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Top Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

Top Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

List of the Best Coffee Shops in Colorado Springs

There are several coffee shops in Colorado Springs offering very good quality coffee at affordable prices. There are even specialty cafes serving European pastries and top-of-the-line coffee beans. In fact, coffee in Colorado Springs is a big part of the daily lives of locals as they have gotten used to drinking coffee in the morning. Now, let’s take a look at the most famous coffee shops in Colorado Springs from each part of this great city.


Hold Fast Coffee Co in North Colorado Springs

Hold Fast Coffee Co Lcoated in North Colorado Springs - Coffee in Colorado

One of the most prominent coffee shops in North Colorado Springs is Hold Fast Coffee Co. Similar to The Perk Cafe, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the mountains from the glass-covered interior. If you do not want to get distracted, they also have an additional conference room for discussion and work. The coffee is slightly more expensive than the nearby coffee shops but not by much. What makes this cafe great is that they have a dedicated roasting facility and you can even purchase their in-house roasted beans in smaller packages.


Jives Coffee Lounge in Old Colorado City with a Live Music Scene

Jives Coffee Lounge in Old Colorado City with a Live Music Scene - Cute Cafes in Colorado

Undoubtedly, Jives Coffee is among the most fun coffee shops in Colorado Springs because they provide a vibrant environment for local singers and comics to perform at their open mic. Also, they have a separate reading room where you can study and even work on your laptop. This cafe has it all but most importantly it it caters to younger people. They tend to operate late till 9 or 10 p.m. daily and open around 7 in the morning. The menu items at Jives Coffee Lounge include very affordable tea, coffee, and bagel & croissant sandwiches.


The Perk Downtown in the Art District with Great Mountain View

The Perk Downtown Located in the Art District with Great Mountain View with Some of the best Coffee in Colorado Springs

The Perk is a community cafe that is located on South Tejon Street. If you like live performances and an overall great view of the mountains you can visit this place. What separates this cafe from other coffee shops in Colorado Springs Downtown is the availability of loose-leaf tea, great prices, and vegan and vegetarian sandwiches. All the coffee beans are sourced from local roasters and baked goods from local bakeries to support local businesses. They are open every day of the week from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Scooter’s Coffee Colorado Springs for Specialty Coffee

Scooter's Coffee Colorado Springs for Specialty Coffee in Colorado - Fast and Drive-Thru Coffee in Colorado Springs

With two locations in this city, Scooter’s Coffee has promised to provide some of the best coffee in Colorado Springs South and Downtown and over the years, their customers happily agree that they have managed to fulfill that promise. Opened its first branch in 1988 in Nebraska, they have gained popularity because of their great service and speedy coffee delivery and they brought the same concept to Colorado.

Scooter’s Coffee Shop name was chosen so that customers can scoot in and scoot out quickly and as a result, they are among the quickest coffee shops in Colorado Springs while not compromising on quality. Many also believe that Scooter’s Coffee is much better than Starbucks because of its foamy lattes and breakfast options. The Space Center Driveway and 8th Street branches are drive-thru spots that open to early commuters from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m.


High Rise Coffee Roasters in Old Colorado City

High Rise Coffee Roasters Located in Old Colorado City - Coffee Roasters in Colorado Springs

High Rise Coffee Roasters has been active since 1995 providing the local community with some of the best coffee in Colorado Springs sourced from many parts of the world and in thirty different varieties. As one of the family-owned coffee shops in Colorado Springs, they make sure that customers receive high-quality beans from single-origin suppliers. This is because, unlike large corporations, they roast coffee beans in smaller batches to ensure each is up to their standards.

There are several coffee shops in old Colorado City but if you want to buy coffee beans for home, especially beans for the espresso machine, High Rise Coffee Roasters is among the best shops you can go to. The location of High Rise Coffee Roasters is at 2421 West Cucharras Street and they are open from Tuesday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Does Colorado Have Any Good Coffee?

In recent years, locals have found affinity with tea drinking too but coffee remains the primary drink with their breakfast pancakes or fried eggs. Even in the high-altitude parts of Colorado people have managed to grow coffee trees in Colorado in their yards. The coffee production in Colorado has increased a lot since 1990 and many of the local coffee places in Colorado Springs use the beans roasted and made in this state. The quality of the beans here is comparable to the ones in South America but not with the ones sourced from Africa.


The British Pantry and Tea Room on West Colorado Avenue

British Cafes in Colorado Springs - The British Pantry and Tea Room Located on West Colorado Avenue Offering British and Wales Tea

Opened in 2016, The British Pantry and Tea Room is a British cafe in Colorado Springs that wants to bring the evening tea-drinking tradition to this part of Colorado. The love of bringing this English tradition to Colorado Springs started with a couple, one from Surrey, England, and the other from Texas, US. The menu here is all about English tea, scones, and sandwiches. They even have sweets and chocolate imported from the UK. As for the dress code, there is no enforcement on that matter but if you come with top hats and suits and glamourous hats for ladies, it is greatly appreciated. The tea rooms are open for business daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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