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Cheapest Pubs in Manchester



Cheapest Pubs in Manchester

Cheapest Pubs in Manchester

Manchester bars are numerous in number, however, if you want to visit the cheapest pubs in Manchester this post is for you. This city has a lot of pubs and bars, therefore getting yourself a drink isn’t difficult at all. However, with the recent food and drink expansion of the city, drinking outside ca be costly. Here are few locations if you are traveling this city in UK on a budget and want to drink too.



World Famous Embassy Club in Harpurhey

Cheapest Pubs in Manchester - World Famous Embassy Club in Harpurhey

World Famous Embassy Club in Harpurhey is one of most favorite pubs in Manchester. This vintage local favorite used to be the home for The Beatles, Johnny Cash as well as Cilla Black. Here you are treated with good quality craft at cheap prices.


The Lord Nelson in Gorton

Travel Guide UK - The Lord Nelson in Gorton Has A Laid Back Atmosphere

If you want more laid back pubs in Manchester, you should head to The Lord Nelson in Gorton. This historic pub is 300 years old and you can find it among the the Gorton Heritage Trail. This bar still has its original oak beamed ceilings for you to get nostalgic feelings.


Sinclairs Oyster Bar at city centre

Travel Guide UK -  - Sinclairs Oyster Bar at city centre Suitable For All Age Groups

This is one of few Manchester bars that is very popular among all age groups. When you visit this pub in sunny days you might not get a place to sit due to the large number of crowd. It is the most suggested pub if you want to grab a cheap pint of beer. Sinclairs is a Manchester institution and it offers good value beer.


The Courtyard at Chester Street

Guide to Manchester Bars - The Courtyard at Chester Street For University Students

This is another of cheapest pubs in Manchester that is why you will see many university students come by here. It is nice and fun pub has something for everyone. They offer pool tournaments every week where you will drink a lot of beer. Also, they have topical quizzes varying from Star Wars to other topics.


Fletcher Moss in Didsbury

Guide to Manchester Bars - Fletcher Moss in Didsbury is A Traditional Place

For those looking for a more traditional place among Manchester bars, Fletcher Moss in Didsbury is a good choice. This place offers a unique half a Pound ale deal on Mondays which is another great reason for you to visit here.

Also, you can go to other cities in United Kingdom to get cheap drinks such as London. Therefore, checkout 5 best bars in London city offering great drinks and cocktails. these bars are located in really accessible areas of the city.

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