, including chopsticks, clothes and some lovely locally-made sweets. Here are some of the most famous ones mentioned below.


Unique Japanese Chopsticks

Japanese Chopsticks Made in Metal, Hand-Made and Different Colors

Chopsticks are one of the most popular things to buy from Japan. This is usually the first souvenir that comes to every traveler’s mind. In Japan, you’ll find many shops that sell all kinds of chopsticks, from high-quality handmade sets to factory-made products. There are some stores where you can order custom chopsticks with anyone’s name on them.


Paper Origami Crafts

Cool Things to Buy from Japan - Paper Origami Crafts in Shapes of Animals

One of the Japanese handicrafts that has become famous in the West is the art of origami, or making animals using paper. In Origami art, using paper and folding it, various animals and shapes appear, which often convey different cultural concepts. This art is also linked to the Japanese Zen culture.


Wagashi Seasonal Sweets

Wagashi Seasonal Sweets in Cute Shapes and Colors - Delicious Souvenirs from Tokyo

Wagashi is a small and flattened sweet that shows this country’s various seasons and natural landscapes. These traditional Japanese sweets are like a work of art and are so beautiful and they even taste great. These are some of the most delicious treats and if you are Tokyo, they are some of the most memorable souvenirs from Tokyo.


Ceramics and Traditional Artefacts

Ceramics and Traditional Artefacts Made with High Quality Material Found in Local Shops

Ceramics and Japanese dishes are among the stylish and classy things to buy from Japan that have many fans among tourists. Beautiful designs are engraved on their crystal dishes, which is actually one of the reasons for their popularity.

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